How to Tighten Ski Goggles

Ski goggles need to fit correctly for them to stay on your head and keep your eyes protected from the sun, wind, and cold. Tightening goggles is easy, and every skier needs to know how to do this. 

I’m Christine, the founder of this blog and a lifelong skier. I’ve used dozens of different ski goggles over the years, and I know how to tighten them to get an ideal fit. 

This post will show you how to tighten ski goggles. Whether you want to make them fit your head properly or just bought a new pair and want to use them for the first time, tightening is essential for this to happen. 

Let’s jump in. 

The Importance of a Proper Fit

You always want to ensure that your goggles have the proper fit around your head or helmet. They won’t function as well if they are too loose, and they can be really uncomfortable if they are too tight. 

Properly fitting goggles will sit on your head without slipping off or causing too much pressure or pain. I’ll get into some details on getting the perfect fit, but you’ll know the sweet spot when you feel it. 

When goggles are too loose, wind and snow can creep between the foam and your face. This can lead to issues with fog and can also limit your ability to see if it is snowing really hard.

How to Tighten Ski Goggles

Nearly all modern ski goggles feature a similar adjustment strap that allows you to quickly tighten or loosen the goggles to get a good fit. All you need to do to tighten them is use this strap to shorten the strap’s overall length. 

To tighten ski goggles, follow these steps: 

  1. Put the goggles on over your head. If you wear a helmet, put the helmet on and then put the goggles on over it. 
  1. Estimate the amount you need to tighten your goggles. If they are really loose, you’ll need a big adjustment. If they are barely loose, you’ll need minimal adjustment. 
  1. Take the goggles off. 
  1. Holding the goggles in your hands, use one hand to grab the adjustment clip located on the back or side of the goggle strap. 
  1. Hold the strap near the adjustment clip with your other hand. 
  1. Pull on the clip to tighten or goggles. Make sure that you are tightening the strap by checking to see if the opening gets smaller. Reposition your hands to tighten if not. 
  1. Put the goggles back on your head/helmet to see if they fit properly. 
  1. Repeat if necessary until the desired fit is reached. 

Tip #1: The process for tightening or loosening ski goggles is pretty much the same. It just depends on which way you pull the strap through the adjustment clip. You’ll get the hang of this after a few attempts. 

Tip #2: It’s always a good idea to adjust your goggles before you are out in the snow. If you just bought a new pair or simply want to double-check, follow the steps for tightening before you head to the mountain.

How Ski Goggles Should Fit

You want your goggles to fit properly so you can enjoy your time on the mountain and see effectively in every situation you find yourself in. 

The ideal fit for ski goggles is not too tight or loose. They need to fully cover your eyes while sitting over the bridge of your nose. 

Goggle straps can be adjusted to fit a wide range of head sizes, so you’ll need to change the strap on yours until you get the ideal fit. This will be slightly different for everyone, but the same general rules apply. 

When your goggles fit correctly, there shouldn’t be any airflow between the foam on the goggles and your face. If you feel or see any wind or air creeping in around this face foam, you’ll want to tighten them up. 

Even though your goggles need to fit securely, you don’t want them to be too tight. If you can’t fit the strap over your head or helmet, it is obviously too tight and will need to be loosened up. 

Your goggles should be comfortable to wear all day long. If you notice any discomfort or pressure after about an hour or two of skiing, you’ll want to loosen them up. 

Additional Thoughts

Although most goggles have a similar adjustment clip, not all of them are exactly the same. I always recommend learning how to adjust your straps before heading out to the slopes, so you are not fumbling around in the cold. 

If you think you have a pair of goggles with a weird adjustment strap, don’t worry. Just play around with the clip until you figure it out or search online for the specific model of your goggles and try to find a video showing how to adjust them. 

If you have an older pair of goggles, the strap can wear out over time. This can make it challenging to get a proper fit. If your strap looks worn out or isn’t as elastic as it used to be, it might be time to get a new pair of goggles. 


To tighten ski goggles, you simply need to make the strap shorter by using the adjustment clip built into the strap. By pulling the strap in a direction, you will either tighten or loosen the fit of the goggles on your head. 

Having properly fitting ski goggles is essential, so take some time to get used to making adjustments before you get out on the snow.

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