Anon M4 Cylindrical Review

Burton Anon M4 Snowboard / Ski Goggles

This is my review of Anon M4 Cylindrical Goggles. Anon is one of the top brands in the ski goggle game, and for good reason. They make some of the best eyewear money can buy.

That’s partly due to the brand being owned by the legendary Burton, but the company has also been dedicated to creating quality eyewear since its inception. They have many great items, and the M4 goggles are definitely one of them.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski goggle, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Amazon, Burton, Evo
  • Best for: Skiers and snowboards who want a high-end goggle.
  • Pros: This is truly one of the best all-around ski and snowboard goggles you can find. Built for performance, the Anon M4 goggles offer reliable visibility, a nice wide field of view, and an interchangeable lens system that’s easy to use.
  • Cons: Not much to complain about from a functional level with these goggles. However, you will pay for quality, and these definitely sit on the high end of the price spectrum.

Every penny. Sure, they may cost a bit upfront, but you won’t find a better goggle with performance, comfort, and durability. These goggles are a truly excellent option and although their price tag reflects that, their reputation holds up.

This system is easy to use and is basically just plug-and-play. All you need to do is pull off the lens that’s attached to your goggles and then put the new lens in place. The magnets do the rest of the work and align everything just right.

These goggles have some of the best anti-fog tech on the market. While they aren’t fog-proof, the ICT coating makes the lenses extremely fog-resistant even for active skiers who run hot.

Why Trust Me for This Goggle Review

I’ve been skiing almost as long as I’ve been able to walk. I’ve skied all over the world and have decades of experience skiing on testing, and reviewing different types of ski goggles and equipment. I used the Anon M4 goggles for the majority of last ski season and was truly impressed.

Detailed Review of Anon M4 Cylindrical

The Anon M4 goggles are great all the way around. These are some of the best ski goggles I have ever used and they performed well in every single situation I have put them under.

The design and fit will work for just about any face shape, and their comfort is unmatched. Versatility is another area where these goggles excel, as they come with interchangeable lenses that can match your conditions with ease.

On-Snow Performance

While these goggles certainly have a cool look, that doesn’t mean much if they can’t perform. The M4’s hold up well in that regard. The key to any goggle’s on-snow performance is the visibility they offer alongside their field of view. The M4’s have excellent characteristics across both of those metrics.

The Anon M4’s have the best field of view out of any goggles that I’ve used. They come with a face-hugging profile that combines with a large shape to let you see clearly from side to side.

Their peripheral vision is also excellent and creates a goggle that allows you to adapt and move as conditions change. A good goggle shouldn’t inhibit your vision, and the M4’s keep everything in view.

The lenses that are included with the M4 are another important aspect of their On-Snow Performance. When purchasing the goggles, you get two high-quality lenses that are easily interchangeable.

The make is phenomenal here, and the lens’s curve works well with the overall goggle design to add extra clarity and enhance your vision out on the mountain.


Even the best goggles in the world can fog up from time to time. If you work hard on the mountain or spend any time headed uphill in the backcountry, you’re sure to work up enough of a sweat to make your goggles fog up.

The M4’s are not impervious to fogging, but they are some of the best goggles I’ve found to limit that nuisance. I sweat a lot, even when I’m skiing, and something about these lenses works to keep them clear and fog-free most of the time.

The reason for that is the great ventilation technology Anon built directly into the goggle design. They feature ventilation holes throughout the entire outside edge of the goggles, with 16 total vents to encourage airflow and proper ventilation. That allows the hot air that you create from your body heat to rapidly escape before it has a chance to condense and then fog up your lenses.

Another aspect of this hard-to-fog design is the anti-fog treatment that does wonders to keep moisture from building up on the inside. This Integral Clarity Technology has been perfected by Anon and combines a porous inner lens with this coating of anti-fog treatment.

That mix results in a lens that truly can be classified as anti-fog. Not fog-proof, but as I said, it does wonders if you’re a skier who tends to run hot.


While performance is the main characteristic I look for in a set of ski goggles, their comfort and durability is certainly another contributing factor.

