How to Store Skis During Off-Season

Most of us don’t live in a location where we can ski all year round, which means we need to store our skis during the off-season. This is an important thing to consider to ensure your skis don’t get damaged or rust when not in use.

I’m Christine, a lifelong skier with a huge passion for the sport. I know how essential it is to take good care of your skiing equipment, and I always take the time to store my skis properly for the off-season. I know the best ways to make this happen quickly and effectively. 

In this article, I’ll provide you with the best ways to store your skis when you are not skiing for long periods of time. This is good for every skier to know to make sure their equipment lasts a long time. 

Let’s get started. 

Why You Need to Store Your Skis

Some people think you can simply throw your skis into a closet or the garage and just wait until the snow starts falling again. While this is one way to go about it, it’s really not that good for your skis and can lead to damage that could easily be avoided. 

If you take the time to store your skis properly, you will better protect them from any damage or other issues from sitting around during the warmer months. It’s an easy thing to do that can help you protect your investment. 

Skis are expensive, and it’s a shame to treat them poorly and have them not last as long. Pay attention to the information in this post to keep your skis in good shape for years to come. 

Best Ways to Store Skis 

There isn’t one best way to store your skis during the off-season. As long as you keep them in a cool and dry environment without much moisture, they will be fine sitting in the dark until you can head back up to the mountains. 

If you leave them in an area that gets moisture, such as the garage or a shed, this can lead to the edges rusting. Rust can damage your skis beyond repair at worst and require you to get a complete tune-up before you can ski on them again. 

Here are a few of the best ways to store your skis to keep them protected and in as best shape as possible for ski season. 

1. Use a Ski Rack

A ski rack is one of the most effective ways to store your skis during the off-season. Racks can come in a few different shapes and sizes, but they are typically wall-mounted. They will let you organize your skis effectively and are good to use if you have a lot of skis. 

Choose a good location for your ski rack that is out of the way and in a cool, dry area of your house. A basement or closet is a good location to install a ski rack because these rooms stay dry all year long. 

Ski racks come in either vertical or horizontal styles. I like horizontal racks because they get the skis off the ground and help prevent any damage from banging other gear or equipment around while they are stored. 

Once you place the skis in the rack, that’s really all there is to it. You don’t need to do much else to get them ready for storage. Always make sure to dry them off if you just got back to the mountain to eliminate the possibility of rust. 

Vertical racks are basically similar to stacking your skis straight up in a closet, and I don’t think they are as effective (or worth the money) as horizontal racks. 

2. Use a Ski Bag

If you don’t have a ski rack or don’t want to get one, you can still safely store your skis for the off-season. Using a ski bag is a good way to keep your skis protected and out of harm’s way when you are not using them. 

There are many different ski bags out there, and it doesn’t matter all that much which one you choose as long as it is solid and durable. You don’t need a fancy or expensive bag for storage – just one that will add a layer of protection against any damage. 

Again, make sure your skis are dried off and wiped down before putting them into a bag. Then open up your ski bag and slip your skis in. Be sure to open the bag wide enough to get the tips, tails, and bindings in without snagging on the zipper or cloth. 

Once the skis are in the bag, zip them up and place them into whatever room you will store them in. Again, be sure you put them in a room without much moisture, such as a basement or closet. 

3. Store Them Standing Up

You can still store your skis effectively without using a rack or a bag. Even though those are the best two methods for storage, your skis can be totally fine basically on their own – as long as you pay attention to the details in how you store them. 

If you go the simple route, all you really need is a good place to store your skis. Again, I recommend an area inside your home or apartment rather than outside in a garage or shed. 

Once you have your location figured out, simply put your skis in there and make sure they are positioned securely, so they don’t fall over. I always like to put them in the back of a room or closet, so they don’t get disturbed and fall over during the off-season.

How Not to Store Skis

While it’s important to know the best ways to store your skis properly, it’s also essential to understand how not to store them. 

You might think that your skis are pretty durable since they can handle rough winter conditions, but I’ve seen many pairs get unnecessarily damaged during storage. 

Never stack a bunch of other stuff on top of your skis. This includes other skis, and you can cause potential damage, such as dinged or bent edges and top sheet chips if you place other heavy items on top of your skis. 

I’ve mentioned this next piece of advice several times already, but it’s worth touching on again – you never want to keep your skis in a location that has a lot of moisture. Garages, sheds, or anywhere outside is a bad idea. 

The best advice is to treat them like a delicate possession, even though they really aren’t that delicate. If you take good care of them, they will last for years. 

Final Thoughts

Storing your skis properly is super important, but it’s not always on the minds of most skiers. If you follow the advice in this article, you’re sure to keep your skis in good shape during the off-season so they’ll be ready to rock when the snow starts falling.

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  • Seth

    I have a stairwell that gets a lot of sun, and gets hot in the summer. But it has a wall that I’d really like to put my skis and poles on. Is it a bad idea to have skis and poles get exposed to hot summer sun?

    • Christine

      Hi Seth,

      Having your skis exposed to direct sun all summer is not the best idea. Your poles will probably be fine, although the graphics or grips might fade or wear down faster than normal. It really depends on how hot the spot gets and how intense the sun is. You could put some tint on the window or cover it with blinds? Or you could cover the skis and poles with a blanket or sheet, and that should help. It won’t ruin your skis, but it could cause some warping with the base layer/wax job. You’ll need to get them properly tuned up before next season, but you should do that no matter where you store them. Hope that helps!