4 Best Budget Ski Boots

Skiing is an expensive sport, and that can be a significant barrier to entry for many people. It’s always good to find ways to save, and knowing how to keep some money in your pocket when buying ski boots can help you spend those savings on other equipment or lift tickets. 

I’m Christine, and I’m a skiing enthusiast who loves everything about the sport. I founded TheSkiGirl.com to provide other skiers with valuable resources to help them get on the snow as much as possible. I’ve thoroughly researched some good budget boot options. 

The Lange LX 100 is my pick for the best budget ski boots under $300. This is an affordable model from a trusted boot brand, and they deliver decent performance on the mountain while giving you a lot of comfort as you ski. 

There are a few other quality budget options that I’ll provide you with in this post. You won’t get the most high-performance options out of a budget pick, but the boots found here will still help you ski well at the resort. 

Let’s get to it. 

Who Should Get This

Everyone likes saving money, but not every skier always gets to enjoy this opportunity. If you are on a budget or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first pair of ski boots, the options on this list will keep some cash in the bank. 

Even though the boots found here are cheap, they will still give you decent downhill performance so you can make the most of your time on the mountain. 

Some really cheap options aren’t worth it – but the models here made the list because they can still get the job done. 

Unfortunately, if you want high-end performance or are a very experienced skier, you don’t really have any boot options that fall under $300. The models here are all for beginner to intermediate ability levels. 

Best Budget Ski Boots: Top Picks

Here are my picks for the best budget ski boots under $300. All of the models found below are very affordable while still giving you solid downhill performance. 

1. Lange LX 100

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Affordable, comfortable, Dual 3D sport liner, Thinsulate insulation, aluminum race buckles, 40mm power strap
  • Flex: 100
  • Last: 102 mm
  • Ability Level: Beginner to intermediate

The Lange LX 100 is my top choice for the best budget ski boots currently available. These come in under $300 while still giving you a lot of quality downhill performance characteristics – something skiers of all ability levels will appreciate. 

These boots are made with a Dual Core technology that uses two different types of plastic for added performance and versatility. It’s a nice feature to have and one you won’t always find with a budget option. 

A Dual 3D sport liner gives you a level of customizable comfort that will keep your feet in good shape when you are skiing. They also have a layer of Thinsulate insulation for increased warmth. 

The LX 100 also comes with aluminum race buckles that will help you keep everything secure for long days of skiing with reliable performance. This is enhanced by a 40mm velcro power strap. 

The 100 flex rating might be a little stiff for true beginners. 

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2. Salomon QST Access 60

  • Best for: Women’s Option
  • Key features: Women’s cuff design, Custom Fit liner, Woolmetal insulation, oversized pivot, tool-free tooth adjustment
  • Flex: 60
  • Last: 104 mm
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate

The best budget ski boot option for women is the Salomon QST Access 60. These come with a women’s specific cuff design that helps secure a solid fit around the calf and lower leg. 

They also come with a Custom Fit comfort liner that will keep your feet well-cushioned no matter what type of skiing you like to do.

Woolmetal insulation provides added warmth to keep everything cozy during those colder days on the mountain. 

An oversized pivot is a feature that helps boost performance by giving you good levels of power transmission that can help your abilities improve. 

These are on the softer side, and a 60 flex is best for beginners.  

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3. Rossignol EVO 70

  • Best for: Wide Feet
  • Key features: Wide last, comfortable, easy entry, custom T4 liner, micro-adjust aluminum buckles 
  • Flex: 70
  • Last: 104 mm
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate

The Rossignol EVO 70 is the best budget option under $300 for people with wide feet. These have a 104 mm last, which gives you enough room to spread out and stay comfortable. 

The boots also have an easy entry design that creates a wider opening, making them forgiving for people with wide feet, even with a couple of pairs of socks on. 

A custom T4 liner gives you a solid fit with a limited break-in period. This also molds around your feet for a customized fit that is easy to get used to. 

Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles help secure everything in place and add a degree of durability for performance you can rely on. 

These can fit a bit loosely for anyone with narrow feet, so they are only recommended for wider-footed skiers. 

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4. Rossignol Speed 80

  • Best for: Progress
  • Key features: Relaxed performance fit, good ankle support, easy entry, lightweight, custom liner
  • Flex: 80
  • Last: 104 mm
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate 

If you are looking for a budget option that can help you progress on the mountain, check out the Rossignol Speed 80. 

These boots will give you plenty of performance to help you go from a beginner to an intermediate skier in no time. 

They are also super comfortable, thanks to a custom liner and easy entry design that makes them easy to get on and off. The liner will support you and provide good impact resistance. 

These can have a bit of a loose fit, so you’ll want to make sure you get the proper size before heading out on the mountain.   

Best Cheap Ski Boots: What to Consider

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when you are shopping for cheaper ski boot models. Even though money is a concern, you always want to ensure you still get a quality option. 


You want a good fit no matter what type of ski boots you are looking for, whether they are cheap or expensive. That enables the best transfer of control from your foot to your boot to your ski – all critical factors when skiing at high speeds. 

Even budget ski boots need to be firm and tight around your foot. You don’t want a loose pair of boots. You might sacrifice a little comfort for performance, but trust me, it’s worth it. 


Another consideration with downhill ski boots is the buckles and latches built into the design. In addition to a tight fit, the latches, straps, and buckles will help to keep your foot secure within the liner and lead to better downhill performance. 

You want to look for a boot that offers a sturdy design and a solid and burly top strap for extra stability. Cheaper boots might not have the most high-tech construction, but they still need to be solid. 


Cheaper ski boots tend to run a little wide because most of these models are built with beginners in mind. If you’re looking for a wide boot or have wide feet, these will often work well for you. 

If you don’t have wide feet, you’ll want to get a narrower option that fits snugly around your feet. Talk with someone at the ski shop if you don’t know how to get a good fit, or keep my suggestions in the section below in mind. 

Useful Tips & Resources

Many new skiers looking to purchase their own equipment for the first time will appreciate the budget boots found here. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to enjoy your time out in the snow if you are a beginner.

Even with the budget category, there are certain things you should keep in mind when shopping around for the best pair to meet your needs. Check out this guide for some additional information to keep in mind as you look at your options.

This video will also give you a good breakdown of what to keep in mind when trying to get a pair of boots, no matter your budget or ability level. 

Final Verdict

The Lange LX 100 is my pick for the best ski boots under $300. These will give you plenty of downhill performance while also providing a lot of comfort along the way. Lange is one of the most respected boot manufacturers in the industry, and these budget boots shine. 

All of the models mentioned here made the list because they come in under $300 while still giving skiers good performance on the mountain. They aren’t necessarily for advanced skiers, but they will help you save money to better enjoy the sport.

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