Best Ski Glove Liners

Ski Glove Liners

Nobody wants cold fingers while out on the mountain. Though most ski gloves keep your hands nice and toasty, there are times where you need some extra warmth. That is where liners come in. A good model doesn’t just provide you with extra protection, it provides you with an added layer that prevents your fingers from freezing.

Some ski gloves come with their own liners. However, the following independent options give you extra versatility and help shore up thinner mittens. If you suffer from icy fingers, or if your gloves don’t cut it when temperatures get low, the following ski liners are the best way to keep your hands warm during every winter outing.

Quick Summary

  • Few liners offer as much comfort or insulation as the ones from Alaska Bear. This model is incredibly soft, thanks to the pure long-strand mulberry silk construction. That fiber is not just breathable, but it wicks away moisture to keep you dry on all runs. No matter how hard you work, these gloves will keep sweat away. They also have a great ribbed cuff, which extends to the wrist in a way that seals in warmth and keeps cold out.
  • The silk liners from Seirus are a wonderful way to keep your hands warm in freezing weather. Due to their soft material, the liners are incredibly comfortable and feel great on your skin. While some people may worry about their durability, the nylon palm and leather lining hold up in all weather conditions. In fact, these liners protect against the wind better than just about any other liner on the market.
  • The Apex liners from Icebreaker are great options for people who want quite a bit of extra warmth in their fingers and palm. Though not as thin as similar options, these liners come with LYCRA. That gives them a nice, solid fit. In addition, the liners can be worn on their own. That makes them perfect options for people who like extra versatility. If it’s freezing, wear them with gloves. If it warms up, simply slide your gloves off.

Who Should Get This?

Liners are great for skiers who often find themselves on cold runs or in particularly freezing conditions. The mountain can be a chilly place, especially at higher elevations. As such, everyone in extreme areas will appreciate getting some extra heat on their hands.

Skiers who have naturally cold hands, or those who find themselves getting cold quickly, can also use a good liner. If you find that your regular gloves don’t cut it, the models in this guide will provide you with great results.

Best Ski Glove Liners: What to Consider?

Comfort and Fit

You want to treat your liners like you would your regular gloves. As such, they need to feel comfortable on your hands. Ones that are too tight will constrict you while you ride, and ones that are too loose will simply add on extra weight. In addition, always check for any seams or edges that may rub against your skin, and try to find liners that, while warm, are thin in a way that still allows you to be flexible.


Extra layers add warmth, but they can also bog you down. No matter what type of skiing you enjoy, chances are you’re going to sweat. Always look for liners that help wick away moisture in a way that allows you hands to breathe. Some models, while they may look great, don’t have the materials needed to keep you fresh. Favor lighter materials, such as silk or Spandex, and focus on models that actively help you stay dry.


The point of a liner is to add warmth, but they don’t all need to act as a second glove. Some options are extremely thin, while others are a bit thicker. Get one that works with your glove, acting a sub-layer that helps bring in warmth without suffocating your skin. Also, make sure your liner protects your wrist. Many skiers overlook that part of the arm, which tends to them getting quite cold when the snow starts falling down.

Best Ski Glove Liners: Our Picks

1. Alaska Bear Silk Liner

The Alaska Bear Silk Liners do it all. Made from pure long-strand mulberry silk, the soft inserts feel amazing and fit snugly on any hand size. In addition, they provide great ventilation and actively wick away moisture. The ribbed cuff is also incredibly handy, as it seals your wrist so that cold cannot get in.

What We Like:

  • Soft, silk construction
  • Great ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Snug fit and comfortable feel
  • Ribbed cuff locks out cold

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not as durable as similar options
  • Can rip when exposed to rough surfaces

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2. Seirus Innovation 2240

The Seirus Innovation 2240 Liners make the list for their excellent construction. They are silk, but also have a sturdy nylon palm and leather lining for added insulation and durability. Beyond that, they are extremely comfortable, being some of the softest liners on the market. Even so, they offer great protection against the wind, ice, and snow. They come with a 1-year warranty as well.

What We Like:

  • Soft, comfortable feel
  • Nylon palm and leather lining
  • Great insulation
  • Protects against wind
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not great in extremely cold environments

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3. Icebreaker Apex

Made with 97 percent merino wool, the Apex Glove Liners are a fantastic way to stay warm when the weather gets cold. These liners not only feel great, thanks to their advanced insulation, but the LYCRA gives them a great fit as well. As an added bonus, the Icebreaker Apexes can be worn as stand-alone gloves, giving you a lot of extra versatility.

What We Like:

  • Merino wool provides warmth
  • LYCRA offers exceptional fit
  • Versatile – can be worn on their own
  • Good ventilation

What We Don’t Like:

  • Finger fit can run small or long

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Useful Tips and Information

Liners are an extremely solid ski accessory, but they are far from the only one on the market. If you’re curious about other cool additions that can enhance your time on the mountain, this video has a few neat ideas.

The above liners are a great way to keep your hands toasty in all skiing conditions. However, they don’t do much for the rest of your body. If you want more tips on ways to keep warm out on the mountain, check out this guide.

Final Words

Liners are fantastic additions to any ski glove. If you find yourself constantly suffering from cold hands, freezing palms, or chilly fingers, the above options will help bring you some much-needed comfort.

Picking a liner may seem simple, but you never want to just settle for the first one that comes your way. Do your research, understand the differences between brands, and figure out how certain models will work with your gloves. Only then will you be able to pick the one for you.

Do you have your own favorite ski liners? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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