5 Good Ski Helmet Brands

Every skier needs to wear a helmet, regardless of their ability level or what type of skiing they like to do. Any helmet is better than none at all, but knowing what good brands are out there will help you choose an option that will keep you safe in the snow. 

My name is Christine, and I’ve been an avid skier for most of my life. I get on the slopes as often as possible during the winter and have used several different ski helmet brands over the years. I know the best options out there and how they hold up against the competition. 

This post will highlight a handful of good ski helmet brands. I’ll tell you what makes each brand so good and provide you with other helpful information. My goal is to guide you toward making an informed purchasing decision. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Smith Ski Helmet

Smith makes some of the best ski helmets you can find. This well-known and respected brand also makes ski goggles and some other ski-related items, but its helmets are excellent. They are designed for any on-snow activity like skiing. 

I like Smith helmets a lot because they blend form and function well. Their helmets will do an outstanding job of protecting you from potential impact but also help add to your skiing style while doing it. 

Many Smith helmets are equipped with MIPS technology that helps keep your brain and head better protected from impacts at all angles. This is a great feature to look for and something that isn’t necessary but nice to have. 

The ICON is one of the best helmets that Smith offers. This is an expensive option that features all of the latest innovations and tech available for ski helmets. If safety is your number one priority, this is an excellent option to choose. 

But Smith also has a vast range of helmets to choose from to match any budget or style considerations you might have. All these options are well-built with an eye on skier safety, so you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. 

2. Giro Ski Helmet

Giro is another very good ski helmet brand to consider. The company has many different helmets to choose from for women, men, and children and a wide selection of styles and colors as well. 

Giro helmets fit well and offer a lot of comfort. If you have ever struggled with finding a helmet that fits properly, this is a good brand to explore to solve that issue. Even after skiing all day long, I’ve always been impressed with how these helmets feel. 

You can expect a lot of great technology built for skier safety if you choose a Giro helmet. Every model the brand offers will keep you well protected from impacts, and the higher-end models do a fantastic job of that and much more. 

There is a wide selection of helmets to choose from, and the higher-end models are pretty expensive. But Giro also has some good budget-friendly options that don’t compromise safety or comfort despite having a lower price. 

Another benefit of Giro helmets is that they work really well with Giro goggles. This compatibility can give you extra visibility and comfort on the slopes. But even if you don’t use Giro goggles, you’ll still be able to take advantage of these helmets. 

3. Oakley Ski Helmet

Oakley is a top name in the eyewear industry and makes some excellent ski goggles as well. But the brand also offers a wide range of snow helmets that skiers can use to stay safe and comfortable during the winter.

Oakley always seems to remain focused on innovation, and that’s a definite advantage of choosing the brand for a ski helmet. You are sure to get plenty of safety features, but you’ll also have a lot of other possible advantages. 

The MOD5 is one of the top Oakley ski helmets, and this has been a popular choice for many skiers I know for years. It comes in several different color options to match your style and has a version with MIPS technology for added safety. 

One of the only downside to Oakley ski helmets is that the brand doesn’t offer many budget options. You can expect high-quality and exceptional performance from every one, but none of them are super affordable. 

Still, Oakley is definitely a recommended ski helmet brand. Many of its models feature MIPS technology for exceptional protection from impact. And a lot of them have a really cool look to them as well. 

4. Anon Ski Helmet

Anon is currently owned by Burton, which technically makes this a snowboard brand. But there isn’t any difference between snowboard helmets and ski helmets other than how they are marketed, so the brand still makes my list here. 

Anon helmets are another very reliable and dependable option. I also like the style of every helmet that the brand offers. They aren’t flashy or too much and have a sleek style that keeps things simple. 

But don’t let a simple appearance fool you – these helmets are fully built to handle anything you can throw at them on the mountain. They are also super safe and comfortable, so you’ll have lasting performance to keep your head safe. 

An advantage of choosing Anon is that because such a large brand owns it in Burton, its prices are slightly lower than the competition. The high-end Anon models are considerably cheaper than those of Smith or Oakley. 

The Logan is one of my favorite models from Anon. This helmet just looks good and provides excellent impact protection and comfort. It has a BOA fit system to give you an excellent feel and is available in several colorways for style concerns. 

5. POC Ski Helmet

POC is somewhat lesser known than the other brands on the list but still easily rivals them for performance, style, and comfort. This is a solid helmet brand all-around and another recommended option for any skier. 

POC is a favorite option for many ski racers, so it is worth looking into if you currently compete in any downhill events or plan on doing so in the future. Its race helmets have a sleek fit and plenty of safety to give you everything needed to succeed while staying protected. 

Excellent construction and materials give POC stand-out performance in various situations on the mountain. These helmets can be used by anyone and not just ski racers. The brand makes high-quality helmets for kids that are worth checking out. 

POC doesn’t have as wide of a selection of the other brands listed above, but that doesn’t mean its options are of any lesser quality. You can expect serious performance on the slopes with any of the helmets you choose. 

Final Thoughts

Even though helmets aren’t legally required in most skiing locations, you’d be silly not to wear one. A good helmet can save your life and is one of the most essential equipment items with safety in mind. 

Every brand listed here comes highly recommended and offers a range of ski helmets you can use on the slopes. 

Have you ever used one of the ski helmet brands listed here? Which one, and how did the helmet perform? Let me know in the comments below. 

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