Tread Labs Insoles Review

tread labs insoles

I used a pair of their Pace insoles in a few of my favorite footwear options to see how they performed and to see if they could help my high-arched feet be a little less painful whether I was hiking, running, or just walking around. After a few weeks of steady use, I would easily recommend these insoles.

Tread Labs insoles are an excellent option for anyone looking for added comfort, stability, and support for their feet.

Below is my detailed review.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Tread Labs (Amazon)
  • Best for: Over the counter insoles that come in a variety of arch-heights and designs to meet the needs of many different people.
  • Pros: These provided effective support to my feet and the two-piece design allows you to switch between the different types of insoles that Tread Labs offers while keeping the harder arch support pads that match the shape of your feet.
  • Cons: Can be difficult to use with shoes that have a tighter fit as they can bend and crumple slightly when inserting.

Detailed Review

I used a pair of the Tread Labs Pace insoles with high arch support in two of my favorite footwear options that I use heavily – a pair of hiking boots and a pair of athletic trainers.

I found them to offer effective support in both situations and they helped to improve some issues I’ve had with plantar fasciitis and sore feet in general. They are easy to use and comfortable and can benefit anyone with similar issues.

The Fit

Getting the right arch height and size for your Tread Labs insoles is important. I went with a size 9 US with high arch height and this was the most effective option for me.

You will want to follow the company’s instructions for determining your arch height before making a purchase as this has a lot to do with how effective the insoles will be for support. You basically just get your foot wet to make a clear footprint and then match that to a specific height.

When I received the insoles, I was able to slide them directly into my trainers without much adjustment. I did have some issues inserting them at first but this was quickly remedied after inserting my hand to flatten the folds and make sure the insoles were solid inside of them.

When I switched the liners into my hiking boots, the fit was a lot smoother and they slid right in without any issues.

You might need to trim the toe-piece section of the insoles with scissors if they are too long for your footwear. I didn’t experience this issue, but it would be really easy to fix and not any cause for concern.

tread labs pace insoles on red shoes

Comfort and Support

Within a few steps, the support these insoles provided was immediately apparent. I have never really used insoles before and I was very pleased with how my shoes felt. It was an easy upgrade that offered support that I wasn’t even aware I was missing.

My feet felt like I had on a custom pair of shoes and I was amazed that I noticed this right from the start of using these.

If you have never used insoles before or didn’t think you need them, I would recommend these for sure. The additional support these insoles provided increased the comfort level of two of my most comfortable pairs of footwear.

You don’t really feel the insoles at all and they don’t make the shoes fit any differently, they just support your feet in a better manner than the insoles included with the shots.

Pain and Performance

I am a very active person who loves to exercise almost daily and go on adventures outside as often as possible. This means that I put some serious miles on my shoes and over the last few years, I have developed a case of plantar fasciitis that is annoying on a good day and terrible on a bad one.

The Pace insoles offered some immediate support and assistance for this issue which was much-welcomed relief.

During longer workouts when I am running or jumping, I experience most of my foot and lower leg pain. So that’s the type of workout I did the first days when trying out these insoles.

I did a 3-mile jog at a medium-fast pace and then a plyometric jumping workout, as I knew this heavy impact would usually lead to foot pain. My, oh my was I impressed when I crushed the workout and was barely sore at all!

I then switched the insoles into my hiking boots over the weekend to go on a long hike. I typically notice some foot pain when I hike for 10+ miles or have a heavy backpack on.

So that day I hiked for 12 miles with about a 20-pound bag on. While my legs were definitely tired after this, I didn’t notice any foot pain whatsoever.

Price and Value

The comfort, performance, and durability of the Tread Lab inserts make them a recommended value. They aren’t your cheap, grocery store inserts and do cost a bit upfront.

But if you have any sort of foot pain you need relief from, these can work wonders and make them more than worth their price. That said, they aren’t expensive compared to other orthopedic insoles and represent a great value overall.

Another great aspect of these that adds to their value is the fact that you can replace the footbeds if you want to try a different style or they wear out while keeping the firm arch support piece.

This is a construction design that increases the lifetime durability of the product and makes it hold long-term value.

My Final Verdict

I was really impressed with the Tread Labs Pace insoles that I tried. They were effective at helping to reduce some nagging foot pain that I’ve been dealing with and this was much-welcomed relief.

For that alone, I would recommend them. But they were also very comfortable and improved the performance of my footwear which I was already fond of as well.

I’d be curious to try out the other styles of insoles that Tread Labs offers, but can only assume that those other options provide the same comfort and support, with a slightly different focus.

All things considered, these are recommended choices for athletes, adventurers, and anyone dealing with foot pain in general.

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