7 Best Ski Walkie Talkies

Most of us have cell phones, but many aren’t very reliable, don’t work well in the cold, or can’t be used with gloves. Thankfully, there are several walkie talkies out there that are perfect for your next ski trip, and this guide is going to go over a few of them.

I live for the winter and have been skiing for most of my life. I have experience with just about every ski accessory that you could imagine. Walkie talkies are one of these, and I have well researched the options you’ll find in this post.

The Dewalt DXFRS800 Heavy Duty is my pick for the best walkie talkie for skiing of the season. This is a rugged and fully waterproof option that gives you long-range communication capabilities.

Several other walkie talkie models can work really well for skiers. I’ll show you all of the best options in this post to help you stay in contact with family or friends while you are on the slopes. 

Let’s power on and get going. 

Who Should Get This

If you regularly go skiing with a group of friends or your family, there is a good chance you could benefit from a couple of walkie talkies. 

These can help you find everyone to meet for a break or lunch, help ensure everyone is safe, or just allow you to keep in contact on the slopes.

There is peace of mind knowing that you can reliably keep in contact all day long. It can help you make plans or find good runs away from the crowds of the resort as well. 

If you usually go skiing by yourself and don’t need to reach another skier for anything, then having a walkie talkie might not provide a lot of value.

The Motorola T470 is one of the longest range walkie talkies you can find available to the typical person. This model has an impressive range of 35 miles, which is extremely far for a commercially available model. 

The models can vary from resort to resort, but ski patrollers often use one common option in the Motorola XPR 6350. This is a very reliable model, but it’s also costly. Regular skiers probably won’t need a heavy-duty model like this. 

Walkie talkies are also known as two-way radios, and these are typically pretty difficult to trace. They aren’t impossible to trace, but it takes some effort and know-how to make it happen. You are usually pretty safe from being tracked or traced when using walkie talkies. 

Top Picks of Best Ski Walkie Talkies

Here are all my top picks for the best walkie talkies for skiing. All of the models you’ll see here are effective in cold weather and can work well for long ranges on the ski slopes. 

1. Dewalt DXFRS800 Heavy Duty

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: Rugged construction, long range, waterproof, shockproof, multiple channels
  • Range: 300,000 square feet/25 floors 
  • Battery Life: 6+ hours
  • Cost: $$

The Dewalt DXFRS800 Heavy Duty is my pick for the best overall walkie talkies for skiing of the season. 

This is a very reliable model that can live up to the demands of winter conditions and allow you to communicate with anyone you are skiing with easily.

A 300,000 square foot range will make sure that you can reach out to your fellow skiers in between runs, and you also get the benefit of over 2,500 channels for clear communication at all times. 

The only bad thing I have to say about these is that the belt loop isn’t the most effective. But you should keep them in a pocket when you ski anyways. 

==> You can also get it on Home Depot or Best Buy.

2. Motorola T482 

  • Best for: Reliability 
  • Key features: Reliable performance, long-range, durable design, water-resistant 
  • Range: 35 miles 
  • Battery Life: 6+ hours 
  • Cost: $$

The Motorola T482 is an excellent walkie talkie with reliability in mind. These will give you performance you can count on when you are out on the slopes. 

The T482 has a strong construction that leads to lasting performance in various situations. These will function well in any location and do exceptionally well when skiing. 

They come with a water-resistant design and have a long-range to stay in touch if you split up.

This model isn’t completely waterproof, so you’ll want to be careful not to drop it in the snow as you ski.  

==> You can also get it on Home Depot or Walmart or Best Buy.

3. Motorola Talkabout T460 

  • Best for: Long Range 
  • Key features: Long-distance range, reliable performance, built-in LED light, rechargeable 
  • Range: 35 miles 
  • Battery Life: 6+ hours
  • Cost: $$

If you are looking for a walkie talkie with a very extended range, check out the Motorola Talkabout T460. 

This model has an impressive range of up to 35 miles, which is more than you’ll ever need at the ski resort. 

They also come with a built-in LED light that can be used in emergencies and have reliable fast-charging batteries. 

The max range is a bit misleading and depends on geographical factors, but it’s still one of the longest you can find. 

==> You can also get it on Adorama.

4. Midland 36 Channel FRS

  • Best for: 3-pack 
  • Key features: 3 units included, long-range, 36 channels, NOAA weather scan alert
  • Range: 30 miles 
  • Battery Life: 6+ hours
  • Cost: $$ 

This Midland 36 Channel FRS walkie talkie comes as a 3-pack, making it a good option for anyone who wants an additional unit to keep in touch with more people. 

This model is compact and easy to fit in a pocket when you ski, and you’ll get reliable performance in winter weather. 

