5 Best Ski Pants and Bibs for Big and Tall Guys

Skiers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sometimes, unfortunately, skiing equipment does not. If you are a big or tall skier, it can be challenging to find pants to fit you properly, but luckily, you’re in the right place for some quality options.

I’ve been skiing for decades and have learned how to find the best clothing options to meet various needs. I’ve researched the best options for big and tall guys and know what to look for in stand-out equipment. 

The Flylow Baker Bibs are my choice for the best ski pants for big and tall guys. Being a bib-style option, these tend to run big and large, but they also come in sizes up to XXL tall, so they should work for nearly everyone. 

There are a handful of other high-quality options out there to meet the needs of larger skiers, and I’ll this all of the best models in that post. If you’ve struggled to find pants that fit right and cover your boots, the options here should fix that issue. 

Time to pull your pants up and get to it. 

Who Should Get This

If you ski at all, you need good snow pants. And if you’re a larger skier, you need good snow pants that fit correctly. All of the models you’ll find in this post come available in larger sizes that will accommodate larger skiers. 

Whether you are extra tall or extra wide, there should be an option here that will have you covered. On top of providing a more oversized fit, all of the pants listed here are recommended because they are made with quality materials and long-lasting construction. 

It pays to invest in good equipment, especially if you plan on being out in the snow often. If you take the time to find a pair of ski pants that fit, you won’t be disappointed and will better enjoy your days in the snow. 

Best Men’s Big & Tall Ski Pants: Top Picks

Here are my picks for the best ski pants for big and tall guys. Every option you find below has larger size options to accommodate the needs of larger skiers. 

1. Flylow Baker Bibs

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Comfortable, tall sizes available, strong construction, flexible, lots of pockets, excellent waterproofing
  • Sizes: Up to XXL Tall
  • Waterproofing: OmniBloq DWR 
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Cost: $$$$

The Flylow Baker Bibs (review) come in at the top of the list for the best ski pants for big and tall guys. This model is one of my all-time favorites and comes available in sizes up to XXL-Tall, giving larger skiers many options. 

In addition to a looser fit that is naturally large, the bibs also feature an OmniBloq DWR waterproofing treatment that gives you outstanding protection from the wind and snow. 

An articulated knee box keeps them very free-flowing and flexible, so they won’t restrict your movement when skiing or walking around the mountain. They also come with plenty of pockets to store your gear. 

These are pretty expensive, and they don’t have any insulation. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Backcountry or Steep and Cheap.

2. North Face Freedom Tall 

  • Best for: The Money
  • Key features: Affordable, comfortable, flexible, breathable, multiple color options 
  • Sizes: Up to XXL-Tall
  • Waterproofing: DryVent 2L 
  • Insulation: Heatseeker Eco
  • Cost: $$

If you are looking for an affordable option that comes in multiple larger sizes, check out the North Face Freedom Tall. 

This is the same model as the popular Freedom pants but comes available in sizes that go up to XXL-Tall to meet the needs of big and tall guys. 

The pants have a seam-sealed DryVent 2L material that provides excellent waterproofing capabilities, while Heatseeker Eco insulation gives you reliable warmth in a range of different conditions. 

They also have strong and durable construction, which is ideal for a budget option, and the inner-thigh vents are another nice touch. 

These pants are not as durable as some of the other more expensive options here, but they won’t fall apart immediately. 

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==> You can also get it on The North Face or Evo or Zappos.

3. Arctix Snow Cargo Pants 

  • Best for: Many Size Options 
  • Key features: Large sizes, waterproof, comfortable, affordable, reinforced ankles
  • Sizes: Up to 4XL
  • Waterproofing: Polyester with ThermaLock 
  • Insulation: 85 grams ThermaTech
  • Cost: $$

If you are looking for very large sizes, the Artix Snow Cargo Pants come in options up to 4XL. 

These pants are also very affordable while giving you reliable waterproofing in the form of a ThermaLock coating. Eighty-five grams of ThermaTech insulation provide added warmth for those freezing days. 

Other excellent features include boot gaiters with grippers, reinforced ankles, and an O-ring for your keys or gloves. 

There is a bit of a tradeoff in durability with a cheaper option here, and these are the most prone to ripping of any model on the list. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart or Campmor or Luggage OnLine.

