5 Best Skiing Magazines to Follow in 2022

If you are an avid skier like me, you probably want to stay tuned in to the ski industry at all times. Skiing magazines are a great way to do this, and the best publications will help you maintain a snow-stoke state of mind all year long. 

I’ve been skiing since I was a child, and I’ve read nearly every skiing magazine that’s existed over the last few decades. I know which of these are the best to follow and want to share some of my favorites with other skiers here. 

I’ll show you all of the best skiing magazines to follow in this post. Whether you want to learn something new or drool over amazing mountain photos, these magazines have something for every type of skier. 

Let’s open up the pages and get started. 

1. Powder

Powder is one of my all-time favorite ski magazines. Powder has been around for as long as I can remember and always provides some of the best information and photos for serious skiers to devour. 

I like this publication because they always seem to put out information from a skier’s perceptive. While every magazine will have ads, Powder is full of amazing photos that inspire snow-filled adventures and interesting stories that are always exciting. 

Powder has great stories that feature professional skiers visiting far-off locations all over the world. These are awesome to use as fuel for your next ski trip or to learn about new regions you might not be familiar with. 

I also think that Powder has some of the best photos in the game. I used to cut out the featured pictures of this magazine and put them all over my room as a young skier. I can still remember many of the fantastic photos of skiers I turned into wallpaper. 

Powder only puts out a new issue every few months, but it also provides a lot of good information on its website and social media channels. It’s a good publication for all types of skiers to follow, and I highly recommend it. 

2. Backcountry

Backcountry is another one of my top skiing magazines, and it’s an excellent publication for all types of skiers, not just those who want to explore off-piste. This one is focused on skiing away from the resort and caters to more experienced skiers. 

One of my favorite things about Backcountry is that the magazine always provides good information relating to gear and safety. These are two of the most significant factors relating to backcountry skiing, and the magazine is a reliable source for both. 

Whether you are a serious backcountry skier or just starting to explore the style, this magazine will provide handy information. You can expect in-depth gear reviews that can help you get the best equipment to meet your needs and preferences. 

The storytelling in all of the articles is also great. I’ve read many different features in Backcountry that have made me extremely excited to explore away from the chair lifts and ski resorts. 

Another extremely useful aspect of Backcountry is the safety tips and guides it provides to skiers. Safety is the most critical concern for every off-piste skier, and the magazine has taught me a ton of valuable skills over the years.


FREESKIER is another popular and well-respected skiing magazine. This publication has been around for decades, making it a leading source of information and resources for a wide range of skiers. 

When FREESKER first started in the 1980s, it provided information and writing that focused on a new type of skier. This focus involved exploring new skiing styles in locations that weren’t as common at the time. 

This spirit still lives on today, and FREESKIER still provides a ton of quality writing and photos for skiers who live for the adventure of the sport. I like that this magazine always seems to encourage skiers to push their limits and boundaries.

The gear reviews that FREESKIER provides are always truthful and informative. Whenever I think about getting a new set of skis or other equipment, I always consult this magazine to see what they think of them before buying.  

Today, the magazine puts out four print issues a year, but it also has a great social media presence and a lot of good information and other resources on its website. If you want to stay active in all the latest skiing news, this is a good option.

4. In The Snow

In The Snow is a skiing magazine based in the UK that provides excellent information and articles related to the ski industry. This is another fun and exciting publication that is well-worth following for any skier.

If you live in Europe or ski there often, this is one of the best magazines to read. It provides more regional information for European destinations than the other magazines I’ve mentioned. And it still highlights ski resorts in different areas of the world as well.

In The Snow hasn’t been around as long as the other top skiing magazines, but they are one of the only publications you can get for free. This is great for skiers on a budget or those who don’t want to sign up for a subscription.

In addition to the print magazine, In The Snow also has a fantastic website full of helpful information such as skiing guides, gear reviews, and resort spotlights. It’s a solid resource for planning a ski trip – especially in Europe. 

I highly recommend following In The Snow’s social media accounts and signing up for their newsletter. You are sure to get all sorts of good information that will help you stay ready to ski all year long. 

5. SKI

SKI magazine is another recommended skiing publication and a good resource for all kinds of skiers. SKI is now under the banner of Outside magazine, which means you have a lot of quality information to read through. 

SKI is a bit more mainstream than some of my other favorite publications, but that doesn’t take anything away from what it has to offer. This magazine is a great resource for the average skier and consistently provides highly useful articles.

SKI has a solid combination of gear reviews, resort and skier spotlights, and travel destinations to provide you with just about anything you need and want out of a good skiing magazine. It’s also easy and fun to read. 

You get more information online with SKI than you do in its print version. So that makes it a little less popular of a physical magazine. It also makes it good to follow online and through social media. 

Final Thoughts

There aren’t as many skiing magazines today as there used to be. But even though print magazines aren’t as common, the publications listed here still make for some of the best reading and resources skiers can find. 

If you want to stay as up-to-date as possible with the ski industry, I recommend following all the magazines listed here. You don’t need to get a subscription to all of them, but following them online will keep you in the skiing spirit all year long!

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