The walkie-talkie has a 30-mile range and an NOAA weather scan alert built into the system – two great features for skiers to take advantage of.  

These don’t come with rechargeable batteries, so you’ll need to purchase those separately if you want that feature. 

==> You can also get it on Adorama or B&H Photo Video or Sam’s Club.

5. Retevis RT628

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, compact, 22 channels, lightweight, durable 
  • Range: Not specified 
  • Battery Life: 4 hours 
  • Cost: $ 

The Retevis RT628 is a very affordable walkie talkie that is a good option for any skier on a budget. 

These will give you 22 channels of communication to choose from as you ski and have a durable construction to provide reliable performance. 

They also have a very lightweight and compact design that makes them easy to take with you without getting in the way. 

The range on these isn’t listed, so I wouldn’t count on these to work for very long distances. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart or AliExpress or Alibaba.

6. Rivins RV-7

  • Best for: Value 
  • Key features: Good value, 4-pack, portable design, strong construction
  • Range: 5 miles 
  • Battery Life: 5 hours 
  • Cost: $$ 

If you are looking for a good value, the Rivins RV-7 comes available as a 4-pack for a lower price than most 2-pack walkie talkies. 

This one also has a compact design that makes throwing them in a pocket or your backpack very easy when you’re skiing. 

You can also choose from 22 FRS channels for clear communication, and the LCD display is easy to read in the snow. 

A 5-mile range is on the short side, but the low price makes up for that limitation. 

==> You can also get it on MyDeal.

7. LOOIKOOS Walkie Talkies for Kids

  • Best for: Kids 
  • Key features: Affordable, compact, fun colors, good learning tool
  • Range: 3kms
  • Battery Life: 4 hours 
  • Cost: $

The LOOIKOOS Walkie Talkies for Kids is a great option for parents to give their little skiers to encourage them to stay in touch or for added safety. 

This model is designed with kids in mind, and they come available in some fun colors that tiny skiers will love. 

They also have 22 channels and an easy-to-use design that even younger skiers will pick up on quickly. 

The range of these is very limited at only 3 kilometers, but your kids hopefully won’t be farther than that away from you when you ski. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart or declinko or Sears.

How to Choose a Walkie Talkie for Skiing

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a walkie talkie for skiing. 

Battery life

Ski trips can often be long, and thus, your walkie talkie needs to be able to keep up. It should be able to last multiple hours, as charging up the battery won’t likely be possible out in the snow. Even if your walkie talkie has an excellent battery life, carrying an extra couldn’t hurt.

You also want to look for walkie talkies with a battery that can hold its charge in cold weather. Weatherproof options are built to last longer when the temperature is low, and this is very important with battery life in mind.  


While you should always care for your devices, you want to make sure your walkie talkie is durable enough to stand up to falls and accidents. Skiing can be a rough activity, and the walkie talkie you have shouldn’t be ruined after a few knicks or drops. 

It should be shock-resistant, weather-proof, and stand up to the elements. Durable construction will help the walkie talkie last longer and ensure that it can handle a few falls or drops out of your pocket and into the snow. 

Sound Quality

Because the primary use of a walkie talkie is to communicate with others, the sound quality is of the utmost importance. You want to be able to hear the other side clearly, without a lot of static or interference. 

Multiple channels can help you with sound clarity, and this is a good thing to look for when you are choosing a walkie talkie. You can switch between bands, which gives you options to explore when dealing with a static-filled channel. 


The range of your walkie talkie is another critical factor when choosing which option to go with. When you’re skiing, you might be a long way away from your friends and family with who you are trying to stay in contact with. 

A longer-range walkie-talkie is better for the ski slopes and gives you the ability to stay in contact with everyone more reliably. Look for options that have a least a few miles of range, and the farther, the better.   

Useful Tips & Resources

While these walkie talkies are pretty durable and can take some hits, it’s important to still treat them with respect. They should be held, stored, transported with care, and kept dry as much as possible.

Also, before going out on the hills with the walkie talkies, be sure to take time and make sure you know how they work. You don’t want to be fiddling around with the device in the cold, trying to learn how to use it.

There are many things you can do to improve the functionality of the walkie talkies as well. You can optimize battery life and even extend the range to allow for more consistent and clear audio at longer distances.

Check out the video below for some tips on how to extend the range of your walkie talkie. 

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DXFRS800 Heavy Duty is my pick for the best overall walkie talkie for skiing. This is a very reliable option that will give you a long range to stay in touch with anyone you are skiing with. It also has a rugged construction to hold up well in winter conditions.

If you want to have walkie talkies with you when you ski, the options you’ll find on this list are the best models currently available. It’s never a bad idea to have an additional way to stay in touch, and these can help you out in case of an emergency.

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