Can You Ski from Brighton to Solitude?

You can ski from Brighton to Solitude in Utah on an intermediate trail called SolBright. You need to get a special pass (also called the SolBright) to access both of these resorts in Utah, but skiing in between them is a very memorable experience. 

My name is Christine, and I founded this blog to share my love of skiing with others. I’ve had the opportunity to ski all over North America and in some other places around the world. I know through first-hand experience that it’s possible to ski from Brighton to Solitude. 

This post will examine if you can ski from Brighton to Solitude. I’ll tell you how it’s possible to ski between these two incredible resorts in Utah and why you might want to consider it on your next trip out here. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to ski from Brighton to Solitude. To do this, you need to follow a backcountry trail between the two called the SolBright. 
  • If you want to ski at both resorts (after you ski between them), you’ll also need to get a lift ticket called the SolBright to make this happen. 
  • The trail between the two resorts is intermediate, so you shouldn’t attempt it as a beginner. But if you are an intermediate or above skier, it’s a fun trail to ski on. 

Can You Ski from Brighton to Solitude? 

You can ski from Brighton to Solitude, which is a great way to travel between these two fantastic resorts in Utah. To do this, you need to follow a backcountry trail called SolBright, which covers the distance between the two. 

To find the SolBright, you need to ride the Summit Chair at Solitude all the way to the top. Then the SolBright will connect you to the Evergreen Chair area at Brighton. You can’t really go the other way around unless you’re on a snowmobile. 

The trail between the two resorts is an intermediate-level run, so you don’t want to try it if you’re a beginner because it might be too difficult. But if you are an experienced skier, this trail is pretty easy and fun to ski. 

You should also know that to ski at both resorts, you’ll need to get a day pass called the SolBright. This allows you to ski at either Brighton or Solitude with the same lift ticket and was created because of the trail that connects them. 

These resorts are a lot of fun to ski at, so it’s a great way to experience both of them if you are planning a trip. There are a few places where you can ski two resorts on the same day, but not many where you can ski from one to the other.

Brighton vs Solitude vs Snowbird

Brighton, Solitude, and Snowbird are some of the top ski resorts in Utah. But they are also a little bit different from one another. Since you can ski between Brighton and Solitude, you can easily experience both on the same day. 

Snowbird is larger than Brighton and Solitude, so it has more skiable and diverse terrain. But there is still a lot of terrain to explore at all of these resorts, and I highly recommend checking them all out if you can. 

The other cool thing is that you can get a pass that works at Brighton and Solitude if you want to ski them both on the same day. You’ll need to get a separate lift ticket to go ski at Snowbird.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to if you can ski from Brighton to Solitude. 

Are Brighton and Solitude connected? 

Bright and Solitude are connected by an intermediate backcountry trail called SolBright. This will allow you to ski from one ski resort to the other. But you need to start at Solitude and ski to Brighton, not the other way around. 

Can you ski between Brighton and Snowbird? 

You can’t ski between Brighton and Snowbird. But you can ski between Brighton and Solitude. You can also ski between Alta and Snowbird. There are a few ski resorts in Utah where you can ski between two different resorts, which is an incredible experience. 

Is Brighton bigger than Solitdue? 

Brighton is actually a little smaller than Solitude. Brighton has 66 runs and around 1,900 vertical feet. Solitude has 79 runs and just over 2,000 vertical feet. They are pretty close in size, and both are a lot of fun to ski, but Solitude is a little larger. 

Final Thoughts

It is possible to ski from Brighton to Solitude, and this is a great way to experience the thrill of skiing at two resorts in a single day. You’ll need to follow the SolBright trail from Solitude to Brighton to make this happen and be at least an intermediate skier. 

I highly recommend getting the SolBright pass and taking the connecting trail between these two resorts if you ever ski here. It’s an enjoyable and memorable way to make the most of your time in Utah. 

Have you ever skied between two resorts before? Where was it? Let me know in the comments below.  

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  • Collin

    The SolBright pass hasn’t existed for several years.
    source: I work in the solitude ticket office

    • Christine

      Hey Collin,

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get the article updated to reflect. What’s the current pass situation or process if you want to easily ski between the two resorts? Hope you’re having a great winter.

  • Cuong Trinh

    Would it be doable to snowboard from Brighton to Solitude? I saw that in the video the skier went from Solitude to Brighton, but will using the Evergreen run from Brighton be able to connect to Solitude without snowmobiling?

    • Christine

      Hi Cuong,

      You can’t really make this work in reverse because of how the trail is set up. You can get from Brighton to Solitude on skis or a snowboard, but going from Solitude to Brighton is uphill and only possible by a long hike or with a snowmobile. Hope that helps!

  • Richard Szymanski

    Can you use your icon pass instead of SolBright?


    • Christine

      Hey Richard,

      I’m not entirely sure if the Ikon pass will let you pull this off or not. I think both resorts are now included with the Ikon, but I would double-check with them directly just to be sure. Hope you’re having a great winter so far.