6 Best Women’s Ski Jackets

When picking a good woman’s ski jacket, you need something that fits well, looks good, keeps you warm, and shields your skin from the elements. If you don’t get a high-quality option, you risk missing out on some great skiing opportunities. 

My name is Christine, and I’ve been skiing for most of my life. I created this blog to give skiers valuable resources that they can use to find the best equipment. I’ve also used many of the models listed here and researched the best ski jackets for women. 

The Flylow Lucy is my pick for the best women’s ski jacket of the year. This is a very comfortable option that also provides outstanding performance to block out the snow and wind. It looks great and comes in multiple colors as well. 

There are a few other solid contenders for the best jacket for female skiers, and I’ll list all of the top options in this post. I want to make sure you get equipped with the best gear so you can take advantage of every second you have on the snow. 

Let’s zip up and get after it. 

Who Should Get This

Any women skier can benefit from a great jacket. The models listed here are incredibly sturdy, fashionable, and practical. There is simply no reason to go out on the mountain without a high-quality jacket. 

The options listed here should meet the needs of a range of different female skiers – from newbies on a budget to backcountry bombers. 

While the jackets in this guide are great for all female skiers, it should be noted that they are particularly useful for those who spend their time in harsh conditions or on challenging runs. A bit of warmth is always needed, but it is advantageous when the going gets tough.

I like a jacket that is larger in size. This allows you to move freely and easily, no matter what style of skiing you like to do the most. Fit is a personal preference choice, but you never want to get one that is too tight or too loose. 

If you like a looser fit, you can get a size bigger, and you’ll be fine. I would take a jacket that is too big over one that is too large any day. Just make sure whatever size you choose doesn’t let in extra wind or snow.

A ski jacket doesn’t need to cover your butt. Good ski pants will do their job to keep your lower half warm and dry. Some jackets come with a built-in powder skirt that allows you to pull this part down below your waist. If you want a big jacket that covers your but though, that’s fine.

This really just comes down to personal preference. A lot of park skiers and freestyle skiers like their pants to be pretty baggy. Racers and backcountry skiers usually prefer a slimmer fit. It doesn’t matter all that much, as long as you get something you like.

Best Women’s Ski Jackets: Top Picks

Here are my picks for the best women’s ski jackets of the year. Each model you see below will give you excellent performance in cold weather while also providing comfort and style. 

1. Flylow Lucy

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Comfortable, excellent waterproofing, breathable, fully seam taped, pit zippers, removable powder skirt
  • Waterproofing: OmniBloq DWR
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Cost: $$$

The Flylow Lucy is my pick for the best women’s ski jacket. This is a fantastic option all around and gives you the best of comfort, waterproofing, and style. It’s one of my favorite ski jackets and a recommended pick. 

The Lucy is built from a 3-layer stretch polyester fabric that is very durable and leads to lasting comfort. This is treated with OmniBloq DWR for excellent waterproofing capabilities that you can depend on all season long. 

A relaxed fit makes the jacket easy to move around in. This one won’t hold you back no matter what type of skiing you like to do. I like a looser-fitting jacket (but not too loose), and this one certainly hits the sweet spot. 

Other great features include an adjustable waist, 12-inch pit zippers for ventilation, and plenty of pockets to store any extra gear you want to bring along with you while skiing. 

The only real downside to the Lucy is its price. It’s a relatively expensive option that is far from a budget pick.  

==> You can also get it on Evo or Backcountry or Jans.

2. The North Face Women’s Clementine Triclimate 

  • Best for: Warmth
  • Key features: 3-in-1 style, very warm, comfortable, good fit, sturdy construction, versatile use
  • Waterproofing: DryVent 2L
  • Insulation: Heatseeker Eco
  • Cost: $$$

If you are looking for a very warm women’s jacket, the North Face Women’s Clementine Triclimate is well worth checking out. This is a 3-in-1 style jacket that allows you to easily adapt to many different conditions for use on and off the mountain. 

The Clementine is made with a very strong polyester face fabric treated with a DWR finish for excellent waterproofing. A DryVent 2L layer gives you extra strength and another line of defense against wind and cold. 

Warmth is provided by Heatseeker Eco insulation that is super warm and retains its insulating properties even if it happens to get wet. 

The 3-in-1 design does make the jacket a bit bulky when you have all three parts connected, but that’s a small price to pay for added warmth. 

==> You can also get it on The North Face or Zappos or Backcountry.

3. Arc’teryx Beta AR Women’s

  • Best for: Backcountry
  • Key features: Exceptional construction, super waterproof, breathable, flexible, comfortable, DropHood
  • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex Pro
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Cost: $$$$

The Arc’teryx Beta AR Women’s (review) is an excellent backcountry ski jacket that will have you covered when you want to venture deep into the wilderness. 

This jacket has outstanding waterproofing, thanks to a Gore-Tex Pro membrane. This is one of the best materials out there for protection against the elements, and it also provides plenty of defense against the wind while remaining very breathable. 

