Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 Review

This is my review of Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130. In my opinion, it is a good boot for skiers who want a solid blend of comfort and performance.

The stiff flex makes them a good option for more advanced skiers who demand precise response and control. They fall short of being the best backcountry boot option, but should be great for resort skiing and hike-to terrain.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this boot, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Intermediate to advanced resort skiers who want a comfortable boot that still offers higher-end performance. Also a decent hybrid boot that can provide reliable performance at the resort and in the backcountry.
  • Pros: An aggressive flex makes these boots very responsive and caters to skiers with more experience. Comfortable, especially for a performance-focused option.
  • Cons: Doesn’t quite reach the mark as a top option for a resort or backcountry boot. The dueling-by-design nature of these boots makes them a little closer to average. Capable, but might leave you wanting more if you’re a demanding skier.
  • Alternatives: Salomon Shift Pro 130, Rossignol Alltrack Pro 120, Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro

All you need to do to turn the boots to walk mode is release the buckle found on the back of the boot. When lifted, you’ll get 50-degrees of flex for walking. Simply snap it back down when you want to ski.

Not really. The 130 flex is pretty aggressive and caters more to those with more experience on the mountain.

While nearly every boot takes some time to break-in, the Alltrack Pro 130 gets comfortable pretty quickly. The liner is designed to shape and mold around your feet as you ski.

Why Trust Me

I’ve skied all over the world and have decades of experience skiing on, testing, and reviewing different skis and skiing equipment. I conducted ample research on the Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 and talked to a few skiers and ski techs who have experience with them as well. Below is my detailed review.

Detailed Review Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130

Rossignol set out to make a versatile boot with the Alltrack line, and they have only grown in popularity since their inception. The Alltrack Pro 130 offers a lot in terms of both comfort and performance. It also allows you to ski at the resort and in the backcountry. They are an above-average option that’s great for intermediate to advanced skiers. Experts might find they don’t quite offer the same performance as the best of the best.

Fit and Feel

For a boot with a stiffer flex, the Alltrack Pro 130 still provides plenty of comfort. That ends up resulting in a performance flex and comfort fit, which can be the sweet spot for skiers who are still learning how to push a boot to its limits. If you care more about comfort than performance but don’t want to sacrifice too much in terms of capabilities, these boots are a great option.

A key to how these boots fit and feel is the pre-shaped full custom TI liner. This makes them comfortable right out of the box and limits the break-in period. While they will pack out over time for a perfect fit, people I talked to who love these boots said they are some of the quicker to break-in options they have come across. The lining effectively molds around your feet for a customized liner that adds to the performance and comfort.

The boots also feel light for an aggressive resort boot with some backcountry characteristics. You will notice this when hiking or if you choose to venture outside of the resort boundaries. Design features such as a Generative Design Grid reduces the thickness of the shell without compromising strength. It also sheds a few precious ounces. They aren’t as light as a backcountry-specific boot though.

On-Snow Performance

The Alltrack Pro 130 is capable in all sorts of situations. While they aren’t the ultimate performance boot, they can more than hold their own in just about any situation you throw at them. Such characteristics are perfect for skiers who love to explore everywhere and anywhere, especially in the resort. In all-mountain situations ranging from steeps to bumps to trees, these boots will do their job with ease.

At higher speeds on steep terrain or packed out conditions, the 130 flex seems a bit generous. These boots just don’t hold in terms of their precise control and response compared to other options that are fully-focused on downhill performance. They aren’t a bad boot in these situations, but they certainly aren’t the best either. They aren’t going to give you a race-like experience if that’s what you’re after.

The Pro 130’s have some design elements that help them outside of the resort as well. The functional walk mode allows for a little more flex when you’re hiking, but they fall short of being a true backcountry boot. They are simply too big and don’t quite give you the flex for long skin-ins or hours of hiking. They can certainly come along on a backcountry trip or two, but if you spend a lot of time off-piste you’ll want a more dedicated shoe.

Stand Out Features

There are certainly some features on the Alltrack Pro 130 that enhances their versatile performance and attractive comfort. We touched on the Full Custom TI Liner earlier, but it’s worth another mention here as it’s a really good liner with comfort and warmth in mind. The Thinsulate Stretch insulation stays warm while remaining extremely flexible so you get the best of both worlds.

