Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody Review

This is my review of Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody. Having the right jacket is crucial to a good day of skiing.

While some days might warrant a large and heavy coat, there are many others where something lighter will do. You don’t want something too heavy but still want a little warmth and protection from the elements.

In my opinion, the Down Sweater Hoody from Patagonia is a good choice for those who want to perform their best on the slopes while staying warm at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski hoody, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

All of the materials being used are high-quality. The jacket is constructed of a 100% polyester shell, with 800-fill-power goose down. The lining is also made of polyester, and the shell is finished with a quality and durable water repellent. Everything down to the elastic cuffs is well-made.

This jacket will have no trouble standing up to daily use over time. It was built with durability in mind, as the shell is rip-stop, which means it is resistant to abrasions that may occur during frequent use.

Yes, there are several aspects of this product and how it is manufactured that make it friendly for our environment. Many of their materials are recycled, the goose down is traceable and responsibly sourced, and work with bluesign to reduce resource consumption throughout their supply chain.

Why Trust Me for This Review

Where I am from, winters will often be full of days that regularly hit -30 degrees with the wind chill. As a result, I have tried all different kinds of jackets and other products to help me stay warm, whether skiing or simply going to the store. As for this particular jacket, I have scoured the internet for the reviews, comments, and thoughts of the people who have used and purchased it.

Detailed Review

Here, I’m going to break down the review into several sections so you can see if this product fits you.

Lightweight Without Being Too Cold

This jacket boasts a great blend of being lightweight without being cold. It is much less bulky than a standard ski jacket but still measures up pretty well when it comes to how warm it will keep you.

All of this helps it be incredibly versatile and a great all-around option, ready for whatever adventures you get into. Not only can it be used in different temperatures, it can also have value in a range of different activities. Whether you are skiing, hiking or just casually going for a walk, this jacket will offer up great warmth without being too heavy.

While it is certainly lightweight compared to a standard jacket many skiers will wear, it has a little more bulk and weight than many of its direct competitors. This is awesome for warmth, but if you have had other similar down puffer jackets, this might have a little more bulk than you are used to.

Stands Up to the Elements

In addition to warmth, this down sweater hoody also boasts protection from the elements. When high up on a hill, having to deal with the wind is common. Thankfully, this jacket is windproof and will ensure you aren’t freezing cold and uncomfortable on a windy day. Also, on top of helping you in those windy conditions, this jacket also features a shell with a DWR treatment to help keep the jacket dry in wet conditions.

While a waterproof coating is used, many competitors in the space have moved on to using hydrophobic down, which does a better job at repelling water than a simple treatment. The jacket will still perform adequately in wet conditions, but will certainly wet out quicker than hydrophobic jackets.

Comfort, Style and Fit

One of the most noticeable things about this jacket is the style. It is built and designed well, looks incredibly sleek and comes in a range of different colors to ensure you can always match it with your other ski gear. Not only does it look good, it will also feel good. This jacket should not negatively impact your range of motion in the slightest.

Because of the materials used, the jacket offers up a lot of comfort as well. It is soft to the touch, on both the inside and out, as well. As for fit, it is much more refined and less boxy than many other options. It isn’t too tight or too loose and seems to fit just right in most cases.

Great Value

This offering from Patagonia is fairly priced for the quality you are getting. The durability is great and even if something does happen, Patagonia has an incredibly generous guarantee in place for their products.

Also, while the jacket is incredibly simple and may not come with all of the bells and whistles that some other coats will, there are indeed some great features hidden in and around the jacket. This includes a high front zipper that allows you to zip the jacket up to your nose (don’t worry, there is a piece of fleece to protect your nose), as well as cords to tighten the waist and hood, to prevent drafts.

What I Like

There is a lot to like about this jacket. And versatility is one of the main selling points. It is warm enough to keep you comfortable during the cold and windy morning of your day on the hills, but is also light enough to prevent you from overheating if the temperatures rise a little in the afternoon.

Another positive about this jacket comes down to how it fits and looks. It is quite sleek and cut well, to avoid the “boxy” look that many of these jackets will struggle with. It comes in many different colors, and is comfortable to wear. The sizing is accurate, and it leaves enough room for another layer under, without being too loose.

Of course, the price and value of this jacket is something else I am a fan of. It is comparable to others in the space, and it is a well-made and durable jacket that should last you years if you treat it right. Add to that the high-quality guarantee from Patagonia, and you never need to worry about getting your money’s worth out of this jacket.

What I Dislike

This jacket is heavier than many options at almost 16 punches (in the large size). This provides decent warmth but can make it hard to pack down and take with you if you find yourself too warm in it. The ability to compress the jacket smaller to make for easier transport would certainly be a desirable feature. While very versatile, this can often leave it being good at a number of things, but not great at any.

Also, despite the jacket generally performing well in the wet conditions, it only uses a DWR treatment. Compare this to many other options that use actual hydrophobic down, and this jacket will lag behind in terms of performance.

The Alternatives

While this is a popular option from a relatively well-known brand, it isn’t the only option out there.

  • Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Hooded Puffer Jacket – This is an option that is great for those in milder areas who require something a little lighter. It is budget-friendly, compresses down to an impressive size and still offers decent warmth. The jacket comes in many colors and designs and includes features like zip pockets and elastic cuffs.
  • Marmot Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket – This jacket can help you stay warm in your outdoor adventures, without weighing you down. It features 700-fill-power down vs. the 800 offered by the Patagonia down sweater hoody. The jacket provides ample protection against both wet and windy conditions and looks great at the same time. This option also doesn’t have a hood, if you prefer that sort of design.
  • Wantdo Men’s 3 in 1 Down Ski Jacket – This is a good choice for someone who likes the puffer style, but also wants the option for additional warmth and protection. It offers you three different ways to wear it. It can be a lightweight down jacket, a windbreaker or combine the two for an incredibly warm winter ski coat. It is well-made featuring teflon, down and feather, and is very breathable and features a ton of built-in pockets.

Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a relatively warm jacket without a ton of added bulk, the Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody is a great choice. It looks incredible, fits well, offers a lot of comfort, and is versatile enough for a range of different activities and climates.

While it would be nice if they used hydrophobic down, and some might find the jacket a little heavier than they were expecting, it is still an incredibly solid option. With a fair price, high-quality materials and the incredible Patagonia guarantee, you can feel confident you are getting a good deal with this jacket.

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