Giro Range MIPS Review

This is my review of the Range. In my opinion, it is a well-rounded helmet that utilizes a unique MIPS system and a slew of additional features to give you a solid item that’s able to stand up to all types of weather.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski helmet, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon, The House
  • Best for: Skiers who need the absolute best protection or who don’t mind paying more for a worthy investment. Great both on and off-piste.
  • Pros: This helmet has one of the best and most unique fit adjustment systems on the market. It’s compatible with most goggles and comes with a great buckle. The MIPS system offers plenty of protection. It’s incredibly comfortable as well.
  • Cons: This helmet isn’t cheap. It also sits tight on your head in a way that can cause lasting discomfort. Not the best fit for smaller or narrow-headed riders.
  • Alternatives: Giro Nine, Smith Quantum, Auric Cut Backcountry Spin

Yes. The Range’s earpads are completely removable for maximum ventilation.

The Range is compatible with a camera-friendly mount that can be used with a GoPro.

The helmet is definitely on the lighter side and won’t weigh you down.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I spent ample time researching this helmet by looking at its many traits and reviewing those who used it.

Detailed Review of Giro Range MIPS

The Range is a solid helmet with a solid design. It’s incredibly comfortable and comes with an adjustment system that’s largely unparalleled. Though it does cost more than many other helmets, that’s made up for by the ample features and strong construction. The look is unique and the MIPS technology goes a long way towards keeping you safe. This has excellent protection all around.

Innovative Adjustability

The Range is an incredibly comfortable helmet, which is something I always appreciate. This gets such high marks due to the ConformFit retention system that helps ensure you get a solid fit regardless of your head shape. The construction uses two separate EPP foam pieces that are both comfortable and do their job well. You also get an impressive 6cm of adjustment that properly accounts for all head shapes.

If there’s one downside with the system, it’s that the sides of the helmet clamp in a way that’s tight and can be a bit uncomfortable. That can cause some ear pain over time. Even so, it’s still pleasant overall. You won’t find many helmets with such a reliable system.

Versatile Ventilation

This helmet comes with 12 vents, which can be open and closed as you like. That’s one of the item’s best features because it means you can stay warm when you need to block out the cold, but you can open them up if you get too hot. The back four always remain open, which means you’re never going to overheat regardless if you keep the others open or not. It’s a nice touch that goes a long way.

Those options ensure the Range comes with top-tier ventilation. All of the vents are in the right spot to generate maximum airflow all over your head. That then works with the ConformFit system to create a tight seal and ensure no chilly air gets inside when you want to keep it out. Add that to the nice earpads and X static liner, and you get a warm construction that will hold up no matter how low the temperature gets outside.

Many Ways to Keep You Safe

The standout feature here is the MIPS technology. Though it’s being used in more and more models these days, the excellent innovation is worth noting because of how well it protects your head in the event of an accident. Being able to get some extra peace of mind is always a plus, and while it does cost more, I think it’s worth it for the extra safety.

However, the extra protection and tough shell do make the Range a bit heavier than I normally prefer. It’s not too much by any means, but it’s not extremely light either. You should be able to wear it in most areas with little worry.

Goggle Compatibility and Extra Features

Another strong aspect of this helmet is that it works with many different goggles. Compatibility is a big factor when looking at any design, and this excels thanks to the adjustment system that creates a tight seal against almost all eyewear. On top of that, the stack vents keep moisture away from your goggles so they won’t fog up. It doesn’t work extremely well, but it does a good enough job when the weather gets tough.

There are plenty of other features here as well. Not only do you get the ConformFit retention system and MIPS liner, but you also get a wonderful magnetic FidLock buckle that enables you to easily operate your helmet with heavy gloves. The earpads come with plenty of padding and they work with different audio devices.

Price and Value

The Range is definitely not the cheapest helmet on the market. Even so, I think it offers decent value because it’s definitely not outlandish compared to other high-end snow helmets. The MIPS system is worth the higher price tag, as is the magnetic buckle and other handy features. You’re getting a lot for the price, especially since this helmet will hold up for a long time.

What I Like

My favorite aspect of the Range is the comfort. Giro takes several steps to ensure your head never gets too cold. The construction creates a tight seal and stays warm through the X static liner and generous earpads. You’re going to experience excellent results in every weather condition both on and off-piste. I also found the ventilation to be a nice touch because proper air flow is excellent when you start to heat up.

The other stand out feature for me is the Range’s fit. Many helmets don’t sit in the right way or feel a bit awkward for different head shapes. The ConformFit adjustment system lets you be precise and works exactly as advertised. You’re never going to have problems getting what you want. The MIPS technology is also worth a special mention because it truly does take the protection to the next level.

What I Dislike

If I have one complaint about the Range, it’s the slight ear pain that comes from the ConformFit system. The design is excellent overall, but the cheek pads do push back on your ears. That won’t be a big issue for everyone, but those like me who experience lasting ear pain when wearing headphones or helmets for hours on end will likely get that discomfort. It’s a bit of a bummer, especially considering how great the adjustment is otherwise.

The Alternatives

The Range MIPS is a solid, functional helmet, but there are many different options out there. If you want something else, these will all provide you with great protection:

  • Giro Nine – Also from Giro, the Nine (review) is a similar MIPS helmet. While it doesn’t have removable ear pads, the fit is comfortable and it feels light. This option gets particularly high marks for its impressive price-to-performance ratio. A solid choice if your only concerns are protection and warmth.
  • Smith Quantum – Though definitely more expensive than other options, the Smith Quantum (review) is a premium helmet capable of doing it all. This model comes with exceptional performance. It’s warm, fits well, and looks sleek. Most importantly, it’s one of the safest models on the market. Just be aware that it’s heavier than most, which makes it better on than off piste.
  • Auric Cut Backcountry Spin – Though it has a unique appearance that won’t be appreciated by all skiers, the Backcountry Spin is a reliable model packed to the brim with cutting edge safety technology. It also has excellent ventilation and manages to keep warm in both warm and cold environments. It’s on the heavy side, but that’s worth the trade off.

Final Verdict

The Giro is a helmet that does exactly what a reliable helmet should do. It provides great warmth and protects you through the incredible MIPS system. The durable shell is nice, as is the powerful construction that’s made to stand up to the elements season after season. You also get one of the best adjustment systems on the market.

You’re going to pay more for this helmet, but the higher price is worth it. That’s more that can be said of other models. If you want something that will keep you safe both in and out of bounds, the Range fits the bill. That versatility goes a long way, as do the extra features.

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