Best OTG (Over the Glasses) Ski Goggles


Ski goggles are must-have equipment for a long day out on the slopes. However, for all of their benefits, most are not prescription lenses. That means people with poor eyesight need to wear glasses under their goggles. Luckily, there are plenty of premium brands that allow for such a situation.

The following models are the best OTG (over the glasses) goggles on the market. They are durable, comfortable, easy to wear and come with many different interesting upgrades. Most importantly, they have enough room for your glasses.

Quick Summary

  • With its ChromaPop lens technology and wide-set build, the Smith Optics I/OX is a fantastic over the glasses option for skiers with poor sight. The lens filters two different light wavelengths to offer stunning clarity, while the spherical shape offers great peripheral vision in all environments. The goggles also utilize “5X” anti-fogging technology alongside the three-layer DriWix face foam to ensure they stay comfortable no matter how long you want to stay out on the mountain.
  • The Bolle Explorer goggles are a sleek, affordable OTG option. They are fog-resistant, scratch-resistant, and come with plenty of space between your face and the lens. That gap is important because it allows them to be worn with any prescription glasses. As an added bonus, there are different tint options to choose from (vermillion, citrus, vermillion gun) and six fun frame colors. The full U/V protection is simply icing on the cake.
  • The Zeal Optics Level Goggles are an incredibly sleek pair of eyewear that comes with a plethora of fun features. Not only do the wide lenses have plenty of room for glasses, they also have “Everclear” anti-fog technology, an impact-resistant frame, and 100 percent U/V protection to keep you safe on sunny days. On top of that, the goggles use a rose base tint that both boosts contrast and reduces glare. That is then complemented by soft triple-layer foam and wide frame, both of which actively promote comfort.

Who Should Get This?

Obviously, all skiers who wear glasses want goggles that can accommodate their prescription eyewear. The extra space is incredibly nice and ensures you can wear your normal glasses with little to no worries.

It should also be noted that OTG goggles are also great for people who want a bit more vision while on the slopes. The wide fit tends to have a larger field of view than similar eyewear models, which makes them perfect for any skiers who often have trouble seeing what’s around them.

Best Over the Glasses Ski Goggles: What to Consider?


Your goggles, like the rest of your ski clothing, need to be able to stand up to the wind and snow. Skiing will take you into the elements, and that can quickly damage your gear if it isn’t made with the correct materials. Always favor brands that create high-quality products. In addition, pay attention to scratch-resistant lenses, strong straps, and weatherproof materials.


Most OTG goggles offer great visibility. However, that does not mean they all offer the same amount of visibility. Pay attention to wide or more open goggles and take note of how much of the mountain they let you see. Some models may not have the peripheral vision you want, while others may not do well in certain light conditions. Always be sure to check such factors before making your final purchase.


Wearing glasses with your goggles, even in OTG models, is not always going to be comfortable. For that reason, it is important to pay attention to different padding options, as well as the way the goggles sit with your regular eyewear. You want something that will give you space for your glasses without being too loose. A snug fit complemented by soft padding is the goal.

Best Over the Glasses Ski Goggles: Our Picks

1. Smith Optics I/OX

The Smith Optics I/OX OTG goggles are for skiers who want a bit of everything. This model doesn’t just have stunning peripheral vision and anti-fog technology, it also comes with a quick-release lens change system, three-layer DriWix face foam, and special ChromaPop technology that allows you to see in all environments. With many colors to choose from, you’ll always find something to suit your style.

What We Like:

  • Stunning peripheral vision
  • Quick Release change system
  • ChromaPop technology works as advertised
  • Anti-fogging technology
  • Three-layer DriWix face foam
  • A range of colors to choose from

What We Don’t Like:

  • Prone to scratching
  • Can wear down over time

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2. Bolle Explorer

It is easy to be suspicious of affordable goggles, but the Bolle Explorers are packed with premium features. They have U/V protection, anti-fog technology, and come with scratch-resistant lenses. On top of that, the pair comes with multiple tint options, different frame colors to choose from, and a comfortable, wide fit that incorporates all glasses.

What We Like:

  • U/V protection
  • Dual-lens construction with anti-fog technology
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Comfortable wide fit
  • Many tint options
  • Available in six frame colors

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive models

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3. Zeal Optics Level

Few OTG goggles look better than the Zeal Optics Level, and few have more features. Beyond the ample room, the goggles also come with a special rose tint to reduce glare, full U/V protection, and special “Everclear” anti-fog technology. They also provide excellent peripheral vision and utilize a special triple-layer foam that keeps them comfortable no matter how much you wear them.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Everclear anti-fog technology
  • Visually appealing
  • Effectively reduce glare
  • Full U/V protection
  • Amazing peripheral vision
  • Comfortable triple-layer foam

What We Don’t Like:

  • No option to swap out lenses

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Useful Tips and Resources

The ski goggles in this guide are quite durable, but that does not mean they are invincible. If you want to ensure your goggles last as long as possible, consult the tips listed here.

Lenses are an important part of your ski goggles. Not just in their features, but in their tint as well. If you want to better understand what different colors mean, or why you should pick one tint over another, check out the breakdown in this video.

Final Words

Don’t let your eyesight keep you back from a day on the slopes. It is easy to get discouraged by your prescription eyewear, but know that many goggles enable you to wear whatever you need while you ride.

The above models are not just great OTG goggles, they are great all-around items that come with various exciting attributes. They can be worn without glasses to great effect, but are especially useful for those who need two types of eyewear to make it through a run.

Do you have your own favorite OTG goggles? Are there any you would have put on this list? Let us know below!

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