Purl Ski Wax Review

This is my review of Purl Ski Wax. Purl is a great option for ski wax and hits all the marks regarding performance and ease of use. The wax is also affordable and made with eco-friendly products from the company headquarters in Colorado. 

My name is Christine, and I live for skiing. I’ve spent most of my life on the slopes and have decades of experience as a skier. I like to do most of my ski maintenance and have used many different waxes and other products over the years. 

This post will give you a good look at Purl wax to help you understand how it works on your skis, the benefits it offers over the competition, and why you might want to choose it the next time you need to wax up for the slopes. 

Let’s get to it. 

Purl Ski Wax Overview

I’ve used many different ski waxes over the years and am generally not concerned with what brand I choose. I had been under the assumption that wax is wax and would stock up on whatever option was most accessible or most affordable. 

But I think I’m a Purl convert now, and this wax is definitely one of my top choices when I want good performance in various temperatures. It’s easy to apply and will give your sticks all the glide they need in different on-snow situations. 

Purl makes several different waxes, each specializing in a different temperature. That’s a good thing to remember whenever you choose a wax because you always want to match the type of wax you use to the temperatures you’ll be skiing in

This wax is fast and effective and holds up well under heavy use. Every wax eventually wears off, but Purl gives you plenty of time to enjoy a fresh coat so you can ski comfortably without worrying about sticking in the snow. 

Purl Ski Wax Original Formula Review

For this review, I went with Purl’s original formula. This is the all-temperature wax with a rating of 10F to 32F, which are the conditions I ski in often in Colorado, where I tested the product. I was super impressed with the wax and thought it did its job very effectively. 

Purl organizes its waxes by color. The original formula is Purple, but you also have Yellow (Warm), Blue (Cold), and Green (Artic). Every option I’ve used has given me the same results, and Purl does a solid job with every formula. 


The first metric of success for any type of ski wax is how well it works on the snow. And Purl’s original impressed me on the first run. I noticed a definite difference between this wax and my last wax job with a different variety. 

A fresh coat of Purl will help your skis glide smoothly over all types of snow. I felt a noticeable change in my top speeds, which is always awesome. I knew I needed a wax job, but Purl makes me want to put a fresh coat on every day. 

The day I skied with a fresh coat of this wax was in the 20s, so right in the window for the temperature that it was rated. I didn’t notice any issues at all and thought it performed excellently on every run I went on. 

Purl wax is also highly durable. I skied hard for a few days straight over all types of snow. I even tried to mess up my wax a bit just to see what would happen. But I didn’t notice much drop-off in performance along the way. 

Ease of Use

Purl wax is easy to use and apply. Waxing your skis isn’t rocket science, but it’s always nice to have a wax that melts easily and can be spread out without needing to put in too much elbow grease or effort. 

I used an old clothing iron I’ve converted into a ski wax iron, and it did the trick wonderfully. The wax was easy to apply and dripped down nicely during the process. It dried quickly, and I was able to buff and scrape the excess off in no time. 

I also really like the shape and size of Purl wax. It’s easy to hold in one hand, giving you an advantage compared to round wax pucks or larger options. You can easily hold the wax in one hand and the iron in another. 


Purl wax is very affordable, making it an excellent value. It’s not the cheapest option around, but for how much performance and durability you get, I think it’s one of the better value buys on the market for all types of skiers. 

You can save some money if you buy the wax in bulk, and Purl offers a slightly discounted three-pack option worth exploring if you like the wax as much as I do. Trust me, you’ll want this wax if you do your own ski maintenance. 

Environmental Concerns

Another great thing about using Purl is the company is committed to using eco-friendly wax. Every skier should be aware of the environmental risks of the products they use, and wax is definitely one of these. 

Purl uses non-toxic and biodegradable materials in its wax. The wax is also PFC-free, and the company donates 1% to the planet, which you can see loud and clear on the recyclable packaging that it comes in. 

My Verdict

Purl ski wax is great, and I highly recommend it. You get an excellent combination of performance, value, and eco-friendliness that is hard to beat. Add this wax to your ski maintenance routine, and you’ll be ready for action all season long!

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