Spy Ace Goggle Review

Goggles are one of the most important items for your ski days. They protect your eyes from the sun, keep out wind and debris, and add some style to your set up. The Spy Ace Goggles do all of that, providing skiers with good-looking, breathable, and flexible eye protection.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski goggle, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Those looking for a mid-range snow goggle with great style and optical quality.
  • Pros: The lens provides great visibility, and the goggles are very breathable. They are comfortable and come with a free second lens.
  • Cons: The durability seems questionable and the goggles are quite large. That can make them uncomfortable for smaller individuals. The lens change system lags behind some other options too.
  • Alternatives: Anon M4 Ski Goggle, Spy Optic Crusher Snow Goggle, OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro

The Spy Ace uses triple-layer foam. It has three different materials, all with different levels of density. The top layer, the one that interacts with your face, features fleece to wick moisture away and help stop the goggles from fogging.

In most cases, yes. The goggles feature solid elasticity that can stretch to fit most standard-sized helmets.

While not as easy as some magnetic options, the quick draw lens system is still pretty quick and easy to use. Simply lift the two outriggers on the frame, and pop the lens off for an easy switch.

Why Trust Me

When I grew up, dealing with constant blowing snow and wind while skiing or snowboarding is common. I have sifted through many reviews of skiers and snowboarders who have used these goggles, and aim to provide you an accurate and unbiased review of their performance on the slopes.

Detailed Review of Spy Ace Goggle

These goggles are what you would expect out of a mid-range snow goggle. They provide great ventilation, are comfortable for most people to wear, and feature a stylish design with many color options. Read on to learn more about their specific traits and see if they’re the right choice for you.

Quality of the Lens

Of course, one of the most important parts of any snow goggle is the lens. The Spy Ace goggle lens offers great optical quality and protection for your eyes. However, the lower part of the frame can block your view a little. You can look past this and many are fine with it, but it has the potential to be a little distracting.

Their Happy Lens Technology enhances both color and contrast, which then creates a great visual experience. In addition, they have 100 percent UV protection for those sunny and bright days on the slopes and are effective at blocking the light and making it appear less harsh.

The lenses are cylindrical in nature, and the dual-lens design will maintain its shape to provide better clarity and offer great protection against impact. Unfortunately, some have reported small scratches on the lens, despite the anti-scratch coating.

These goggles also come with a second lens, for different light conditions, so you’re always covered. They also offer other lenses in other colors and shades, which enables you to customize your own experience. Changing out the lens is quicker than most traditional goggles you may have owned, but noticeably lags behind goggles that use magnetic lens technology. Getting fingerprints on the lens while changing them is also tough to avoid.

Comfort, Size and Durability

If you’re wearing goggles for hours on end while skiing, you want them to be comfortable. The Spy Ace goggles use triple-layer face foam to ensure the padding feels great on your face. It creates a good seal and excellent cushion. The goggles also contain Dri-Force fleece to wick moisture away from the lens.

That being said, smaller individuals may run into comfort issues. The goggles are quite large, and can be a little awkward if your face is a little on the smaller side. Also, some people with fairly pronounced noses will notice a fair bit of pressure that can become uncomfortable over time.

Unfortunately, when it comes to durability, they leave a lot to be desired. As we briefly touched on earlier, the lenses have a tendency to scratch despite the anti-scratch coating. The frame and lens mounting is also a little suspect because the latches on the frame can be easily removed. The strap could also be a bit more durable.


Ventilation is key when it comes to a great pair of snow goggles. You certainly don’t want your goggles fogging up when you’re flying down a double black diamond. Thankfully, the Spy Ace goggles excel in this area.

They have a Scoop system that increases airflow and ensures your lens remains clear all day. The foam we mentioned in the last point also plays an important role in keeping your goggles clear. The lenses themselves also use an anti-fog coating for even more protection. If fog does find its way into your goggles, it will generally dissipate in seconds.

Style and Design

Let’s face it, you want to look good out there when you’re out on the slopes. While your gear’s function is important, so is how it looks. The good news is, Spy has done a good job with the style of these goggles.

While design is a subjective thing, the attractive lens and strap color combinations, as well as the unique lens shape, are quite modern and aesthetically pleasing. Also, the strap is designed to fit a variety of different helmets, so you aren’t limited in your choices. Everyone has their own tastes, but the many available options should excite even the pickiest of individuals.

What I Like

There’s a lot to like about these goggles. One of the best things about them are their lenses and optics. They provide you with great visibility, maintain their shape well, and do a good job blocking out bright lights and protecting your eyes. The fact they come with a second lens for free also needs to be mentioned.

Their breathability is another thing I like. Dealing with fog is a common annoyance, and you simply don’t need to worry about that with these goggles. From the moisture-wicking foam to the Scoop airflow system, you can rest assured your lens will be clear all day.

If you have the right size and face shape, these goggles are also quite comfortable. The foam feels great. I also like the versatility of being able to choose the color of your lens and strap.

What I Dislike

Of course, there are also some aspects of these goggles that fall flat. While comfortable for some face shapes, if you have a smaller build, these goggles can feel a little big or awkward. Also, those who have a pronounced nose may want to consider another option because these can sometimes put a lot of pressure on the nose.

The lower frame also resides in the bottom portion of your field of view, which can be annoying. The durability is a question mark as well. The strap and frame don’t inspire a lot of confidence with how they’re made, and the lenses can indeed get scratched up fairly easily.

I would have also liked the lens change system to be a little better. While quicker than older methods, many of today’s goggles use magnetic lens attachments that are quick and offer a strong connection. Changing the Spy Ace lenses requires a bit of work, is tough to do with gloves, and will often lead to smudges or fingerprints on the lens.

The Alternatives

  • Anon M4 Ski Goggle – Created by Burton, the Anon M4 (review) is a high-end option that’s also incredibly sleek. It comes complete with full perimeter venting, magnetic facemask integration technology, and magnetic lens retention. Add to that incredible clarity and a striking design, and you get a truly reliable model.
  • Spy Optic Crusher Snow Goggle – Another option from Spy is the Crusher snow goggle. This is a budget-friendly option that features a lightweight frame, the same comfortable foam, and impact resistant coating. The silicon-line strap will also ensure the goggles stay exactly where you want them, even on the roughest of terrain.
  • OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro – With their frameless design and magnetic interchangeable lens system, these goggles from OutdoorMaster are another solid model. They provide a truly unobstructed view of what’s in front of you, and they come in 20 different colors and shades. They can also easily be worn over glasses, and include an anti-fog coating.

While not as easy as some magnetic options, the quick draw lens system is still pretty quick and easy to use. Simply lift the two outriggers on the frame, and pop the lens off for an easy switch.

Final Verdict

These goggles are a nice mid-level choice for someone who values style, breathability and optical quality. From their comfortable foam to the ventilation system, they will be more than enough for the average skier.

The various different colors, both in terms of straps and lenses, also means these goggles can easily match the rest of your gear. Just beware of their size if you have a smaller face, and make sure to transport them safely to avoid scratches.

All in all, the Spy Ace goggle are an adequate solution for those who want to protect their eyes and keep their vision fog free.

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