Bolle Mojo Goggles Review

This is my review of the Bolle Mojo Goggles. While they aren’t a great choice for skiers who value a lot of traits, they serve as a solid option for those who want reliable snow eyewear at an affordable price.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski goggle, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Skiers of all ability levels looking for affordable goggles with solid durability.
  • Pros: These goggles have excellent optics considering their price. They also offer good comfort for those that value medium-to-large fit options. The dual-pane thermal barrier keeps you dry and the ventilation cuts down on fog.
  • Cons: The goggles are reliable, but might be much too simple for some. They don’t have a lot of features or extras. They have a limited amount of lens options as well.
  • Alternatives: Smith Optics Scope, Bolle Carve, Juli Ski Goggles

The Mojo Goggles tend to run a bit small, especially for those with larger faces. It’s best to get a size up when making your purchase.

Yes. The yellow lenses are great for darker or low light conditions.

The Bolle Mojo is not a true over the glasses goggle. While they may technically sit over smaller frames, that’s not a recommended way to wear them.

The Bolle Mojo Goggles are durable and create a snug fit that keeps out the elements.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I’ve spent ample time researching these goggles and know many people who have used them.

Detailed Review of Bolle Mojo Goggles

The Mojo Goggles are solid lenses for people who value a streamlined approach. They have almost no extra features. Rather, they put their main focus into fit, cushion, ventilation, and durability. That might bother more advanced skiers, but it won’t be a problem for those who aren’t as serious about the sport. It’s also hard to get this much quality at such a low price.

Lenses and Optics

Though I was a bit skeptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised by the Mojo’s lenses. This is often one of the first aspects to lose quality in budget eyewear, but that’s not the case here. The double lens design utilizes a thermal barrier attached to the first layer in order to create a better seal. It also helps with optics and enables you to see more easily.

I’m a big fan of cylindrical lenses. The one that comes with the Mojo offers excellent UV protection as well as a strong field of view. You can easily see your surroundings on both bright and regular days. That’s due to both the wide design as well as the anti-fog layer that effectively disperses moisture to keep your vision crystal clear.

The one aspect that many people will not like is the lack of lens versatility. There simply aren’t that many tints or colors available. You’ll be able to easily see in most different conditions, but don’t expect the precision of more expensive models. The low light options leave something to be desired.

Comfortable and Breathable

The Mojo Goggles give you comfort on multiple fronts. First, they utilize special triple density foam that adds a lot of extra cushion to the fit. That works with the adjustable strap to ensure you can wear them without worrying about discomfort no matter how long you have them on. I always love when you don’t notice your goggles as you ride, and these deliver in that regard.

The other reason these are so comfortable is the tight seal. Not only do they slot in perfectly with most helmets, but the larger fit feels great. That lock keeps out the cold, adding extra warmth to your entire set up.

Backing up all that comfort is excellent ventilation. The Mojo Goggles have a special P80 plus anti-fog layer on the inner lens, which quickly disperses water molecules across the surface. That feature prevents build-up and lets you see no matter how hard the snow dumps down.

On top of that, I appreciate the flow venting technology. This is nothing more than a few extra holes, another nod to how simple these goggles are, but the slots do their job quite well. There are better ventilation systems out there, but you’re not going to complain about Bolle’s technology.

A Durable Goggle

Considering the price, the Mojo Goggles are well made. Unlike other cheap models that won’t give you more than a single season, these will be able to stick around for quite a while. Of course, that’s largely dependent on how often you ride and what weather you ski in, but the lens, strap, and frame all have what it takes to make it through even tough weather conditions.

Price and Value

When it comes to the Mojo Goggles, nothing stands out more than the value. These goggles are incredibly affordable and you get a lot for that price. There are many cheaper eyewear options on the market, and most of them get there by cutting important aspects. Though the Mojo has no additional traits, all of the key ones are present.

The eyewear is warm, has a strong fit, good ventilation, and ample strength. Skiers who are a bit more serious or more used to pricier goggles might notice a lack of traits, but it’s not something that stands out. You’re undoubtedly getting a lot here, especially due to the Mojo’s impressive durability.

What I Like

I always like saving money when buying ski gear, and the Mojo Goggles give you great value for their price. They may not have a lot of extra things going on, but the fit, comfort, and ventilation will be more than enough for newer skiers or those that don’t hit the slopes that often.

Something else I appreciated about the pair is their construction. While the lenses leave something to be desired in terms of versatility, they will undoubtedly stand up for a long time. The strap also works well and the edges create a solid seal with most helmets. That locks out the cold and ensures you won’t get any extra chill as you ride.

What I Dislike

The Bolle Mojo Goggles are a bit too simple for my taste. I’m a fan of minimalistic ski gear, but I still found myself wanting a bit more. The feel, fit, and durability is good, but you’re not going to get much beyond that. The lack of features won’t be a big deal for new or more casual skiers, but it’s something more advanced riders will surely notice right away.

I also would have liked a bit more versatility. Unlike other models that have 20 or more lens options, these only have a few. That won’t be a problem during the day, but getting the right option for night or sunset runs can be tricky.

The Alternatives

There’s no doubt that the Mojo Goggle fills its role as a solid budget option, but you may want something more. If you’re seeking extra characteristics or want another good low-price model, these options are worth looking at:

  • Smith Optics Scope – The Scope is a good choice for skiers who want something a bit more than what the Mojo offers. It comes in at a slightly higher price point. For that, you get a few extra features like better ventilation and air flow. The cylindrical lens offers excellent optics as well.
  • Bolle Carve – Another budget option from Bolle, the Carve is a sturdy goggle made for tougher environments. It has a strong strap, tight construction, and creates a good seal with just about any helmet on the market. I love the look, and the double layer face foam goes a long way towards keeping you warm. The UV protection is great too.
  • Juli Ski Goggles – These goggles sit at a price point similar to the Mojo. However, they differ in that they come with a wider array of lens colors and have an adjustable strap. That makes them the best option for skiers who don’t want to pay a lot of money for versatility.

Final Verdict

If you want strong budget goggles, the Mojo will give you great results. Unlike so many other affordable models, they have a tough exterior and reliable construction made to last over several seasons. They also don’t skimp in terms of comfort or fit. There are warmer goggles on the market, but none that come close to the Mojo’s price.

You aren’t going to get a ton of lens versatility here, which can be a bit of an issue for skiers who enjoy riding in low-light conditions, but the optics are solid. The field of view is more than adequate, and the anti-fog coating works well.

These aren’t going to completely blow anyone away, but the value and durability make them a strong choice for skiers who don’t need a lot of extra stuff in their gear.

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