6 Best Skiing Forums for Skiers to Learn and Network

While you might want to spend all of your time on the slopes, that simply isn’t realistic. Thankfully, when you’re inside relaxing and resting your body, you can still be connected to the world of skiing.

There are many skiing-related forums that can connect you to thousands of like-minded individuals from around the world.

Whether you want to share photos of your most recent trip, review a resort or simply engage in some ski-related conversation, these forums will allow you to do just that. Who knows, you might even end up meeting some great friends.

Read on to learn about some of the best and most active skiing forums on the internet today.

1. /r/Skiing (Reddit)

Reddit skiing

Reddit seemingly has a subreddit and community for everything, and that includes skiing. /r/skiing is a subreddit that, at the time of writing, has over 550,000 subscribers and hundreds of people online at any given time.

Threads in this subreddit and forum range from gorgeous pictures and videos from around the world, to funny memes and everything in between.

One thread might be from a person having a ski trip in Japan, while another will be thanking the subreddit for helping them discover their love of skiing. You never know what you’re going to find.

Also, there are weekly discussion megathreads that are perfect for asking any sort of question you want from ski conditions to questions about gear.

2. Pugski.com


If you’re after some high-level ski conversation, Pugski.com is for you. In fact, their motto is “ski talk at a higher level.” The Pugski forums are home to thousands of ski lovers and enthusiasts.

There are several different categories within the forum from general skiing conversation, racing and competition, ski school, a section for those who are new to skiing, and many others.

Each of these categories will have its own types of threads and conversations taking place. The community prides itself on its vast knowledge of skiing, and these forums can certainly help you improve your skills and learn new things.

You’ll find ski stories, ski discussions, rants, questions, and a boatload of other information within the forum.

In addition to their massive forum, Pugski also has several articles and product reviews on their site. It is a wonderful resource for all skiers, from novices to experts.

3. TheSkiDiva.com


While skiing is for everyone, many forums online are made up largely of men. If you’re a woman who would like to participate in a community of like-minded women who love to ski, theskidiva.com is a place to check out.

It is a space for women skiers to talk with other women skiers about a wide variety of ski-related things. There are general discussions, gear reviews, gear deals, reports on ski trips, resorts and conditions and many other topics being discussed.

There are some non-skiing related discussions as well about things like health and fitness, humor, and other sports. There are hundreds of people online at any given time, and many are very eager to chat and answer questions.

4. Newschoolers.com


Newschoolers is a popular forum where people from all over the world can go and ask questions, talk about skiing and generally have fun.

Every day there are new conversations to join and be a part of, and posting your own is easy. There are also parts of the forum for non-ski related talk that are also quite popular and could be fun to visit as well.

Not only does newschoolers.com have the main forums for general discussion about skiing and gear, they also have regional forums as well.

Wherever you are located on the planet, you will be able to find some discussion threads. In addition to the forums, this site includes other resources such as photos, videos, gear guides, and a buy/sell section.

5. Snowheads.com


No matter what kind of skier you are and no matter how much experience you have, snowheads.com is a welcoming place for you.

It has tens of thousands of registered members, so you are bound to find someone who can help answer your question or who has shared a similar experience to you.

The forums are full of all different types of questions and answers, stories, statements, and interesting information.

Whether you are planning your first ski trip and need some assistance, or trying to find a great bargain resort for a day trip, this forum can help.

6. AlpineZone.com


If you are in the Northeastern USA, this is the forum for you. This site and its forum is a guide for all-mountain adventures in the northeast, including skiing.

The forum covers news in the area, talks about nearby resorts, interesting stories, questions, suggestions, and dozens of other topics.

While everyone can certainly get some value out of the information in these forums, it will most often pertain to those that live in the northeast, which is home to some of the best skiing in the country.

Be sure to consider registering as it may be required to post and gives you access to giveaways and other events.

Any of these skiing forums is a great place to spend some time and visit. They can let you talk about your skiing experiences, learn some new things or simply share tips and tricks with other skiers. Each is quite active and has many people visiting daily, so there will always be someone to talk to.

Are you aware of a skiing forum that you feel we should have mentioned in this article? If you are, don’t hesitate to let us know about it in a comment.

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