Oakley Mod5 MIPS Helmet Review

This is my review of the Oakley Mod 5 MIPS Helmet. In my opinion, it is a unique, stylish piece of equipment that provides a strong, customizable fit at the cost of a little extra weight.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski helmet, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon, The House
  • Best for: Skiers looking for a modern helmet with a different look. A solid choice for both calm and turbulent conditions.
  • Pros: This helmet can be fit to just about any goggle, regardless of its size. It also has a stylish, modern look that’s visually appealing. The venting system is cutting edge and enables excellent air flow.
  • Cons: The helmet is a bit heavy, and the fit could be a bit more snug.
  • Alternatives: Smith Vantage, Giro Zone, Scott Symbol 2

Yes, the Oakley Mod5 MIPS does come with a helmet bag.

Unfortunately, there are no speaker pockets included with this item. It is also not audio compatible.

Yes, it is unisex and is comfortable in a way that fits all types of head shapes. You can freely adjust it as well.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I spent ample time researching this helmet, understanding its features, and analyzing how it held up in different conditions.

Detailed Review of Oakley Mod5 MIPS Helmet

Oakley is one of the premier eyewear brands on the market, and they have decades of experience making high-end glasses and goggles. Their Mod 5 Helmet matches that reputation, giving you a tough item that offers excellent MIPS protection in a rather unique-looking package. It’s compatible with almost all goggle types and prioritizes insulation as well as a solid fit. While the Mod 5 is on the heavy side, you get a solid helmet for the tradeoff.

Comfort and Warmth

The Mod 5 is quite comfortable, which is one of the standout features in my opinion. Though some may find the fit a bit too loose, it still sits in a way that actively cuts down on any excess slippage. On top of that, the chin strap has a good amount of padding, and the earpads come with extra material around the edges to keep your ears insulated.

Furthering that comfort are the magnetic Fidlock buckle and the always reliable Boa Fit system. I’m a big fan of the Boa and have been for some time. Not only is it easy to use, but it offers a ton of versatility by giving you the ability to tighten or loosen the inner lining as you see fit. That ensures you get the exact fit you want for any skiing situation.

The Mod 5 is also a warm helmet, ensuring you stay cozy no matter how cold it gets outside. Everything fits well and keeps your skin protected from the elements. If I have one (minor) complaint, it’s that the earpads let in more air than I would like. Even so, this is a warm design that keeps up time and time again.


When it comes to ventilation, the Mod 5 does a decent job. The helmet has a special integrated venting system that’s specially designed to use airflow in different ways. Not only does it allow you to cool down, but it also aims to keep your goggles fog-free. It manages to do both fairly well, but it doesn’t necessarily excel at either one.

I’m always skeptical of any venting system aimed at de-fogging goggles, and you’re going to see some mixed results here. However, the numerous vents you’ll find under the brim, at the front, in the middle, and on the back of the helmet do a nice job of ensuring you never get too hot. You’ll likely only see some excess sweat on warmer, sunny days.

A Bit Heavy

If the Mod 5 has a weak point, it’s the weight. Coming in at 21. 6 ounces, this is a heavy helmet that you will start to feel over time. That won’t be as big of a deal for resort riders, but anyone who spends a lot of time pushing through the backcountry off-piste will likely want to test the Mod 5 before making the final purchase. Smaller skiers not used to clunky headgear might also want to get something that better fits their frame.

Stylish and Goggle Compatible

As you might imagine, the number one reason to get an Oakley helmet is the goggle integration. Finding or matching up eyewear to some goggles can be a pain. That’s not the case here. The Mod 5 has a unique Modular Brim System that enables you to easily and quickly switch different goggles in and out as you see fit. I love the two interchangeable brims, one large and one small, that only take a few minutes to put in.

It’s also worth noting the Mod 5’s style. This is something that’s sure to be decisive, but the space-age look is something I quite like. The brim might put some people off at first, but it differentiates you while on the mountain. In my opinion, that’s never a bad thing.

Price and Value

The Mod 5 is an innovative helmet, which means it naturally comes in at a higher price. That doesn’t mean you’re only paying for the shiny label or premium brand, but it does mean the helmet is by no means cheap. More casual skiers or those who don’t have extra money to spend on a premium brand will be able to get away just fine with more affordable helmets. However, if you’re a serious skier or want MIPS protection, this helmet offers a lot for its price.

What I Like

I’m a big fan of the Mod 5’s comfort. The helmet does a lot to give you a good fit and packs in a decent amount of padding in the chin strap. The Boa adjustment system is by far the stand out in this regard, providing you an easy way to mold the helmet to your head shape. The Fidlock buckle furthers that even more. Everything about this model is geared towards fitting your head, and it does that quite well.

The other special mention, for me, is the goggle integration. I expect an Oakley brand helmet to work with eyewear, and the Mod 5 knocks it out of the park. Both brims give you a tremendous amount of versatility, and they each only take a few minutes to take out and put in. They create a seal and work with the ventilation system to cut down on fog. They add to the general look as well.

What I Dislike

If the Mod 5 has one issue, it’s weight. The helmet is simply, in one word, heavy. The extra weight won’t always be a big deal to every skier, but anyone who has to push themself out on the slopes will not enjoy lugging the Mod 5 around with them. This probably won’t be a be-all-end-all for anyone, but you should know it before your purchase. Smaller skiers may not like this either.

The Alternatives

The Mod 5 is an item that pushes the limits of modern helmet technology. However, if you want something a bit more traditional, there are options. These will all give you solid results:

  • Smith Vantage – While it’s definitely a more expensive helmet, the Vantage (review) is a recommended option for skiers who want great results. Not only is it sleek and attractive, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. This is one of the warmest helmets on the market and is compatible with most goggles. That creates a strong combination with excellent reliability.
  • Giro Zone – The Giro Zone (review) is another well-rounded helmet that does a little bit of everything. You won’t get the same compatibility or adjustability as the Mod5, but you do get a sleek shell, warm fit, and good protection. Though the ear flaps aren’t the best when it comes to noise, it’s hard to get a better helmet at such an affordable price point.
  • Scott Symbol 2 – The Scott Symbol 2 is a decent helmet for people who want a no-nonsense item that will protect them in all environments. It allows you to hear your surroundings and is simple to adjust. It is a bit heavy, but skiers looking for something that puts comfort right after protection won’t mind the added weight.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the Mod 5 is a unique, cutting-edge helmet that offers excellent protection inside an innovative package. It’s warm and comfortable, two aspects that every skier at every level will be able to fully appreciate as they ride.

The Mod 5 is definitely on the heavy side, which is not something every skier will like. However, if you can look past that the item is solid and gives you a sturdy, well-made shell that will hold up for quite a long time.

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