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Wax is one of the most overlooked ski accessories on the market. Though it is easy to ignore, the right brand enhances your performance and brings your runs to the next level. Not only does it help you go fast, it makes your time on the snow smoother as well.

The following wax options work in a range of different conditions, give you extra speed, and can be used in storage. That versatility is what makes them special and shows why we regard them as the cream of the crop. If you want results, they are the best way to go.

Quick Summary

  • If you’re looking for a versatile ski wax that works at any temperature, look no further than Demon Hyper X. The substance holds up on both freezing and sunny days, all while providing excellent speed and performance. It also comes in a 1.06-pound big block, making it perfect for skiers who want a lot of value at a low price. It smells good and utilizes a premium blend as well. This is the best option for skiers on a budget.
  • Toko All-In-One is a fantastic wax made for those who enjoy versatility. While some waxes only work well in specific temperatures, this option operates from 50 degrees Fahrenheit down to temperatures as low as negative 20. In fact, that low range makes the wax perfect for enthusiasts who like to ski in extremely cold climates. It is also Bluesign approved, works well in storage, and completely biodegradable.
  • If you don’t like applying normal wax, the rub-on wax from ZUMWax may be for you. This versatile option has great air and snow temperature ranges; two features that make it perfect for skiers who often find themselves traversing different environments or various runs. It also utilizes a cork rub-on system that makes application a breeze. The vanilla in the wax, while not necessary, also gives it a pleasant smell.

Who Should Get This?

Wax is a great utility accessory. As such, every skier at every level can use it to some degree. If you want better grip on your runs, need to enhance your performance, or simply aren’t getting the feel you want, the wax in this guide will give you results.

Of course, as wax generates speed, it is appreciated by racers or people who want to go fast. If you need a few extra seconds on a run or feel as if you aren’t hitting top speed as often as you like, wax is the way to go. The following options are also great for skiers who want extra help keeping their skis protected while they sit in storage.

Best Ski Wax: What to Consider?

Temperature Range

Every wax has a range of temperatures that it works in. Some are made for cold weather, some can handle warmer environments, and some hold up in both. Always tailor wax to your conditions. While versatile wax tends to be the best option, if you only ski in frigid weather or only find yourself out on sunny days, you can get a more specific product.


Wax is only good if it stays on your skis. Though some brands have plenty of features, they quickly fade or break down after a run or two. Rather than constantly reapplying your wax, do your best to get options that stay on no matter how hard you ski. It also helps to find durable wax made to stand up to extremely harsh conditions.


When most people think of wax, they think of a solid block. However, there are many different forms out there. If you do not like regular wax, or if you’re looking for a different way to apply the substance, do not be afraid to deviate from the norm. There are powder, spray, paste, and liquid options available as well.

Best Ski Wax: Our Picks

1. Demon Hyper X Wax

Skiers who want the most value from their wax should turn to the Demon Hyper X. This 1.06-pound block gives you many uses at an affordable price. It also offers great performance, generates amazing speed, and holds up in both warm and cold temperatures. Add on the premium blend and excellent smell and you have a true winner.

What We Like:

  • Holds up through all temperatures
  • Provides excellent performance
  • Premium blend holds up nicely
  • Generates solid speed
  • Great smell
  • Affordable, a lot of wax for a low price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing. Excellent all-around ski wax.

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2. Toko All-In-One Wax

A fantastic wax both in storage and on the mountain, the Toko All-in-One is a sturdy wax that helps protect your skis. Not only does it hold up in both warmer temperatures (50 degrees Fahrenheit) and absolutely frigid climates (negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit) but the wax also keeps your skis protected while they’re in the garage or similar storage area.

What We Like:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Works in both chilly to well-below freezing temperatures
  • Biodegradable
  • Bluesign approved
  • Perfect storage wax

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t generate the most speed on the market

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3. ZUMWax Rub On

The ZUMWax rub on wax is a great product for those who want to easily apply wax to their skis. This brand uses a cork system that allows you to quickly get the wax onto your skis with no hassle. It also has a great range for both air and snow temperature and comes with a special vanilla scent. It helps protect your skis during the offseason too.

What We Like:

  • Easy to apply
  • Generates great speed
  • Wide air and snow temperature range
  • Vanilla additive pleasant to smell
  • Soft and pliable
  • Good for summer storage

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can break down after a few runs
  • Not the best for extreme cold

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Useful Tips and Information

Wax is a great way to protect your skis when they aren’t in use. However, that is only one part of the storage process. There are many ways to keep your gear intact during the summer months, and you should stay updated on all of them for the best possible results.

Also, remember that owning or purchasing ski wax is only half the battle. While you may have the best wax, applying it is a whole different story. Luckily, the steps outlined in this article show you the best way to apply the substance to your gear.

Final Words

Every skier, regardless of level or experience, needs wax. Not only does it help you zip around the slopes, but it also protects your skis and helps them work for longer periods of time. It can also greatly enhance your performance while moving downhill.

Such aspects are why the substances in this guide shine, and why they made it over so many other options. You may not think about wax when first strapping on your skis, but great brands make a big difference on the mountain. Once you find the right wax, you’ll never go back.

Do you have a go-to wax? How often do you use it? Are there any others you wanted to see covered? Let us know in the comments below!

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