Top 7 Best Ski Waxes

Wax is one of the most overlooked ski accessories on the market. Though it is easy to ignore, the right brand enhances your performance and brings your runs to the next level. Not only does it help you go fast, but it also makes your time on the snow smoother as well.

I’ve used many different types of wax over the decades that I have been skiing. This experience has taught me what to look for in the best options out there. I’ve either used or heavily researched every ski wax that I’ll show you here. 

Hertel Super Hot Sauce is my pick for the best ski wax of the season. This is a recipe that has been around for years and will give you the lasting performance to help your skis slide better on the snow. It’s also versatile in application and effective in all temperatures. 

There are several good ski wax options out there to choose from, and I’ll provide you with all of the best varieties in this post. My goal is to get your skis in great shape, so you can take advantage of every minute you have on the mountain. 

Let’s jump in. 

Who Should Get This

Wax is a great utility accessory. As such, every skier at every level can use it to some degree. If you want to glide better on your runs, need to enhance your performance, or simply aren’t getting the feel you want, the wax in this guide will give you results.

Because wax helps you slide on the snow better, it is appreciated by racers or people who want to go fast. Fresh wax is a must if you need a few extra seconds on a run or feel as if you aren’t hitting top speed as often as you like. 

The following options are also great for skiers who want extra help keeping their skis protected while they sit in storage because they can help limit the potential for rust and other damage. 

There are a few different kinds of wax that skiers use. The most common is universal wax that can be used in nearly every condition. Rub-on waxes add convenience because you don’t need an iron, and fluorocarbon waxes are usually the fastest.

This depends on the type of wax you use and the conditions you are skiing in. Rub on wax will probably only last a day or two. Iron on wax will usually give you several weeks of use at least. If you have really cold and dry weather, this can make wax wear out faster.

Fluorinated ski wax is a common type of wax made with perfluorinated chemicals. These chemicals help increase the glide and slide of wax, but they are pretty bad for the environment and are not produced as often anymore.

Yes, you can vacuum ski wax after scraping it off your skis. I’d recommend using a wet/dry vacuum with a wider suction area than a standard household vacuum. You’ll also want to make sure the wax is dry before vacuuming.

Fluorinated ski wax is the primary type of wax associated with toxins and environmental impact. The chemicals used in this wax have been shown to be bad for the human body and the environment. They can build up toxicity over time.

You still need to wax waxless cross country skis from time to time. While they don’t need as much as skate skis, waxing the glide ends will help you move more efficiently over the snow.

Top Pick of the Best Ski Waxes

Here are all of my top picks for the best ski waxes of the season. Every option you see below will give you excellent performance in a range of different temperatures. 

1. Hertel Super Hot Sauce

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: Proven recipe, food-grade, all-temperature, iron or rub on
  • Style: Rub-on/iron-on 
  • Temperature: All Temp
  • Cost: $$

Hertel Super Hot Sauce is my pick for the best overall ski wax of the season. This is a proven recipe from a brand that has been around for over fifty years. 

This wax is a food-grade natural blend, so you won’t need to worry about dangerous chemicals or toxins when using it. 

It also has all-temperature performance and can be used by either rubbing it on your skis or using the traditional iron method. 

It’s not quite as fast as fluorinated options, but I think the health and environmental factors make up for that.  

==> You can also get it on Sears.

2. Demon Hyper Wax 

  • Best for: All Temperature 
  • Key features: Good glide, lots of wax for an affordable price, all-temperature, smells great
  • Style: Iron-on
  • Temperature: All Temp 
  • Cost: $$

If you are looking for a very effective all-temperature option, the Demon Hyper Wax is the way to go. 

This is a durable and fast-sliding wax that will give you reliable performance all season long. 

You also get a lot of value for your money here because this option gives you over a pound of wax that should pretty easily last the entire season. 

This is a strictly iron-on wax, so it’s not as convenient as rub-on options. 

3. ZUMWax Rub On

  • Best for: Easy Application 
  • Key features: Easy to apply, good for travel, all temperature, good slide 
  • Style: Rub-On
  • Temperature: All Temp
  • Cost: $

ZUMWax Rub On will give you a super-easy way to keep your skis in great shape at a moment’s notice. 

This model comes with everything you need to do a quick wax job right on the slopes, and the rub-on style wax is effective in all temperatures. 

The case includes a cork to let you buff out the wax without needing any special tools.

This isn’t the longest-lasting option, but its ease of use makes up for that.  

4. Swix F4 Glidewax

  • Best for: Liquid 
  • Key features: Easy to use, all-temperature, includes applicator and sponge, affordable 
  • Style: Liquid 
  • Temperature: All-Temperature 
  • Cost: $

Swix F4 Glidewax will give you the convenience of liquid wax that can help boost your speeds quickly when you’re on the mountain. 