4. Columbia Bugaboo IV

  • Best for: Wide Sizes
  • Key features: Many wide sizes available, Omni-Heat tech, waterproof, breathable, warm
  • Sizes: Up to 6XL
  • Waterproofing: OmniTech  
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Cost: $$

The Columbia Bugaboo IV makes the list because it comes available in various sizes up to 6XL. If you have struggled to find a quality option as a big guy, this one might be a perfect fit. 

The pants also feature Omni-Heat technology, which uses a special material to reflect your body heat to keep you warmer for longer as you ski. 

They are also fully waterproof while also being exceptionally breathable, a combination that every skier can appreciate. 

These aren’t the coolest-looking pants in the game, but they are thoroughly recommended if the fit is more important than style. 

==> You can also get it on Columbia Sportswear or Sun & Ski Sports or Backcountry.

5. Burton AK Cyclic Pants

  • Best for: Gore-Tex Option
  • Key features: Excellent waterproofing, larger sizes available, durable construction, fully-taped seams
  • Sizes: Up to XXL
  • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex 2L 
  • Insulation: Shell
  • Cost: $$$

The Burton AK Cyclic Pants give you the exceptional performance of Gore-Tex material, alongside larger sizes for big skiers. 

These pants have a comfortable and relaxed fit, so they run on the big side, and that can be beneficial for anyone struggling to find a perfect fit. 

Two layers of Gore-Tex make the pants exceptionally waterproof, and these can be used in any situation on the mountain. 

The AK Cyclic is only available in sizes up to XXL, so it might not be an option for the biggest and tallest guys out there. 

==> You can also get it on Buckman’s or Evo or Backcountry.

How to Choose Ski Pants for Big and Tall Guys

Here are some critical things to consider when choosing the best ski pants if you are a big and tall guy. 


While all of the factors mentioned in this section are important, you need to pay the most attention to the size. The options here come in sizes up to a minimum of XXL, and many have tall options. 

If you choose a product not mentioned here, be sure to look for larger sizes so you get pants that actually fit you when you ski. 


You need to make sure the ski pants you get are fully wind and waterproof. If they are not, then they are just regular pants. The whole idea behind getting a quality set of ski pants is to keep you warm and dry at all times. 

Pay attention to your pants’ materials and look for ones like Gore-Tex or other outdoor fabrics that can stand up to the elements. A durable water repellent finish (DWR) is another thing to look for. 


Insulation is another important characteristic that goes a long way toward a quality set of ski pants. Depending on your preference or what types of conditions you like to ski in, you may want different amounts of insulation.

I have several sets of ski pants – one with no insulation for warmer days and one with heavy insulation for really cold days. That choice will allow you to remain versatile and comfortable on the mountain.

Pants vs. Bibs

When shopping for ski pants, something else to keep in mind is whether you want regular ski or bib pants. 

Regular pants are just what they sound like – they secure with a button and/or zipper at the waist, and you can keep them in place with a belt. Bibs are more like overalls. They have straps that go above your shoulders and pull up to your chest.

I like both styles, but bibs are my preference for backcountry skiing or deep powder days. They just seem warmer and more comfortable to me. It’s a personal decision, and you can’t go wrong with either option.

Useful Tips & Resources

Once you get yourself a pair of ski pants that fit you correctly, you’ll want to take care of them, so they last for many seasons of continued use. While this isn’t that difficult to do, it’s good to know how to wash waterproof materials properly to make them last as long as possible. 

Another thing that can help you get the most out of your investment is learning how to fix a patch or tear in your pants. A simple tear isn’t the end of the world, but it can get a lot worse if you don’t fix it. Check out the video below for some tips and instructions. 

Final Verdict

My pick for the best overall ski pants for big and tall guys is the Flylow Baker Bibs. I recommend these to any skier, but they have a naturally larger fit and are available in larger sizes, making them perfect for bigger skiers. 

Every option that you see here will work for bigger skiers. Be sure to pick one that matches your skills and size as a skier, and get out there in the snow!

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  • nick

    flylow suck. I tried 3 pairs of bibs Baker, Tannen …etc I wear 39 waists and their 2 x would not fit …this is bad info maybe for tall folks they are okay but not big guys …

    • Christine

      Hey Nick,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve had bad experiences with Flylow gear. I’ve had great luck with them, but I’m smaller than you, I guess. I’ll keep that in mind and maybe write up an article on the best pants for big guys. Did you end up finding something that you liked better? Hope you’re having a solid season so far.