High Sierra Ski Bag Review

In order to have a successful ski day, you need to get your gear there in one piece. That is why having a quality ski bag is so important. Not only does it make it easier to transport your skis and other gear, but it also keeps them safe and sound. While there are many ski bags out there, this guide is going to look at an offering from High Sierra.

High Sierra makes a variety of ski bags, such as :

I have decided to choose the High Sierra Ski Bag and Boot Combo for the purpose of this detailed review. Read on to learn more about it and determine if it is the right ski bag for you.

Quick Summary

The dimensions of the ski bag is 14 x 79.5 inches. As far as the boot bag goes, it is 16 x 15.25 x 10 in terms of inches. As mentioned earlier, the ski bag fits skis up to 200 cm and the boot bag should comfortably fit boots size 13 or smaller.

In most cases, yes, ski poles will also be able to fit in the bag. Even with the skis inside, it is quite roomy. Fitting other gear like a jacket or a helmet might also be possible.

Unfortunately, the ski bag and boot bag combo doesn’t come with shoulder straps for carrying. However, the carrying handles are quite comfortable, and many people will be able to put them over their shoulder like a shoulder strap.

Why Trust Me

With the closest decent ski hill being an hour away from where I live, I know the importance of ensuring your gear is protected during your travels. Whether it is a pair of cross-country skis, downhills skis, or a variety of other winter gear, it needs to be kept safe and secure. As for this specific product, I have researched the thoughts and reviews of dozens of different individuals that have purchased and used the bag.

Detailed Review of High Sierra Ski Bag

Lightweight and Offers Adequate Protection

Ski gear is heavy enough, and you don’t want a bag adding a ton of extra weight. Thankfully, these bags are incredibly light. Weighing just over 3 lbs, they are incredibly simple to carry with you anywhere. Both of the bags are made out of a 600×600-denier Duralite fabric to keep it protected from the elements.

However, the bag features no padding. So while it will protect from snow, ice, dirt, wind and other debris, it may not hold up so well to being dropped or stored recklessly. Be careful how you position and transport this bag with your skis and boots in it, to make sure they don’t get wrecked. Because of this lack of padding, the bag simply isn’t as durable as others out there.

Features and Functionality

While the bag is quite simple in its design, there are a couple of features that add to it. First of all, the ski bag features one side that can be folded down. This can help better secure shorter skis and make sure they aren’t moving around in the bag as much.

The boot bag itself is incredibly basic, but does its job and is quite easy to store, as the fabric can be folded down easily when it’s not being used to transport skis. One feature that I’m not too sure about is the design of the zipper on the ski bag. It is only ¾ length, which isn’t quite as easy or practical as using a bag with a full-length zipper.

Sizing Adds Versatility

The versatility of this bag is another thing I like about it. The bag is decently large, and can easily fit skis up to 200 cm. Also, as we touched on, one side of the bag can fold in a little to accommodate smaller skis. That makes it great for men, women, teens and children alike. The colors it comes in are also very neutral, so these are truly bags that anyone can use and appreciate.

While the boot bag may not be as interesting as the ski bag, it still does its job and keeps your boots safe from the environment. Any ski boot size 13 or smaller should easily and comfortably fit inside the included boot bag.


When purchasing ski gear, people want to ensure they are getting good value. The good news is that this ski bag and boot combo from High Sierra offers incredible value. It is affordable for almost any budget, and to get a boot bag included is the icing on the cake. Despite this low price, it offers good weather protection and is easy and comfortable to use.

While the bag likely won’t last you very long if you are skiing frequently and tossing the bag around, it is still a good deal based on how much you pay for it. On the other hand, if you want something that is going to last you years of frequent use, this might not be the ski bag for you.

What I Like

One of the best things about this ski bag and boot combo is just how light they are. At only a few pounds, you will hardly even feel the extra weight compared to just carrying your skis and boots on their own. Despite this, they still do a decent job of protecting your skis from the conditions and from getting scratched up in your car.

The size of the bags is another thing that I like. Their boot and ski bag are both accommodating for gear of many sizes, whether small or large. Of course, it couldn’t hurt to measure your gear ahead of time to make sure, but these bags are a fairly universal option.

Of course, you can’t mention this bag combo and not talk about the value it provides. You get not only a ski bag, but also a boot bag, for a very affordable price, much less than many other options on the market today.

What I Dislike

Of course, the bags aren’t perfect. One of the biggest issues with them is their durability. The fabric may develop holes over time and likely won’t last you more than a couple seasons in most cases.

The fact that these bags aren’t padded means they won’t do much for protecting your skis, boots and other gear from impact. As a result, I don’t recommend that you use this bag if you plan on taking your skis on an airplane, as it likely won’t hold up.

The zipper on the ski bag could also be better. The zipper itself is quality, but the fact it is only a ¾ length zipper is a little lackluster. While it still works, you may have to fuss around a little bit more with your gear to put it in and take it out.

The Alternatives

While this ski bag and boot bag combo is a solid option, there are many others out there also worthy of consideration. These include the following:

  • Amazon Basics Ski Bag – Coming in a variety of different sizes, this is a popular ski bag that will have no problem fitting your gear. It is 100% polyester, is durable and waterproof, and contains full padding all along the bag. While it doesn’t have a lot of extra space, it provides a nice fit for a pair of skis.
  • Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo – If you like the idea of a ski and boot bag combo, but are not a fan of the option from High Sierra, this is another choice to consider. Featuring foam padding, these bags are sure to keep your items safe from both the environment and impact. They are easy to carry with handles, but also come complete with a shoulder strap if you prefer.
  • Sukoa Premium Padded Ski Bag for Air Travel – This is a great option if you value durability and the safety of your gear over all else. The bag is padded throughout, features adjustable clips and internal straps to keep gear snug, and is built to withstand wear and tear. Even the zippers are strong and weather resistant.

Final Verdict

The High Sierra Ski Bag and Boot Combo gives you both a versatile ski bag and a lightweight boot bag for an affordable price. They are easy to travel with, simple to pack away, and can keep your ski gear protected from the elements.

While they may not last you years and years, they are a great solution for casual skiers or those who don’t need to travel long or far to ski.

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