Is Roxy a Good Ski Brand?

Roxy is probably the most recognizable women’s ski and snowboard brand in the industry. It’s one of the only brands specializing in winter clothing and apparel for women, making it an excellent option for female skiers of all kinds. 

I’m Christine, the founder of this blog and a lifelong skier. I get on the slopes as often as possible during the winter and have experience using many different ski brands. I know through first-hand experience how Roxy stacks up against the competition. 

This post will spotlight Roxy as a ski brand. I’ll tell you why I think it’s such a great brand for women skiers and give you some information to keep in mind if you are considering supporting the brand or using its gear for skiing. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Roxy is one of the best women’s-specific ski and snowboard brands around. The company targets female sports exclusively and has an excellent reputation for offering awesome gear and equipment. 
  • In addition to offering high-quality apparel and equipment for women skiers, Roxy also focuses on style. So this is a good brand to support if you want the best of both worlds regarding performance and style. 
  • Roxy also has an extensive selection of various clothing and apparel for women skiers, making it a good option to explore if you have specific needs or preferences that you can’t find elsewhere. 

Is Roxy a Good Ski Brand? 

Roxy is one of the best brands for clothing and apparel for female skiers. This is a top brand in the industry and has been for years, and it’s one of the only options out there that specialize in equipment and apparel for women

Roxy delivers high-quality options that you can count on for reliable performance and comfort on the slopes. No matter what kind of skiing you like to do or what you are looking for, Roxy will have you covered. 

The brand has many different options to choose from, which is another great thing about it. Whether you are looking for a lightweight jacket, comfortable ski pants, or any other type of gear, there’s a good chance you can find it. 

Roxy makes both ski and snowboard clothing and apparel. The brand was initially a women’s snowboard and surf company but now offers many options built specifically for female skiers. There isn’t much difference between ski and snowboard outerwear from a performance end. 

Another thing I like about Roxy is that the brand focuses on style and performance. So you know you’ll get an item that works well out in the snow and looks great to match your style. 

Reviews on Roxy Ski Jackets

Roxy ski jackets consistently get good reviews, and that means you can count on the brand to deliver when it comes to performance. With such a good reputation and many people using its items, Roxy is a brand you can trust. 

In my experience using Roxy jackets, I’ve only had good experiences. These jackets last a long time, are very reliable, and you can expect them to be super comfortable. They will keep you warm and dry no matter where you ski. 

Roxy Dryflight Technology 

Roxy Dryflight Technology is the brand’s high-performance waterproofing tech. It’s a highly effective system built into many Roxy jackets, pants, and outerwear. This tech will keep you dry and comfortable out in the snow. 

Roxy apparel can come with different levels of Dryflight technology. The higher the rating, the more waterproof a garment will be. So if you are looking for something to keep you exceptionally dry, choose a 15K or 20K Dryflight rating. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Roxy is a good ski brand. 

Are Roxy coats warm? 

Roxy makes many different ski and snowboard jackets with varying levels of insulation. The more insulation you have, the warmer a coat will be. But the brand has an excellent reputation for making effective and highly functional apparel in the snow and cold. 

Is Roxy good for ski wear? 

Even though Roxy started as more of a snowboard brand, it now offers a lot of ski wear as well. There really isn’t any difference between snowboarding and ski apparel, except for how it’s marketed. And Roxy excels at making items for both winter sports. 

Are Roxy jackets waterproof? 

Nearly every jacket that Roxy offers is waterproof. But the brand does offer some streetwear items that aren’t built for the ski slopes and might not be waterproof. Always check that the item you buy for skiing is waterproof, no matter what brand you choose. 

Final Thoughts

Roxy is a top brand for women’s specific ski apparel. The brand is well-known and highly respected for making excellent ski jackets and other comfortable and stylish clothing while always remaining high-performance. 

If you are looking for amazing equipment or apparel from a women’s specific ski brand, there isn’t a better option than Roxy. The brand has an outstanding reputation and a commitment to making high-quality items you can rely on. 

Have you ever used Roxy apparel? What item did you choose, and how did it work on the slopes? Let me know in the comments below.

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