Is Giro a Good Ski Helmet Brand?

Giro is one of the top ski helmet brands in the industry. The company is well-known for making high-quality helmets that focus on safety and comfort. It’s also one of the more affordable top helmet brands out there. 

I’m Christine, the founder of this blog and a lifelong skier. I get out in the snow as often as possible during the winter and love everything about the sport. I have used many different ski helmets over the years and know about Giro through first-hand experience. 

This post will spotlight Giro as a ski helmet brand. I’ll tell you why I think this is a good brand to choose if you want a high-quality ski helmet and provide you with some other important information. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Giro is a well-known name in the ski industry and makes some great helmets that can be used for skiing and snowboarding. The brand has a solid commitment to skier safety and comfort. 
  • In addition to being high-quality, Giro helmets are also pretty affordable compared to other high-quality helmet brands. That makes them a good choice if you want to save money without compromising safety. 
  • All skiers should wear a helmet when on the mountain, and the brand you choose isn’t as crucial as just wearing one. But choosing a reliable brand will help ensure you get the best safety, comfort, and performance possible. 

Is Giro a Good Ski Helmet Brand?

Giro is one of the top ski helmet brands in the industry and consistently gets good reviews and high marks regarding safety and comfort. The brand firmly commits to both of these essential factors, which is a great reason to support them. 

Another reason why Giro is a good ski helmet brand is that its helmets are more affordable than the competition. This is especially true when compared to other high-end brands that charge several hundred dollars for a helmet. 

Giro tends to keep most of its helmet models in an affordable range that works for the average skier. They aren’t super cheap, so they aren’t technically a budget option. But you will save compared to other top brands. 

I think Giro hits a sweet spot regarding safety, comfort, and value. Safety is always the first concern with any helmet, and Giro delivers very well with this in mind. Its helmets are all built to withstand impact, and many come with MIPS technology

But Giro helmets are also very comfortable, which is also important because you’ll be wearing it all day when you ski. I’ve worn a few Giro helmets over the years and have been impressed with how comfortable they are

These two factors, combined with a relatively affordable price, make Giro a recommended ski helmet brand. If you are looking for a high-quality helmet that feels good and will keep you safe, it’s a good choice. 

Giro Ski Helmets

Giro makes many different models of ski helmets, many of which are awesome. But there are a few favorites worth highlighting because they are excellent. 

The Ledge MIPS is one of the most affordable helmets with MIPS technology you can find. This technology does a great job of keeping your head and brand better protected at all angles of impact, and getting it at an affordable price is a steal of a deal. 

The Ratio MIPS is another awesome helmet from Giro. This one is very comfortable, and although it’s a little more expensive than the Ledge, you get a few extra features in terms of performance. 

If you want a bit of a higher-end model, the Jackson MIPS helmet is also a great choice and has some very unique colorways that will give you style on the slopes. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Giro is a good ski helmet brand.

Is MIPS necessary for a ski helmet?

MIPS is not necessary for a ski helmet, but this technology can increase safety, which is worth considering. MIPS gives you better protection from impacts than a standard helmet, which goes a long way towards increasing value and your overall safety when skiing. 

Do all Giro helmets have MIPS? 

Not every Giro helmet comes with MIPS technology, but most do. That’s why this is a good ski helmet brand, as it strongly focuses on skier safety. Always check to ensure that the helmet you choose has MIPS if you want it. 

Can I add a visor to my Giro helmet? 

You can’t add a visor to every Giro helmet if it’s not already built with one. Some Giro models have compatible helmets that you can purchase for an extra charge, but these are model-specific options, and you need to ensure it matches the helmet. 

Final Thoughts

Giro is a solid ski helmet brand and one of the best options around. This brand is worth supporting if you want an excellent combination of safety, comfort, and value. Its helmets will help you stay protected from impact and look good while doing it. 

Have you ever used a Giro ski helmet? What model did you use, and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.    

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