5 Best Cheap Ski Goggles under $50

Premium ski goggles don’t have to come at a premium price. While many people believe they need to shell out a lot of money to get great ski gear, there are many affordable options out there if you know where to look.

Hi, I’m Christine, a passionate skier who knows how expensive the sport can be. I want to help everyone get out on the slopes as often as possible, and saving money on ski goggles can help with that. I know what to look for in high-quality options that are also affordable. 

The Giro Cruz is my pick for the best cheap ski goggles under $50. This model is a steal at that price, and you can expect excellent vision and clarity in a range of winter conditions when wearing them. 

There are several other solid options for affordable ski goggles out there, and I’ll provide you with all of the best options under $50 here. You don’t need to spend hundreds to get good goggles, and that’s what I’ll show you in this post. 

Let’s gear up and get out there. 

Who Should Get This

Every ski goggle on this list is affordable, making them all perfect for skiers on a budget. Skiing can be quite an expensive hobby, especially if you want great gear. Even so, there are many excellent goggles that give you premium quality at a reasonable price. 

If you don’t want to pay too much, the below items are for you. They are affordable while still providing you with everything needed out of a good pair of goggles on the mountain. Don’t let the low price fool you into thinking they aren’t high-quality.

Best Ski Goggles Under $50: Top Picks

Here are all of my top picks for the best ski goggles under $50. I spent quite a bit of time finding the best affordable options out there to ensure you get a quality model for a low price. 

1. Giro Cruz

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: EXV frame, helmet-compatible, double-layer face foam, anti-fog coating
  • Lenses: Cylindrical Anti-Fog
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents

The Giro Cruz is my top pick for the best budget ski goggles of the season. This is a reliable option that will work well for many different skiers on a budget. 

The goggles are built with an EXV frame that provides you with a wide field of view to see every obstacle headed your way in the snow. 

They also feature double-layer face foam for excellent comfort and a solid fit alongside an anti-fog coating that effectively reduces moisture and keeps the windows clean. 

The strap is a little bulky, affecting comfort if you are just wearing a beanie, but that’s a minor complaint. 

==> You can also get it on Sun & Ski or DICK’S or Backcountry.

2. Smith Vogue

  • Best for: Women
  • Key features: Women’s fit, solid construction, durable, comfortable, wide field of view
  • Lenses: Cylindrical Anti-Fog
  • Ventilation: Perimeter Channel Vents

The Smith Vogue is an excellent women’s specific ski goggle that also comes in under $50. 

These are a very affordable option from one of the top brands in the eyewear industry, and they will provide you with a wide field of view and excellent clarity. 

The goggles also come with an effective anti-fog coating that will hold up well over time and have an easy-to-adjust strap for a comfortable and secure fit. 

The Vogue has a smaller frame by design, so it might not work if you have a large or wide face. 

==> You can also get it on Smith Optics or DICK’S or Backcountry.


  • Best for: Field of View
  • Key features: Expansive field of view, durable, panoramic view, magnetic lens change system
  • Lenses: ZIANOR EDT
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents

If you are a fan of wide-view goggles, the ZIONOR X4 has a lot to offer in a highly affordable package. 

These goggles are built with a spherical, panoramic view that gives you nearly perfect peripheral vision. 

They also have a magnetic lens change system that lets you adapt to changing conditions. The lenses are very durable as well, making this option a good value. 

You’ll need to pay extra for an additional lens, as the listed price only includes a single option.  

4. OutdoorMaster OTG 

  • Best for: Glasses
  • Key features: OTG design, durable construction, lifetime warranty, helmet-compatible
  • Lenses: Dual-Layer Anti-Fog
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents

If you wear glasses, the OutdoorMaster OTG ski goggles are a solid choice that will easily fit over your corrective lenses without any issues. 

These also have a dual-layer anti-fog lens that will provide you with exceptional clarity in various conditions. 

Universal helmet compatibility is another nice feature made possible through an extra-long strap that is easy to adjust. 

These are a little bulky if you don’t have glasses, so I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone looking for a low-profile option. 

==> You can also get it on Outdoor Master or Walmart.

5. Yidomto 3-Pack 

  • Best for: Kids
  • Key features: Affordable 3 pack, small frame good for kids, comfortable, breathable foam 
  • Lenses: PC Spherical 
  • Ventilation: Perimeter 

You read that right. You can get three pairs of goggles for cheaper than most single pairs cost with the Yidomto 3-pack. 

This is perfect for anyone with kids who knows that they might lose or break them as they learn to ski. It’s also a good option for any parents with multiple children. 

These goggles have a low-profile fit that works well with smaller faces and an ABS frame that is durable while still molding around your face. 

You won’t get the best anti-fog treatment with these, but they are still effective, and the price is certainly hard to beat. 

How to Choose Cheap Ski Goggles under $50

Keep the advice in this section in mind when choosing cheaper ski goggles. You always want to make sure that it’s money well spent, even if the product is priced low. 


When purchasing your goggles, regardless of their price, you must pay attention to the tint. Different tints give you visibility in different lights. Know what environments you most often ski in, low or bright light conditions, and get a lens that matches it. 

Specific models come with interchangeable lenses as well. That allows you to adapt to multiple light conditions without needing a second pair. Some cheaper goggles don’t always have interchangeable lenses, so you might want to consider a second pair. 


Solid construction is always important when getting cheaper goggles. Though the models listed here are sturdy, many affordable goggles are not. Be careful when buying affordable options and make sure they have the materials to stand up to a lot of abuse. 

Your goggles take a lot of wind, snow, and ice damage as you speed down the mountain. You want something that’s able to stand up to the elements year after year. Travel and transport can also affect your goggles, and you don’t want them to get scratched. 

If your goggles come with a case or bag, you should always keep them protected when not in use. Even expensive models can get scratched pretty easily, and cheaper goggles are often more susceptible to damage. 

Field of View

No matter how your ski goggles look or what brand they come from, they need to let you see. The mountain can be a treacherous place, especially in snowy conditions. As such, you need goggles with a wide field of view and great peripherals. 

This will allow you to stay on top of your surroundings and never get caught off guard by any hidden obstacles. Generally, the larger the goggles, the wider the field of view, and most of the models I list here offer a decent field of view. 

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Useful Tips & Resources

When picking out ski goggles, it’s easy to assume that the tint is simply window dressing. However, each color and shade brings something entirely different to the table. Even minor differences in tint can help you see better in a particular condition. 

If you want to understand what the different colors do and how they interact with different types of light, watch this handy video below.

It is also essential to keep your goggles in good shape, no matter how much they cost. Any piece of gear you wear on the slopes is a solid investment that you should do your best to protect. 

If you want your goggles to last as long as possible, consult this article for specific care tips.

Final Verdict

The Giro Cruz is my pick for the best cheap ski goggles under $50. Giro is a top brand in the goggle game, and this is its most affordable model. These goggles are very comfortable and offer a wide field of view with reliable anti-fog performance. 

If you want to save money on ski goggles without sacrificing much performance, the models on this list will give you just that. They are all quality products that will protect your eyes and let you see clearly on the mountain this season.

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