7 Best Women’s Ski Goggles

A good pair of goggles makes it easy to ski in any condition, while a cheap set can ruin a perfect day on the mountain. Though most goggles are unisex, some fantastic female-focused models are out there if you know where to look.

My name is Christine, and I’ve been a passionate skier for decades. I’ve used many different goggles over the years, and I know what to look for in the best options available. I’ve either worn or thoroughly researched every option you’ll see here. 

The Anon Tempest is my pick for the best women’s ski goggles of the year. This is a high-quality option that will give female skiers excellent clarity in a range of different conditions. They are also strong and durable to handle any situation that comes your way. 

There are a few other excellent women’s-specific ski goggles available, and I’ll show you all of the best options in this post. Female skiers can benefit from a smaller fit that all of these options provide. 

Time to go for it. 

Who Should Get This

Any female skier can take full advantage of the goggles listed below. Snow eyewear comes in many shapes and designs, which allows you to choose the ones that best suit your skiing style freely. 

Some skiers want to brave the backcountry, and others simply want to hit some easy runs. Whatever your desire, a solid pair of goggles will come in handy. And women’s specific models can help you get a better fit. 

The following options are premium models, making them a bit more geared towards more advanced skiers. That is not to say beginners can’t use or appreciate them, but rather that seasoned veterans will better appreciate their different features.

Best Women’s Ski Goggles: Top Picks

Here are all of my top picks for the best women’s ski goggles of the year. Every model you see reviewed here will provide you with solid comfort and performance for many seasons. 

1. Anon Tempest

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: ICT Tech, good ventilation, Perceive lenses, great fit, lightweight, durable, no-slip strap
  • Lenses: Perceive Spherical 
  • Ventilation: Full Perimeter Channel Vents 
  • Cost: $$$ 

The Anon Tempest holds the top spot for the best women’s ski goggles of the year. This is a fantastic option for any female skier, and it will give you the ability to see clearly in any sort of condition, all season long. 

The goggles are built with a flush mount outrigger frame to easily work with any face shape. This lets you get a snug and secure fit without much adjustment and leads to lasting performance in many ways. 

A spherical Perceive lens gives you crystal clear clarity to bomb through any terrain or condition you want to tackle. This is further enhanced by an ICT anti-fog treatment that is highly effective at keeping moisture from building up as you ski. 

These don’t come with many different color options, but style considerations aside, they are a great pair of women’s ski goggles. 

2. Giro Facet Women’s 

  • Best for: Small Faces
  • Key features: Low profile design, EXV women’s frame, anti-fog coating, great lenses, helmet compatibility 
  • Lenses: Zeiss Vivid
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents 
  • Cost: $$$ 

If you have a really small face, the Giro Facet Women’s ski goggles are a good option to go with. 

These have an EXV women’s specific frame that helps them mold naturally to your face. This provides a comfortable fit in a small package. 

The Facet also comes with Zeiss Vivid lenses that are very durable and provide excellent clarity in various situations. They also have good anti-fog capabilities. 

If you don’t have a small face, these can run a little tight – just something to keep in mind. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Golf Direct Now or MountainSteals.

3. Oakley Flight Deck XM Mid 

  • Best for: Field of View
  • Key features: Wide field of view, excellent lenses, durable, comfortable, rimless design
  • Lenses: Plutonite/Prizm
  • Ventilation: Dual Vented
  • Cost: $$$

The Oakley Flight Deck XM Mid (review) is recommended for any female skier who wants an extremely wide field of view to see everything that comes along when skiing. 

These goggles have a rimless lens design that provides you with nearly unobstructed peripheral vision. HDO lens technology also provides exceptional clarity in variable conditions. 

You can also expect excellent comfort when wearing the Flight Deck. They have a triple-layer polar fleece foam and no-strip strap to keep everything in place. 

This is a very expensive pair of goggles, but it offers very high-end features. 

==> You can also get it on DICK’S or Buckman’s.

4. Giro Moxie Women’s 

  • Best for: Value 
  • Key features: Affordable, durable, comfortable, EXV frame, helmet compatibility 
  • Lenses: Cylindrical Thermoformed
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents 
  • Cost: $$  

The Giro Moxie Women’s ski goggles make for a great value because they come in at an affordable price while still providing high-end performance. 

This is another model from Giro that comes with an EXV frame designed to mold flawlessly around smaller faces, and it’s built with women in mind. 

The goggles also come with two lenses, so you can change things up to match the lighting on the mountain. An anti-fog coating on both helps keep your vision clear. 

These aren’t the most durable option around, so be sure to treat them with care. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Backcountry or DICK’S.

5. Smith I/O MAG S

  • Best for: Lenses 
  • Key features: Responsive Fit frame, interchangeable lens system, TLT ChromaPop lens tech, solid anti-fog treatment 
  • Lenses: Interchangeable ChromaPop
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents
  • Cost: $$$$

The Smith I/O MAG S (review) comes with some excellent lens technology that is innovative and advanced to give you serious clarity and contrast on the mountain. 