The power injection method used in the shell construction results in Dual Core Technology that combines two different types of plastic for a sandwiched style construction. This gives the shells flex but remains stiff enough to help them keep their shape season after season. The boots also have four micro-adjust aluminum buckles and a 45mm power strap to keep your feet secure and ready for action.

The Alltrack Pro 130 also has a few features that cater to backcountry pursuits. The most important is the Hike Mode 2.0 design that allows you to flip a buckle on the back of the boot to allow for 50-degrees of flex when you want to hike or skin. GripWalk soles and a rubber arch pad also add to the Pro 130’s backcountry capabilities. They are a little too heavy to be true backcountry boots, but they are capable there if you need them to be.

Price and Value

Boots can often be as expensive, or even more expensive, than your skis. While that’s the price you pay for premium performance, the Alltrack Pro 130 comes in at a fairly reasonable price for a versatile high-end boot. That’s why I think they have good value for all skiers.

Beginner to intermediate skiers will love the blend of performance and comfort, but advanced skiers might want to spend a little bit more for a true high-end option. As a backcountry boot, they are too big to be considered a true backcountry option and are not recommended for that use alone.

What I Like

There’s certainly a lot to like about these boots. From a performance perspective, their versatility is great and will give you the ability to get out and explore both the resort and backcountry. The stiffer 130 flex is also great for larger skiers like myself and provides quick response alongside underfoot control. The 100mm last is enough width to accommodate most foot sizes.

I also like the comfort here. While that usually comes at a cost in performance, the boots hit the goldilocks zone of comfort and performance. The liner is comfortable and breaks in quickly. Even with a stiffer flex, the boots are still very comfortable. That’s a huge appeal.

The Hike Mode 2.0 and GripWalk soles are also great features. Simply unlatch the back buckle and you’ll be ready to hike up to your favorite bowl or navigate a slippery parking lot better than the average skier. The GripWalk soles are effective and provide plenty of traction. They are also replaceable if you ever wear them out, which is a great feature that creates additional value.

What I Don’t Like

These boots don’t quite reach my standards for a high-performance boot. They are capable and versatile, no doubt, but just don’t quite deliver the same quick response as what I would consider the best of the best. If you are an advanced skier who really wants something that can match your abilities, I would suggest looking at a few other options. But for most beginner to intermediate skiers, these boots will give you more than you need.

While the Alltrack Pro 130 does come with some great features that make them capable in the backcountry, they fall well short of being a true touring or backcountry boot. That’s because they are just a little too big and burly for that use. You can certainly use them off-piste, but if you plan on going on any serious adventures outside of the resort you’ll want something lighter and with more flex.

Another small complaint with these boots is that the 130 flex seems generous. Each bootmaker has their own method of measuring flex, so it varies from brand to brand. I expect a 130 to be pretty stiff, and these feel like they still have a flex. You might not notice it, but it’s something to consider.

The Alternatives

If you’re searching for an alternative option to the Alltrack Pro 130 that offers versatile performance for a variety of skier abilities, take a look at these:

  • Salomon Shift Pro 130 – These boots are another versatile option that will give you solid performance all over the resort and let you venture into the backcountry. Similar to the Alltrack, they have a good blend of comfort and performance. However, they will offer better performance in the backcountry. They aren’t quite as comfortable as the Alltrack, however.
  • Rossignol Alltrack Pro 120 – These are the exact same as the Alltrack Pro 130, but they come with a smaller flex. That makes them even more comfortable, but sacrifices a bit of performance. These are a good option for beginners or anyone who’s looking for comfort over anything else.
  • Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro – If you want a dedicated backcountry option, the Zero G Tour Pro (review) has a lot to offer. These boots are built with the needs of backcountry skiers in mind and excel outside of the resort. A 55-degree flex walk mode and Vibram soles help you on the ascent while a true 130 flex still offers plenty when pointing back down.

Final Verdict

The Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 is a good all-around boot that offers tons of comfort without sacrificing performance. They are versatile enough to help you reach anywhere in the resort and come with a few built-in features that cater to the backcountry as well. While they aren’t a boot for best in class performance or pure backcountry pursuits, they do offer plenty of performance at an affordable price.

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