Why You Should Take Your Children Skiing

Skiing is a sport that people from all walks of life enjoy all over the globe. It is an activity that is universal in appeal, assuming you like winter and the snow. Those of you who have experienced skiing, in any capacity, know that it is a truly unique and highly enjoyable way to take advantage of a time of year when many others are indoors waiting for warmer weather to once again make an appearance in spring.

One of the most appealing aspects of skiing is that it can be done by just about anyone. Ski rats and mountain folk who have been around snow-capped peaks most of their lives might scoff at the sight of tourists from warmer locations who appear in the snow every, all the while knowing why they have made the journey – the slopes are inviting, mystical, and an experience to be shared by all. 

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I could write about the romantic allure of skiing all day, but it also has a practical appeal that makes it a great activity for anyone, including your kids, to easily enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why you should take your children skiing.

1. Skiing Spans the Ages

If you have spent any time at a ski resort, you have certainly seen people of all ages fully geared up in snow gear and ready to take off downhill. Skiing is a skill that once learned, becomes easy to recall.

It is literally much like riding a bike in this way. You might go years between ski trips (though I would never recommend it) just to find that once you shake the rust off, you have picked up right where you left off, skill-wise.

The ways in which skiing spans the ages means that the sooner you introduce your children to it, the more likely they will continue on with the activity as they grow older.

I personally stepped into my first set of skis around the age of five. While I don’t necessarily remember the learning process when I was that young, I know that it instilled within me a spirit for the snow that has yet to diminish and most likely, never will. 

If you teach your child how to ski at a young age, or really at any time during their youth, there is a high chance they will continue to pursue many amazing snow-filled adventures over the course of their life. I rode on a chairlift with a 91-year-old grandfather and his 8-year-old granddaughter the other day and couldn’t help but smile at the beauty found in that encounter. 

2. It Beats Cabin Fever

If you live in an area of the world that experiences long and cold winter months, you know that it can be easy to develop cabin fever. There can be an oppressive feeling in the winter months that can be challenging for even the most active amongst us.

If you have a house full of kids and don’t keep them occupied when the snowflakes start to fall and the temperature drops, tensions can build and things can’t get stressful pretty quickly.

Skiing provides an outlet to avoid the drag and doldrums that can occur during winter. Instead of dreading the cold, you can turn it into a sense of excitement and enjoyment for your kids and yourself.

If you teach your kids to enjoy skiing, there is a great chance that they will learn to love the snow and the oncoming cold every season will turn from slight intimidation into certain infatuation. 

Even if your kids don’t love skiing at first, getting them out of the house and active during the winter can be rewarding in other ways. It offers opportunities for them to hang out with other kids and develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

A ski resort can seem like a winter wonderland to anyone, and for children who have never experienced it before, it can offer a sense of unmatched amazement.

3. A Unique Experience with Nature

If the first two reasons aren’t quite enough to convince you to take your kids skiing, another enticing element is that it can provide a very unique interaction with the natural world.

In an age in which more of us, and kids especially, spend considerable amounts of time connected to the many electronic devices and technological developments all around us, some quality time in nature can allow for a different experience altogether.

Skiing is a unique way to experience nature because you are harnessing the power of the outdoor world to create fun and excitement. In my option, skiing provides a more intriguing appeal for kids than other natural settings (hiking, biking, etc.) because of its enormity.

Once your child rides a chairlift a hundred feet above the ground and gets a feel for moving at high speeds down a mountain, they are sure to forget about video games and television for a while.

By learning about nature in a unique way, your child will get an appreciation for the beauty and power it provides to all humans. They may not know it at first, but I would bet that as they grow, they will be more likely to appreciate and respect the natural world because of skiing. 

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Final Thoughts

Learning how to ski early on in life gave me a lifelong passion that I pursue today and plan on continuing for as long as I am able to stand on two feet. Taking your children skiing is an amazing experience for them but also for you as a parent. The above reasons are merely a starting point to help convince you to get your gets skiing as soon as possible. 

The benefits of the sport go far beyond what is listed here and the activity couldn’t be more highly recommended for anyone, but especially for children.

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