Is Kastle a Good Ski Brand?

Kastle is a solid ski brand with a good reputation for making reliable skis that perform well. The brand makes skis in many categories and has been around for a long time. It’s a somewhat lesser-known brand but a good option for many skiers. 

I’m Christine, the founder of this blog and a lifelong skier. I live for the snow and get out on the slopes as often as possible during the winter. I have used many ski brands over the years and know through first-hand experience how Kastle gear holds up. 

This post will explore Kastle as a ski brand. I’ll tell you why I think it’s a good brand to use, what type of gear and equipment it sells, and why you might want to choose it. My goal is to give you all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Time to get going. 

Key Takeaways

  • Kastle is a somewhat lesser-known brand than other familiar names in the ski industry, but it consistently makes excellent skis with performance and reliability in mind. It’s a top brand from a technical perspective. 
  • Kastle has a wide range of skis for men and women, including options in the all-mountain, racing, freeride, and touring categories. The company also makes ski boots and bindings. 
  • Kastle is a bit more popular in Europe than in the US, but that makes it somewhat of a well-known secret for skiers in North America. 

Is Kastle a Good Ski Brand?

Kastle is a good ski brand, especially if you are looking for skis and other equipment that perform well. The brand is a bit lesser-known than other top options, mainly because it was under the radar for a while before being relaunched. 

This is an Austria-based ski company with a long history, with its first skis being made in the 1920s. But even though it had some initial successes, the band went out of business for a while before being brought back to life in the last decade or so. 

Today, Kastle makes a wide variety of different skis and ski-related equipment. All of its ski models are known to perform really well, especially under demanding conditions. This makes them a good option for experienced skiers who like technical skiing. 

The brand also makes Nordic skis, which are of high quality as well. If you like cross-country skiing, this is an excellent brand to look into for reliable sticks that will help you cruise over any kind of trail. 

Kastle Skis

Kastle has many popular skis available, and the company puts out new models every season. There are a few top options worth mentioning quickly here to give you an idea of what’s available and how good they are. 

Kastle MX75

The MX75 is one of the top on-piste skis that Kastle produces. This is a solid ski all-around that will give you excellent carving ability at the resort. The skis are very stable and won’t chatter or slip at higher speeds. 

The MX75 isn’t a beginner ski, but intermediate and advanced skiers who want to roam all over the resort will be pleased with how they perform. They are a mix of race-inspired design with modern all-mountain elements. 

Kastle Skis Women

The DX85 (W) is a women’s specific ski from Kastle that is pretty awesome. It’s another all-mountain type of ski with a nod to the brand’s racing roots. These skis can work well for female skiers of most ability levels, even beginners.

These skis are lightweight, making them very responsive in all sorts of conditions at the resort. They aren’t as great for big mountain or freeride situations but are capable in many different terrains on the frontside. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions relating to if Kastle is a good ski brand. 

Who makes Kastle skis? 

Kastle is currently owned by a larger corporation based in the Czech Republic called ConsilSport. But the brand’s products, including all of its skis and related ski equipment, are still made at Kastle-owned facilities. 

Are Kastle skis handmade? 

Kastle skis are not entirely handmade these days, but the brand was founded back in the early 1920s based on a handcrafted approach. The company makes some elements of the skis by hand and includes other production styles. 

Where are Kastle skis from? 

Kastle skis are from Austria. This is the country where the brand was originally founded and where much of the design and production is still done today. The company that currently owns Kastle is based in the Czech Republic. 

Final Thoughts

Kastle is a good ski brand worth looking into if you want reliable performance that you can count on. The brand has many different models to meet the needs of various skiers, including everything from racing to touring options. 

Kastle ski boots aren’t as popular or well-respected as its skis, but I would still give them a shot if you like what the brand offers. You want to make sure you choose boots based on fit and performance, not just the brand. 

Have you ever used Kastle skis? What model did you choose, and how did it perform on the mountain? Let me know in the comments below.

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