Is Spyder a Good Ski Brand?

Spyder is an excellent ski brand that has been making high-quality equipment and apparel for skiers for decades. The brand doesn’t make skis or boots, but it offers some of the best skier-focused outerwear you can find. 

I’m Christine, the founder of this blog and a passionate skier. I live for the snow and get out on the slopes as often as possible during the winter. I’ve used many ski brands over the years and know through first-hand experience how Spyder holds up. 

This post will spotlight Spyder as a ski brand. I’ll tell you why I think this is a great brand and what you can expect if you choose any of its gear. I’ll also provide you with some other related information. 

Let’s jump in. 

Key Takeaways

  • Spyder has a solid reputation for making some of the best outerwear and apparel for skiers in the industry. The brand constantly creates excellent products from a technical and performance perspective. 
  • Spyder is very well-known in ski racing circles and offers many products with a race-inspired focus. But any type of skier can use Spyder gear, and it’s not exclusively for skiers. 
  • The main downside of Spyder is that it’s pretty expensive. Most skiers on a budget won’t be able to afford this brand. But if you have the money, it’s definitely worth considering. 

Is Spyder a Good Ski Brand?

Spyder is an excellent ski brand and has been a trusted name in the ski industry for nearly 50 years. The brand has always created ski apparel built to withstand the rigors of serious outdoor situations, with performance a top priority.

If you have any experience with ski racing, then you are probably already familiar with Spyder as a brand. The company is popular within the racing scene, and this is one of its focuses. But any type of skier can use Spyder equipment. 

Spyder doesn’t make skis or boots, but it does make very high-quality outerwear and other apparel. I’ll spotlight a few of the top ski jackets from the brand in the section below, but just know you really can’t go wrong with any of its options. 

If you are looking for a high-quality ski brand that will give you excellent technical performance in all sorts of on-mountain situations, Spyder is highly recommended. I’ve used many Spyder products over the years and have yet to be disappointed

Spyder Ski Jackets

Spyder is well-known for releasing excellent ski jackets. Whether you are looking for a racing shell or serious cold weather warmth, there is a Spyder jacket for all types of skiing. And the brand has options for men, women, and children. 

I like every Down jacket that Spyder offers. These are very comfortable and warm options that will give you plenty of insulation without holding up back. The brand puts out new models yearly, but the down lineup is always excellent. 

The Women’s All-Out jacket is another great option. This solid all-around ski jacket is built to handle just about everything and is super comfortable. It’s also warm and comes in a variety of colors to match any style preferences you have. 

Is Spyder an Expensive Brand?

One of the only downsides to choosing Spyder for ski gear is that it is a pretty expensive brand. You won’t find too many Spyder options at an affordable price unless you can score at a good end-of-season sale or something. 

Spyder has always been an expensive brand, but I think the price is justified for how high-quality its products always are. But these higher prices do keep Spyder products out of reach for any skiers on a budget. 

Even though it’s expensive, Spyder products are a good value because they are built to last. This durability gives you reliable performance season after season, and you can expect any Spyder product you purchase to last a long time.  


Here are a few short answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to if Spyder is a good ski brand. 

Is Spyder a luxury brand? 

Spyder is somewhat of a luxury brand if you just look at the price of its products. But it also excels in technical performance and has been a trusted name with skiers for decades. So even though it has high-quality products, these are simply built for luxury. 

Who makes Spyder? 

Spyder was founded in the late 1970s in Colorado. The brand started pretty small and has since grown into one of the larger names in the industry. Today, the brand is owned by a larger corporation called Authentic Brands Group, which is still based in Colorado. 

Are Spyder ski jackets waterproof? 

All Spyder ski jackets are waterproof and built for anything on the ski slopes. Spyder is known for releasing great jackets from a technical and performance standpoint, including being fully waterproof. 

Final Thoughts

Spyder is an excellent ski brand for ski jackets and pants. It has been a leading brand since the late 1970s and has a solid reputation for delivering products that perform well on the ski slopes while being reliable and highly effective. 

Have you ever used Spyder apparel? What item did you use, and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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