5 Good Cross Country Ski Brands

Whether you are new to cross-country skiing or have been gliding across the trails your entire life, it’s always an amazing experience. There are several cross-country ski brands worth checking out to get yourself equipped and ready for anything.

My name is Christine, and I’m a lifelong skier with a genuine love for the sport. I get out on the slopes as often as possible during winter and like cross-country skiing. I know many cross-country ski brands through first-hand experience. 

This post will spotlight a few cross-country ski brands. I’ll give you some background on each brand and tell you what they offer for skiers. My goal is to help you find a brand with everything you’re looking for. 

Let’s jump in. 

1. Fischer

Fischer is one of the most recognizable names in the world of cross-country skiing. This brand has dominated the Nordic version of skiing for years, and continues to deliver many high-quality products skiers can use on the trails. 

Fischer offers just about everything you’ll want or need to get prepared for any of your cross-country ski days. The brand makes a lot of skis, including options for classic and skate styles. All of these skis are built for performance and durability. 

The current lineup of cross-country skis that Fischer offers gives you a wide selection to meet your skills or preferences on the trails. The RCR is a popular model that comes in several lengths and stiffness to work for all sorts of skiers. 

Fischer also makes cross-country boots, and these work really well with their skis but can also give you a good fit and performance with any brand you choose. These boots are durable and comfortable, so you can lace them up and get cruising. 

Overall, Fischer gets high marks for the quality of materials it uses in all its products. You can expect excellent performance alongside supreme durability, making the brand a good value for all types of Nordic skiers.

2. Swix

Swix is another excellent cross-country ski brand with a long-standing reputation for providing Nordic skiers with everything they need to take advantage of long days on the trail. The brand has apparel, poles, and many other things related to the sport. 

One of my first memories of cross-country skiing involves a Swix jacket, so I have fond memories of this brand as a child. And it’s good to see the company still thriving today, which should give you confidence that it delivers quality products you can count on. 

The brand is mainly known as a cross-country ski apparel company today, so it doesn’t offer skis or boots. But its outerwear is some of the best you can find and is specifically designed to meet the needs of Nordic skiers. 

I really like Swix jackets and outerwear. They are all lightweight but offer enough warmth to keep you comfortable on the trails even when you work hard and build up a sweat. The brand’s base layers are also solid. 

The only real piece of cross-country skiing equipment that Swix makes is poles. These are well-designed and sturdy, giving you plenty of push and power no matter what style of skiing you do. The hand straps are all very strong and durable as well. 

3. Rossignol

Rossignol is one of the most recognizable names in alpine skiing, but the brand also has a solid cross-country department. The size and reputation of the brand make it a good choice for anyone looking for quality Nordic skis and equipment. 

Rossignol is a skier-focused company that always develops products with performance in mind. This is true of all the Nordic skis and boots it offers, and you can expect their equipment to function really well on the trails. 

I think that Rossignol cross-country ski boots are pretty sweet, and the brand has a wide selection to choose from. The design of the current lineup is super functional and will keep you warm and on track this season. 

Rossignol also has a few classic-style cross-country skis to choose from. The brand doesn’t offer many skate or racing style options, so it might not be the best to go with if that’s your preference. But the classic options it has are affordable and effective. 

If you want a trusted brand name and are looking for quality Nordic gear, Rossignol is a recommended choice. It’s also a relatively affordable brand, thanks to being a larger brand that can keep its prices lower than the competition.  

4. Atomic

Another good cross-country ski brand to explore is Atomic. The brand has many different ski models that are all awesome, and they have options for both classic and skate styles for men and women. 

A reason to choose this brand is that it has skis to meet nearly every type of cross-country condition you’ll find. Whether you want to focus on skate speed or just have an affordable and reliable classic option, Atomic has you covered. 

These skis are well-known for being stable on the trails, giving you reliable performance that makes skiing more fun and enjoyable. Atomic designs all of its models really well for solid construction and maximum speed. 

The Redster S9 is a popular model, and it’s available in both men’s and women’s versions. It’s a dependable ski that will help you cruise to the best of your ability and is also relatively affordable. 

Atomic also has its fingers in other aspects of the ski industry, so it’s not entirely cross-country specific. But that leads to excellent customer service and dependability while also giving you access to a wide range of Nordic products.

5. Alpina

Alpina is a solid all-around brand with a focus on cross-country skiing. Some of the best cross-country skiers use the brand’s Nordic ski boots in the world, so you know they must be good. 

This is a brand to choose if you are looking for excellent performance on the trails. You can find skis and boots that offer amazing construction and help you boost your abilities to the next level without thinking much about it.  

The Elite 3.0 model is recommended for any serious cross-country skier looking for puts that will excel. These are super lightweight option that is still built for high-performance situations. They are also very durable and made of quality materials. 

You can also expect stand-out performance from Alpina cross-country skis. The current lineup has several models to choose from, and each is built for top speeds and dependable performance out in the snow. 

Alpina doesn’t have the same name recognition as some larger brands, but it’s still worth checking out. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this one and highly recommend it. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to ensure you are geared up and ready for action on the trails this winter, the cross-country ski brands mentioned here are some of the best. They all offer high-quality equipment you can take advantage of. 

Have you used any of the cross-country ski brands mentioned here? Let me know in the comments below. 

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