The Anon M4’s have a great fit and feel that provides a ton of comfort. They aren’t the most comfortable goggles I’ve ever worn, but the combination of performance and comfort rivals any others I’ve tried. They sit snugly on your face, and you can wear them all day long without concern.

Much of that comfort comes from the triple layer foam design that keeps the lenses set off away from your face while giving you enough cushion to keep the goggles on safely and securely. The goggle frame also has plenty of give without sacrificing strength which allows additional comfort and stability even when you’re skiing through tough, unforgiving conditions. The large size also makes the M4 a bit more comfortable than smaller goggles.

Some of the same attributes that make the M4 goggles so comfortable also add to their strength and durability. The strong, flexible frame makes them capable of taking a beating on and off the mountain, and you won’t have to worry about the frame bending or tearing.

These goggles are built to handle it all. While you might have the urge to protect an expensive investment, you can rest easy they will hold up under steady abuse.

Interchangeable Lens System

The M4’s come with a magnetic lens changing system that’s easy to use and allows you to quickly adapt to changing conditions as you move around the mountain.

The built-in Magna-Tech Quick Change Technology utilizes 14 different magnets to create seven solid connection points to hold your lenses firmly in place. It also allows you to pull them off and swap in a new lens when you need or want.

You might think that a magnetic system would allow a lens to come free during a hard fall, but it actually works almost flawlessly. All you need to do is pull the lens off and get the new one near the magnets and it will snap into place. This is an amazing design that I really love after dealing with difficult-to-change lenses for years.


The Anon M4 is not a cheap goggle. It will cost you a pretty penny. Even so, in my opinion, it’s worth every cent.

If you’re going to spend a considerable amount on a set of ski goggles, you would expect them to deliver. These do more than that. They come highly recommended for any level of skier and are perfect for those who want a combination of high-end performance and reliability.

What I Like about It

There’s a lot to like about the Anon M4 in terms of form, function, and performance. The field of view that they offer is phenomenal. It truly allows you to scope out terrain without being interrupted or impeded.

In addition, they are also comfortable and work well when paired with a helmet or tightened down firmly against your head on a warm spring day.

Beyond that, I like the magnetic lens changing system and the anti-fog technology. Those two characteristics alone would make me interested in a set of goggles, but when you combine the traits with supreme comfort and excellent on-snow performance you have an option that’s one of the best around.

What I Dislike about It

There isn’t a lot to dislike about these goggles. On the performance end, I have nothing negative to say at all. I wish they were fog-proof, but until that technology gets developed (which isn’t likely), I will have to settle for the best anti-fog option on the market in the M4. Some of the color options I dislike as well, but they have enough choices to satisfy a somewhat color-blind and picky skier like myself.

The only real downside of these goggles is their price. While they aren’t cheap, if you can afford them they’re worth it. They will last you for years of steady use, making them an easy investment for any avid skier.

The Alternatives

There are plenty of other ski goggles on the market if you want to look for an alternative to the Anon M4. On a strictly performance-based assessment, none of these alternatives quite hold up, but if you need a quality goggle that’s more affordable check out the following:

  • Smith I/O (review) – These are another quality goggle that I can personally recommend. They are more modestly priced but still deliver high performance and a good fit. The quick-release lens changing system is easy to use and they come in a variety of different colors.
  • Oakley Flight Deck (review)- These goggles make a good alternative to the Anon M4 if you’re looking for a similar field of view. They have a huge frame that allows for an extended viewing area, even if they look a bit bug-eyed. Awesome clarity and vision.
  • Spy Optic Bravo – These are another quality alternative to the M4 that comes in at a low price. They have a smaller profile that mimics aviator goggles, giving them a cool overall look. They are also quite reliable, which is nice for a mid-range option.

My Final Verdict

The Anon M4 Cylindrical are seriously some of the best ski goggles you can find. They come highly recommended and are a capable option that will meet and exceed most skier’s needs.

Their wide field of view and scratch-resistant lenses provide excellent clarity, while a durable design means they can last for years of constant abuse.

These goggles come with a hefty price tag, but the excellent performance, easy-to-use magnetic lens change system, and anti-fog properties make them more than worth it.

If you want a goggle that will hold up under different conditions and lots of travel, these are the best options for you.

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