A classic fit makes the Beta AR easy to wear, and it won’t restrict your movements when you are going uphill or coming back down. A DropHood feature is also pretty sweet and lets you batten down the hatches when needed. 

This jacket is highly recommended for the backcountry; however, it’s extremely expensive. 

==> You can also get it on Arc’teryx or Cotswold Outdoor or MEC.

4. Columbia Ava Alpine

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, comfortable, 2-way stretch material, Omni-Tech, adjustable powder skirt, goggle pocket
  • Waterproofing: Omni-Tech
  • Insulation: Poly
  • Cost: $$

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly women’s ski jacket that doesn’t compromise comfort or performance, take a look at the Columbia Ava Alpine. 

This one is made with a 2-way stretch material that gives you a lot of comfort and flexibility so you can ski to your heart’s content. 

Omni-tech construction makes the jacket very waterproof and offers breathability, so you don’t overheat when skiing hard or on warmer days. 

It also comes with an adjustable powder skirt to keep out deep snow and a goggle pocket to keep your lenses safe when they are not on your head. 

It’s not the warmest option out there but is still pretty decent for a budget option. 

==> You can also get it on Columbia Sportswear or Backcountry or Cabela’s.

5. Helly Hansen Women’s Odin Mountain

  • Best for: Durability 
  • Key features: Extremely solid construction, excellent water and wind protection, comfortable, breathable
  • Waterproofing: Helly Tech Professional 
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Cost: $$$$

The Helly Hansen Women’s Odin Mountain is one of the most durable ski jackets I have ever seen. If you want something that will last for years, this is it. 

It’s built with three layers of Helly Tech Professional fabric to give you unreal protection from the snow, wind, sleet, and any other bad condition you can think of. 

The jacket is also very breathable, so you can use it in the backcountry or on warmer days without worrying about overheating. The custom-fit also hugs the body without being too restrictive. 

The only thing not to like about this one is the cost – this is another highly expensive option. 

==> You can also get it on Helly Hansen or Evo or Backcountry.

6. Black Diamond Women’s Recon Stretch

  • Best for: Fit
  • Key features: 4-way stretch fabric, relaxed fit, very comfortable, good waterproofing, adjustable cuffs
  • Waterproofing: BD.dry 3L 
  • Insulation: Shell 
  • Cost: $$$

If you are after a comfort and performance fit, the Black Diamond Women’s Recon Stretch jacket is the way to go. 

This model is built using a 4-way stretch shell fabric that gives you unmatched freedom of movement. You can twist, turn, jump, and jive, and this jacket won’t blink. 

It’s also very waterproof to block out snow and wind while giving you plenty of ventilation on warmer days. Adjustable cuffs and a helmet-compatible hood round out the many features this also comes with. 

The Recon Stretch is only available in black, so you don’t get many style options here. 

==> You can also get it on Black Diamond Equipment or Backcountry or Evo.

How to Pick a Women’s Ski Jacket

Here are some essential factors to consider when looking for the best women’s ski jacket to meet your needs this winter. 


No matter how many features a jacket has, its primary goal is to repel snow. As such, you only want to consider attire that can handle icy or stormy conditions with ease. 

Even if you don’t often find yourself braving harsh weather, having a jacket that can protect you in all situations is never a bad thing. That solid construction also ensures your investment will last for a long time.


Ski jackets need to be warm, but they also need to work with your body. Skiing is a taxing activity that takes quite a bit of physical exertion. This means you need to get a jacket that allows you to move around easily. 

To achieve that, get a warm jacket that hugs your body without being too loose or too tight. There is a middle ground you want to achieve. Flexibility is key. Just be sure that flexibility doesn’t let in snow.


Your jacket needs to be comfortable. To do that, it needs to hit two different marks. First, it must keep you warm. No matter how soft your clothing is, you’re going to be miserable if it can’t lock in heat. 

Second, your jacket needs a soft lining and plush fabric. Such features will make your jacket more enjoyable to wear and enhance your time in the snow. Look for linings made out of soft and breathable materials. 

Useful Tips & Resources

Skiing is an expensive sport, and you don’t want any of your clothing or equipment to wear out prematurely. It will pay off to learn how to take care of your cold-weather clothing properly, so check out this article for some tips on how to keep a ski jacket clean. 

It’s also important to understand the basics of layering to adjust to whatever conditions you are skiing in. You should always have a jacket, mid-layer, and base layer. You don’t always need to wear all three layers at once, but it’s good to have options. 

The jacket is the most critical layer for sure, but I think a good base layer is the second most important layer. There are a lot of lousy base layers out there, so check out the video below for some tips on what to look for in a good option. 

Final Verdict

The Flylow Lucy is my pick for the best women’s ski jacket of the year. This is one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever worn, and it also provides a ton of protection against the elements. The Lucy has a great fit and looks super cool as well. 

All of the jackets on this list come highly recommended. Whether you are just learning how to ski or if you’ve been at it your entire life, you need a good quality jacket to take advantage of every good snow day. With the proper gear, anything is possible!

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