Faction Candide 3.0 Review

This is my review of Candide 3.0. In my opinion, it is a light, versatile ski that serves as a one-quiver option for skiers who don’t mind paying a bit more for a quality item.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Skiers who spend their time in a lot of different conditions. Great touring ski.
  • Pros: Durable and well-made. A lot of versatility. These do well in both soft and harder snow. The look is stunning, and they are quite fun to use. Solid power transmission.
  • Cons: These skis lack true top-end stability. They also aren’t the best option for uneven or mixed terrain. Pricey. Limited performance when things get choppy.
  • Alternatives: Armada Declivity 92, Nordica Enforcer 94, Rossignol Experience 88

No. The Candide 3.0’s are better suited for more advanced skiers with a lot of experience.

These skis are quite durable thanks to the tough construction and special titan plate. The topsheets and anti-chip tip and tail caps also give you extra longevity..

The Candide 3.0 uses a special poplar wood core.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I spent ample time researching these skis by looking and breaking down their various traits under a wide range of different conditions.

Detailed Review of Faction Candide 3.0

The Candide 3.0 is a strong ski focused on versatility. While it won’t quite hold up in rougher or chopped snow, it’s an excellent option for groomers and the park. Its stability could be better, but the low weight makes it fun to use, and there’s a lot of durability throughout the design. Skiers who like mixing it up out on the slopes will enjoy these skis, as will more finesse-focused riders who don’t rely on pure strength.

Weight and Durability

When it comes to durability, these skis will definitely stick around a while. If you’re going to shell out some serious cash, you want to make sure it’s on a well-made item. The Candide 3.0 is precisely that. The entire design is made to thrive on the slopes, no matter how much you use it. Lighter or more casual skiers will be able to get years and years from the ski before seeing any real wear at all.

That strength comes from a combination of the anti-chip tip and tail caps as well as the impact-resistant topsheets. The titanal construction backs that up as well. As tough as the skis are, they are relatively light. You’ll have no problem using or taking them out on long runs. That combination of lightness and durability is rare and a welcome bonus here.


The Candide is a playful ski. It has the appearance of, and skis like, a fat park ski with extra all-mountain performance. That is where it gets its versatility. There’s a lot of pop here, and the tips and tails give you plenty of flex for ollies. Those who love to hit natural features all over the mountain will take a special interest in what this pair has to offer. The low weight also makes it easy to make tweaks as you go.

Good Groomers, Weak Chop

The Candide 3.0 is a lot of fun on open groomers and does a decent job on smooth runs. You’re going to need to hit higher speeds to get on edge, mainly due to the minimal tip and tail taper, but there’s a lot of pop to play with. The skis also do a nice job at lower speeds due to their low weight and general poppy flex. It’s also worth mentioning that the skis don’t quite have that same ability on firm or roughed-up groomers. You want to stick to the smooth here.

As great as the Candide does in softer snow or lighter conditions, it doesn’t quite hold up in inconsistent terrain. Anytime you encounter chopped up snow you’re going to lose a bit of stability. That’s common with lighter models, but it’s something to note when taking the pair out into rough conditions. You can definitely get these to work in choppy snow, but it’s going to take a bit of work to get it all to come together. You’re losing some top-end stability too.

Useful in the Park

The Candide 3.0’s various traits make it a nice park option. The tips and tails are both soft and poppy, two qualities that create a balanced design. Butters are nice and easy, jumps are smooth, and you’re going to see a lot of balance as you hit rails. I would consider this to be a good 50/50 option for both all-mountain and the park. There are other options if you only hit the park, but it’s excellent if you like to get out and explore every now and then.

Price and Value

The Candide 3.0’s value comes with both pros and cons. It’s definitely on the more expensive side for skis, and that can be an issue. You never want to shell out a ton of money on a single item. Those with a budget will be priced out. However, I still think the higher point is worth it due to the versatility and durability. A one-quiver option can save you money in the long run. That’s especially true with something you know will last.

What I Like

In a word, versatility. This ski is a true one-quiver option that gives you a lot of choices. I love having options out on the slopes, and this ski gives you the ability to be playful, charge, and hit airs. It also feels good when running through powder, and it does a good job for those who want to hit the park. Every skier who has the ability to use these will easily find a way to take advantage of them at some point.

Though it’s not as big of a feature, I love the ways these skis look. Appearance isn’t a huge deal for me, but when something this striking comes along I take notice. The single splash of color against the vibrant background is quite attractive. I also like how much the signature flex helps cut down chatter and stops vibrations to give you an overall smoother ride. The durability is a big plus as well.

What I Dislike

If there’s one area that I would have liked to see improved it’s how the Candide 3.0 rides in choppy or uneven snow. When things get inconsistent, all of the traits that make the skis so enjoyable go out the window. You’re not going to get a lot of stability when zipping extremely fast down the mountain, and it’s going to take some work to move through unpredictable terrain. You can do it, I just wish it were easier.

The Alternatives

The Candide 3.0 covers a lot of bases, but it’s not the only versatile ski on the market. If you like what the skis offer but want to branch out, check out these models:

  • Armada Declivity 92 – A solid all-mountain option, the Declivity 92 offers reliable performance in a package that’s a bit cheaper than the Candide 3.0. The Titanal Banding construction is tough and enables you to zip into and out of turns with ease. This ski can cruise through powder and hard pack, providing excellent versatility throughout your runs.
  • Nordica Enforcer 94 – Another solid one-quiver ski, the Enforcer 94 gives you a well-rounded ski that’s ready to tackle just about anything. It’s sturdy-but-fun and is easy to pilot no matter what conditions you find yourself in. The feel is comfortable as well. It might be a little too narrow for powder, but that’s a minor complaint in what is truly a well-rounded
  • Rossignol Experience 88 – If you’re looking for an all-mountain option that does well on groomers, the Experience 88 (review) is the ski for you. This model blends performance and fun to create a solid package for expert skiers everywhere. Though it’s not the best powder option, the slew of traits packed into the design more than make up for it.

Final Verdict

The Candide 3.0 is a good ski that provides you with many options. It excels in the park, but also has the capabilities to take on the mountain. They lack some stability at everything but extremely high speeds, and the playful nature works with the tough construction to give you a lot of fun on softer snow.

As long as you don’t mind working hard when things get rough or the higher price tag, this ski is a workhorse you’ll be able to use for a long time.

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