ChromaPop technology helps filter wavelengths of light for increased definition, while tapered lens technology helps reduce distortion from all angles. 

These goggles also have a 5X anti-fog inner lens which is highly effective, and a three-layer DriWix face foam for increased comfort. 

This is another very expensive option, but definitely worth it if you can afford them.  

==> You can also get it on Smith Optics or Evo or Backcountry.

6. Julbo Aerospace

  • Best for: Ventilation 
  • Key features: Innovative vent system, great vision, minimalist frame, comfortable 
  • Lenses: REACTIV Photochromic Spherical 
  • Ventilation: SuperFlow System  
  • Cost: $$$

If you want a pair of goggles with a very innovative ventilation system, check out the Julbo Aerospace. 

These feature a SuperFlow ventilation system that helps constantly pull air through the goggles to keep them fog-free and ready for action at all times. 

They also come with dual soft face foam for added comfort and a full silicone strap that will stay in place on your head or helmet. 

These look old school, despite being packed with cutting-edge features. 

7. Outdoor Master OTG

  • Best for: Budget Option  
  • Key features: Affordable, many lens options, anti-fog treated, durable, OTG 
  • Lenses: Dual-layer
  • Ventilation: Smooth Air-Flow system 
  • Cost: $

If you are on a budget but still need a new pair of goggles, the Outdoor Master OTG is a recommended choice. 

These are a highly affordable pair that still delivers decent performance and visibility for many different types of skiers. 

They have a solid construction for a budget option, and you can choose from over twenty different lens options. You also get an effective anti-fog lens treatment to help keep things clear. 

Most budget goggles will have some issues with durability, and this model is no exception. They aren’t built to be extremely rugged. 

==> You can also get it on OutdoorMaster or Walmart.

Best Women’s Ski Goggles: What to Consider

Here are some essential factors to keep in mind when looking for the best ski goggles for women. This advice will apply to any goggle style, so make sure to keep the advice in mind. 


Ski goggles need to sit on your face comfortably. It is easy to get caught up in the extra features and forget about the feel when picking out a pair. However, you need to ensure the goggles provide a snug fit that works well for you. 

A tight fit will cause discomfort and constrict your face, while goggles that are too loose tend to let in cold air. Always go for the middle ground. The options you’ll see here have a smaller fit, which can work better for female skier’s faces. 


While you’re out on the slopes, chances are your goggles will fog up at one point or another. Not only is that frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. When picking out goggles, it is best to get a pair with anti-fog technology built directly into the design. 

Though not always air-tight, such models are much easier to wear, and they provide you with better visibility in all conditions. If goggles fog up, they are pretty much worthless, so it’s a good idea to invest in an option with an anti-fog treatment. 

Ventilation is another factor that comes into play with goggle fogging in mind. If your goggles get a lot of airflow through them, this can reduce fog when you are skiing hard, or the temperatures are warmer. 


Always pay attention to the goggle lens tint. Lighter colors are better suited for overcast or low-light conditions, while darker tints are best for bright, clear days. There are even clear options for skiers who like to go out at night. 

When picking out your goggles, get a tint that best matches the conditions you tend to ski in. You can also get models with interchangeable lenses, which adds in some extra versatility.

Many goggles come with several lenses and the ability to switch them easily when you want to adjust to changing light conditions. I highly recommend that all skiers have at least a few different goggle lens choices to help them see clearly in any situation. 


Ski goggles also need to be durable to provide long-lasting effectiveness. A good pair can easily last you for years of regular use, but some cheaper options will get dinged, scratched, or otherwise out of whack as soon as you go on a single ski trip. 

Look for lenses with anti-scratch coatings and construction made of the best materials for strength and durability. This will help ensure that your goggles are built to last, which is important when buying an expensive pair. 

If you want to make sure your goggles stay in good shape, treat them with care. Keep them in a case or bag when not in use to limit any chance for scratches. Accidents happen, but the better care you take, the longer they will last. 

Useful Tips & Resources

Even with a great set of goggles with anti-fog lenses, I still get fogged up often. Some skiers just run hot, and it can be challenging to find any goggle that eliminates fog completely. I’ve tried and tried, but I still have issues. 

If you are in a similar situation, I suggest keeping an extra set of goggles (or at least a spare lens) with you as you ski. That way, you can quickly change when you fog up and not waste your entire run dealing with foggy lenses. 

There are some more good tips for keeping your goggles free from fog in the video below. 

Though the above sections touch on goggle tint, understanding lens color is not as easy as it first seems. If you aren’t sure how all of the pieces fit together or why certain hues work in the way they do, consult this article.

Final Verdict

The Anon Tempest is my pick for the best women’s ski goggles of the season. This is a great pair that will work well for female skiers of all ability levels. They have high-quality construction, excellent fit, and are built to perform in many conditions. 

No matter what type of skier you are, you need a good pair of goggles. And if you want a women’s-specific fit, the options don’t get much better than the models you find here. Find a good fit and get out there in the powder!

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