Can You Ski with Glasses?

You can ski with glasses, but you should make sure that you use a pair of ski goggles that fit over your glasses properly. OTG-style goggles stand for Over the Glasses, and these have a larger opening to fit over your frames. 

I’m Christine, and I’ve been an avid skier for most of my life. I love everything about the sport and get out in the snow as often as possible. I know through first-hand experience how you can ski with glasses. 

This post will examine whether you can ski with glasses. I’ll give you some tips and tricks to keep in mind if you use corrective lenses and want to ski. I’ll also provide you with some other helpful information. 

Let’s dig in. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can ski with glasses, but you should still wear goggles over the top of them. You want to look for goggles with a large enough design to fit over your glasses, and OTG-style goggles work for this. 
  • Don’t ski with glasses if you don’t wear goggles over the top of them. There is a good chance you will lose your glasses if you take a bad fall. Regular glasses don’t provide the same benefits and visibility as ski goggles. 
  • If you require corrective lenses to see properly, you should ski with your glasses or contacts in. Skiing is very dangerous if you don’t have full visibility. 

Can You Ski with Glasses? 

You can definitely ski with glasses and should always wear corrective lenses if you need them to see properly. Some people think that you can’t wear glasses under your goggles, but there are special goggles made just for this purpose. 

I’ll explain what type of goggles you should look for in the sections below, but remember that seeing well while skiing is critical. Visibility can be difficult on the mountain, even with perfect vision, so wearing your glasses is essential if you need them. 

The thing to remember is that you don’t want to ski with just your glasses. You need to wear goggles over them or figure out a different solution. If you just wear your glasses, there’s a big chance you’ll lose them if you fall while skiing. 

OTG Goggles

OTG ski goggles are one of the best options for skiers who want to ski with glasses. OTG stands for Over the Glasses, and these types of goggles are made to be large enough to easily fit over your glasses and still fit nicely on your face. 

There are many different types of OTG goggles available, and they will give you the same performance and features as normal ski goggles. The only difference is that they are a bit larger to compensate for sitting over your face and goggles. 

If you can, you should always try on a new pair of OTG goggles over your glasses to ensure they fit correctly. Just like regular ski goggles, OTG goggles come in different shapes and sizes, and you just want to match that accordingly to your face.

Prescription Ski Goggles

Another option you can choose rather than wearing your glasses with OTG goggles is to get a set of prescription ski goggles. This will give you the benefit of seeing clearly without needing to wear your glasses. 

The downside to wearing prescription ski goggles is that they are pretty expensive, and you don’t have as many options as you do with OTG goggles. But if you don’t like to ski with your glasses, this is an option to consider. 

I think wearing contact lenses with regular ski goggles is the best option if you need corrective vision but don’t want to wear glasses while you ski. With contacts, you can wear any type of ski goggles you choose and don’t need to worry about your glasses. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if you can ski with glasses. 

Can you wear glasses instead of ski goggles? 

Some people wear sunglasses instead of ski goggles, but glasses are never as effective in the snow. And regular prescription glasses shouldn’t be worn on their own while skiing because you can easily lose them if you fall. 

Can you wear glasses with a ski helmet? 

Yes, you can wear glasses with a ski helmet. You should just make sure that you use OTG-style ski goggles to fit over your glasses so you can see correctly. OTG ski goggles will fit over your glasses and work with your helmet. 

Can you ski with contact lenses? 

Yes, you can easily ski with contact lenses. This is easier than skiing with glasses because you don’t need special ski goggles to make it work. You always want to wear goggles when skiing, even if you wear contacts. 

Final Thoughts

Skiing with glasses is no big deal as long as you wear OTG ski goggles over the top of them. This type of goggle will easily sit over your glasses frames and still provide you with all the needed benefits of visibility and eye protection when you ski. 

Have you ever skied with glasses? Did you use OTG goggles? Let me know in the comments below. 

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