Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts Review

A good pair of mittens or gloves while skiing is essential to being comfortable and staying warm. If you truly want to take things to the next level, consider a pair of heated mittens. They will offer you all of the same benefits of traditional options, only with a lot more warmth.

A popular choice amongst skiers is the Outdoor Research Lucent heated mitts. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski glove, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Skiers who want a durable, warm, and weatherproof pair of mittens for their all-day adventures.
  • Pros: Many different heat settings, durable construction, and touchscreen compatibility.
  • Cons: The mittens are quite bulky, which can hurt your dexterity. They also aren’t very budget-friendly.
  • Alternatives: Snow Deer heated mittens, WAMTHUS electric heated gloves, Savior heated mittens

The battery life of these mittens depends on the level of heat you use. According to the manufacturer, you should get about 8 hours on low, 5 hours on medium and 2.5 hours on high. If you want to save battery, consider starting on high, reducing to low or medium and only going back up to high if you really need the extra heat.

The sizing of these mittens ranges from XS to XL to fit all different hand sizes and shapes. They are a little roomy because they are a mitten, but generally fit true to size in most cases. There is also a size chart that you can use.

The mittens come with two rechargeable batteries, and one wall charger included in the package. Charging the mittens is as easy as plugging the batteries into the wall charger and simply waiting for them to be charged. When you first get them, the initial charge should take about half a day.

Why Trust Me

Regularly having to deal with -30 degree weather has led me to try various gloves, mittens, and heat sources to stay warm in the winter. Whether skiing or simply walking down the street, trying everything to stay warm is a way of life where I am from. As for these mittens, in particular, I have sought out the opinions and reviews of dozens of individuals who have used them.

Detailed Review of Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts

As Warm As You Want Them

Of course, if you are buying heated mittens, you want to ensure they can keep you warm. Well, these mitts excel in that category. The heated wire (that is safely mapped) flows throughout the mitts to ensure you get ample warmth where you need it most.

These mitts offer three different heating levels of low, medium, and high. This gives you a ton of control to ensure the mitts are always the right temperature for your needs. Also, in addition to the mitt’s heated components, the EnduraLoft insulation adds some extra warmth around the hand. So even if your batteries die, these mitts offer a ton of warmth.

Durable Material and Construction

When buying any type of ski-related gear, you want to ensure they are durable. With the potential for falls and harsh weather relatively high on the hills, you want to ensure your gear is up to the challenge. Thankfully, these mittens are. They are constructed of durable fabrics and leather to ensure they will remain functional for many ski trips.

The palms are especially impressive as they are crafted from goat leather and provide you with a lot of grip to grasp anything from your ski poles to an action camera. The insulation is thick and strong, and the lining is high-quality and made from 100% polyester. The thumbs also feature materials that allow you to use your touchscreen devices without removing the mittens.

Comfort and Protection

Whether you plan on skiing all day or even just going for a quick hour-long ride, you want your mittens to be comfortable. The Outdoor Research Lucent heated mitts feature a fleece lining on the palms and EVA foam on the back of the hand for added comfort.

In addition to being quite comfortable, these mittens are also great at protecting you from the elements. With their Gore-Tex insert, these mitts are waterproof and the added insulation is great at shielding you from the cold and wind. The aforementioned EVA foam and reinforced knuckles are also great for protecting your hands from hard impact, as well.

A Relatively Expensive Choice

While the mittens have a lot going for them in terms of warmth, durability and comfort, this comes with a relatively steep cost. They are likely the most expensive mitts you will ever buy, and the price point in some cases can be a tough pill to swallow with several cheaper choices out there.

Now, if you can afford them and ski a lot, they can provide you with a lot of value, but a bit of sticker shock is normal. So be sure to consult your budget and judge whether you need to spend this much, or can make due with a cheaper variety of glove or mitten.

What I Like

Perhaps the best thing about these mitts is just how well they can keep you warm. Even if you are in the freezing cold, these mittens will have your hands warm and toasty. Comfortable and warm hands can make your overall skiing experience much more enjoyable.

That being said, they can also be used on a lower setting or with the heat completely off for those days that are a little milder. This versatility makes them a great choice for those in areas where the weather can vary greatly and be quite inconsistent.

Of course, the durability of these mitts is another plus. They will stand the test of time and you will get a lot of use out of them compared to other gloves or mittens. The materials are high-quality, and the way they are constructed and mended together is impressive. There is no need to baby these mittens, as they can stand up to rigorous use.

Another great thing about these mittens is how well they stand up to the weather. Dealing with snow, wind, ice and even water can be common when skiing. The Gore-Tex within the mitts keeps them waterproof, and the various fabrics and linings help to protect from the wind. The large gauntlets also protect you from getting snow up your jacket or on your wrists.

What I Dislike

While durable and warm, the bulkiness of these mitts might drive some people away. The added insulation and bulk can hamper your dexterity and may not give you as much control as you would like while skiing.

These mittens also aren’t generally an option for those on a tight budget. While I understand why they priced it so high with many of the inherent benefits and features, many people will never be able to try or own these mittens because of the higher price than most of the competition.

Some have also complained about inconsistent heating, wherein the mitts deliver more heat to certain areas than others. This may be a minor gripe, but is certainly something to think about if you plan on spending multiple hundreds of dollars on mittens.

The Alternatives

While the Outdoor Research Lucent heated mitts are a good choice, they are far from the only option you have. We have compiled a list of a few other choices for those who want to expand their horizons a little bit.

  • Snow Deer heated mittens – These mittens feature heating elements that cover the entire back of the hand, as well as all of the fingers. Made of sheep leather, these offerings from Snow Deer are soft and breathable, while featuring an adjustable velcro design on the wrist. They also feature a small pocket for things like your keys or credit card.
  • WAMTHUS electric heated gloves – If you want a little more dexterity, consider these heated gloves. The waterproof material is quite breathable, the gloves give you options when it comes to temperature level and they are great for many outdoor activities. The gloves are budget friendly, but do not feature a rechargeable battery and require 3 AAA batteries to heat up.
  • Savior heated mittens – Made of genuine leather, these uniquely designed mittens are sure to keep you warm and give you a little more functionality than many other kinds of mitts. Their heating elements will keep you warm, providing you with a soft and comfortable feel, without being too bulky.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for some mitts that can not only keep you warm but also last you a long time, consider the Outdoor Research lucent heated mittens. If you can afford the price tag and deal with a lack of dexterity when compared to gloves, these mittens are sure to keep you warm, protected and comfortable no matter where your adventure takes you.

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