This is a small and compact waxing solution that can easily fit in your pocket or backpack while you’re skiing. 

It includes an applicator and sponge to let you finish the wax job properly in a matter of minutes. It also works in all temperatures for versatile application. 

Liquid wax can take some getting used to if you’ve never used it before. 

==> You can also get it on Buckman’s or Paragon Sports or Utah Ski Gear.

5. Demon United All Season Wax Kit 

  • Best for: Value 
  • Key features: Multi-wax pack, versatile application, long-lasting, good slide 
  • Style: Iron On  
  • Temperature: Variety Pack 
  • Cost: $$

The Demon United All Season Wax Kit is an excellent option for a skier who wants to be prepared for just about anything. 

This value pack gives you five different types of waxes to quickly adapt to any conditions you find yourself in this season. 

The pack comes with two universal waxes, a cold temp wax, and a warm temp wax. That gives you excellent versatility to slide strong through it all. 

This is a slightly more expensive option than the other waxes on the list, but you get a lot more wax for the price. 

6. PURL Ski and Snowboard Wax 

  • Best for: Speed 
  • Key features: Fast glide, excellent blends, reliable performance, eco-friendly 
  • Style: Rub-on/iron-on
  • Temperature: Different options based on conditions 
  • Cost: $$

PURL Ski Wax (full review) is a fast wax that has been a favorite of many skiers I know over the last decade. 

This hydrocarbon wax is an excellent recipe to help you achieve top performance at all times throughout the season. 

PURL also makes their waxes to be eco-friendly, meaning they don’t use any fluorocarbons or other chemicals that are bad for your body or the natural world.

I think this functions better as a rub-on style than an iron-on, but it can technically work for both. 

==> You can also get it on Utah Ski Gear.

7. DEYS Ski/Snowboard Wax 

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, all-temperature, scraper included, fast glide 
  • Style: Iron-On
  • Temperature: All Temp 
  • Cost: $

The best budget option this season is DEYS Ski/Snowboard Wax. This very affordable wax still delivers quality performance in all temperatures. 

This is an iron-on-style wax that comes in several different recipes to match your needs on the mountain. 

It also delivers good glide to help you achieve maximum performance, no matter where you like to ski during the season. 

This wax is a little less durable than some high-end options, but I still think it holds up well for the average skier. 

How to Choose The Best Ski Wax

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best ski wax. While most waxes are somewhat similar, it’s good to have an idea of what makes the material work in the first place. 

Temperature Range

Every wax has a range of temperatures that it works in. Some are made for cold weather, some can handle warmer environments, and some hold up in both. Always tailor wax to your conditions. 

While versatile wax tends to be the best option, you can get a more specific product if you only ski in frigid weather or only find yourself out on sunny days. This will help you get the best glide in different snow conditions. 


Wax is only good if it stays on your skis. Though some brands have plenty of features, they quickly fade or break down after a run or two. Rather than constantly reapplying your wax, do your best to get options that stay on no matter how hard you ski. 

It also helps to find durable wax made to stand up to extremely harsh conditions. No wax will last forever, but you want to avoid cheaper options that will quickly wear away after a day or two of steady skiing. 


When most people think of wax, they think of a solid block. However, there are many different forms out there. If you do not like regular wax, or if you’re looking for a different way to apply the substance, do not be afraid to deviate from the norm. 

There are powder, spray, paste, and liquid options available. I like options that can function as both a rub-on and iron-on wax because this gives the benefit of convenience and lasting durability. 

Useful Tips & Resources

Wax is a great way to protect your skis when they aren’t in use. However, that is only one part of the storage process. There are many ways to keep your gear intact during the summer months, and you should stay updated on all of them for the best possible results.

Waxing your skis is pretty straightforward, but it can be overwhelming if you have never done it before. I recommend that all skiers learn how to do this because it can save you money and help you have fast gliding skis at all times. 

Check out this post for some good instructions on how to wax your own skis at home

Final Words

The Hertel Super Hot Sauce is my pick for the best overall ski wax of the season. This wax has been around for over 50 years and still works effectively for many skiers. It has a universal application and is easy to use. 

Regardless of what style you like to ski or your experience level, your skis need wax. You won’t get the same performance and slide on the snow without it. Having a quality option will let you make the most of your time on the mountain.

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  • Phil

    You seem to have left off the highest-performing non-fluorinated wax in the market, which is Wend. Wend’s formulation has been non-fluorinated since 2014 (they invented the category) and their company has been making and formulating waxes since the early 1970s. Seems like this should be in your next round of testing…it is the best!

    • Christine

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the heads up on Wend! I’ve never used it, but will be sure to check it out and update the article if I think it’s up to snuff. But I appreciate the recommendation and hope you’re having a great winter.