Is Marmot a Good Ski Brand?

Even though Marmot isn’t exclusively a ski brand, it still makes some very good ski clothing, apparel, and accessories for skiers. The brand is known for delivering high-quality options that hold up well in demanding outdoor situations. 

My name is Christine, and I love everything about skiing. I get out in the snow as often as possible during the winter and have used many different ski brands. I know through first-hand experience how Marmot compares to other brands. 

This post will highlight Marmot as a ski brand. I’ll tell you why I think Marmot has some good options for skiers to use and provide some other related information. My goal is to help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Marmot is not exclusively a ski brand, but it still makes some very high-quality outerwear that skiers can take advantage of. The company specializes in gear and apparel designed to excel in demanding outdoor situations. 
  • Marmot is a relatively expensive brand, but it’s very high-quality. You often get what you pay for in the world of winter clothing, and the brand delivers excellent options you can count on. 
  • Marmot has a wide selection of gear for skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts to use. Its jackets and pants are great options for skiers of all kinds to use in the snow. 

Is Marmot a Good Ski Brand?

Marmot is not entirely a ski brand, but it still has a lot of options for gear, equipment, and apparel that skiers can use. The brand specializes in outdoor gear and focuses on many aspects of the outdoor lifestyle. 

Marmot is a reliable brand when it comes to performance and quality. It offers a range of ski jackets and pants that are excellent options for skiers. And it has a variety of other options as well that can be used on the slopes. 

One of the downsides of Marmot is that it’s a somewhat expensive brand. This is not a budget option, and some of the best items the company makes for skiing will cost you quite a bit. If you can afford it, it’s well worth it, though. 

If you purchase Marmot gear for skiing or any other outdoor activity, you can expect it to be durable and reliable. Some of the equipment I’ve purchased from the brand has lasted for years of regular use

I also like a lot of Marmot base-layer and mid-layer options, in addition to the outerwear that the brand provides. This brand is a go-to choice if you want to make sure you have high-quality layers to keep you warm and comfortable when you ski. 

Marmot vs Helly Hansen

I think that Marmot and Helly Hansen are two pretty comparable brands. Helly Hansen has been around for generations and might have the edge from a technical perspective. They have been in the outdoor game longer, which has value. 

But Marmot is probably the better choice for mountain-specific equipment and gear, such as skiing. Both of these brands are awesome, and you won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose to use. But they both are also pretty expensive. 

Marmot vs North Face

Marmot and North Face are also pretty comparable, but I prefer Marmot gear these days. I think that North Face has lost its focus just a bit and isn’t as high-quality or skier-specific as it used to be. 

Marmot kind of holds the place in the outdoor industry that North Face used to. It’s an expensive and somewhat luxury brand, but you can count on it to deliver fantastic performance when you need it most. 

The North Face still has quality apparel you can use for skiing, but I think it’s become more of a namesake brand than a performance-based one. This means you don’t always get supreme reliability on the slopes. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Marmot is a good ski brand. 

Is Marmot or Columbia better? 

Marmot generally has higher-quality products than Columbia, but it’s also a more expensive brand. If you want to make a choice based strictly on performance, then Marmot is better. If you want to make a choice based on price, Columbia is probably better. 

Is Mammut and Marmot the same? 

Mammut and Marmot are different brands, even though they are basically in the same industry and offer similar products. Both of these are good brands, although I think that Marmot has better options for skiers. 

What company owns Marmot? 

Marmot is owned by two parent companies – Newell Brands and the Jarden Corporation. The company has passed through a few different ownerships over the years but has kept its commitment to creating excellent outdoor products throughout it all. 

Final Thoughts

Marmot is an excellent outdoor brand that offers many products skiers can take advantage of. The brand has many options for ski jackets and pants that can be used to make the most of any time you have in the snow. 

Have you ever used Marmot equipment or apparel? How did it hold up? Let me know in the comments below. 

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