Is Planks a Good Ski Brand?

Planks is a lesser-known ski brand that makes some quality jackets and pants for skiers. The brand doesn’t have the same reputation as more familiar names in the industry but is still focused on quality and performance. 

My name is Christine, and I created this blog to provide serious with a valuable source of everything related to the sport. I’ve used many different ski brands over the years and have done some research to come up with the information here. 

This post will highlight Planks as a ski brand. I’ll provide you with some information related to the company and tell you why you might or might not want to choose it as a ski gear option. My goal is to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • Planks is a lesser-known ski brand, but it still offers some high-quality gear and apparel for skiers. A smaller company doesn’t mean lesser quality, and Planks has some options that are built for action.
  • Planks ski jackets are well-made and very durable. They aren’t the most affordable option, but you get what you pay for, and these are worth checking out if you want reliability. 
  • Planks is also committed to using sustainably sourced materials for its products, which is another reason to support the brand.

Is Planks a Good Ski Brand?

Planks is a good ski brand, despite being lesser known and not quite as popular as some other more familiar names in the industry. The brand has several high-quality ski jackets and pants that are built to perform well on the mountain. 

Even though Planks doesn’t have a longstanding reputation, it’s still an excellent brand to explore if you want ski-related gear that you can count on. 

Sometimes a smaller company focuses better on its customers, which seems to be true with Planks

Planks also has a unique style that I really like. Some of its jackets look great and have an excellent fit, making them hit the sweet spot in form and function. I’ll highlight a few of those options in the section below. 

Performance is paramount with any ski brand, and Planks does a great job in this area. The brand doesn’t make skis or boots, but its clothing and outerwear are excellent and will meet the needs of all types of skiers. 

Another cool aspect of Planks is that it is committed to using sustainably-sourced materials in all its products. This is a good reason to support a growing brand, which all skiers should consider. 

Planks Ski Jackets

I think that Planks ski jackets are the best products the company makes. They offer a pretty good selection of jackets, and they are all high-quality and built to perform really well on the slopes. 

The Women’s All-Time Insulated jacket is a popular model that is super warm and comfortable. It has a classic look that is a good blend of performance and street, so you know you’ll stay on the slopes all day long and look good while doing it.

For men, the Happy Days Anorak is a great option. This jacket looks fantastic and has a comfortable fit without being too baggy. You can expect outstanding performance and durability from this model. It comes in several different colors as well. 

There are many other Plank options to explore, and these are just a few of the most popular ones. Check out the full lineup to give you a better idea of your possibilities when choosing this brand. 

Planks Ski Pants

You also have several options if you want to go with a set of ski pants from Plank. Like with its jackets, Plank ski pants look great and are built for just about anything you can throw at them on the mountain. 

The Fun-garees are some of the coolest ski bibs I have seen in a while. These are super comfortable and come in several different colors and fits. They are for women and will keep you warm and dry, no matter how you like to ski.

The Men’s Goodtimes Insulated Pant is a classic style ski pant that will give you exceptional performance and a comfortable fit. These pants are built for action and have a relaxed look that allows a full range of movement. 

Where is Planks Clothing Made? 

Planks clothing and ski apparel are made in France. This is where the company is based and where most of its production and manufacturing happens. But the company ships all over the world.

The company has a decent following in France, the UK, and other locations across Europe. But it’s also growing in popularity in North America as well.  

Final Thoughts

Planks is a good ski company that offers many high-quality ski jackets, pants, and other accessories and apparel. It’s a smaller company, but it still delivers exceptional products that will perform well on the slopes, no matter how or where you like to ski. 

Have you ever used Planks ski gear? What item did you choose, and how did it do in the snow? Let me know in the comments below.   

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