Armada Invictus 95 Review

This is my review of Invictus 95. It is a fun, playful ski that, while better on softer snow, has enough power and stability to serve as an all-mountain option across different terrain.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to Buy: Moosejaw, SidelineSwap
  • Best for: All-mountain skiers who like to jib. Riders who put a lot of value on both playfulness and forgiveness.
  • Pros: Extremely forgiving. Versatile when it comes to on-piste performance. Fantastic in powder. Handles crud quite well. Solid construction and an attractive design. Playful.
  • Cons: Stability could be better. Not the best choice for extremely aggressive or hyper-focused skiers.
  • Alternatives: Rossignol Soul 7, Faction Agent 2.0, Atomic Vantage 90

The Invictus 95 is best suited for intermediate or more advanced skiers familiar with the slopes.

The Invictus 95 has a unique rocker/camber design to allow for easier turns.

The ski utilizes a poplar core to give riders extra power and functionality as they move.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I spent ample time researching these skis by breaking down their various characteristics, analyzing how they perform on and off-piste, and talking to people who used them first hand.

Detailed Review of Armada Invictus 95

The Invictus is Armada’s answer to all-mountain skiers. It’s a solid line that seeks to give riders a few more choices on where and how they ski, and the 95 falls perfectly in with that goal. This model is both forgiving and playful, mainly due to its sleek design, and it is easy to ski in a way that intermediate skiers will love. There’s a lot of wiggle room, and it’s one of the easier to pilot options on the market. It’s excellent in multiple terrain types as well.

General Performance

When it comes to the slopes, the Invictus 95 is a playful option that does well in hard and soft snow. Many of today’s skis only give you true versatility in one or two areas. In contrast, this option enables you to handle all parts of the mountain. Not only does it have incredible forgiveness, something all intermediate skiers will love, but the design is made to take on powder and crud equally well.

This likely isn’t the best option for more aggressive or extremely advanced skiers who need to push hard, but the versatility goes a long way for everyone else. The ski has enough float to stay on top of powder, the functionality to handle a good time out in the park, and it jibs with the best of them.

Durability and Construction

Armada outfitted the Invictus with a few features that help provide extra durability throughout the entire design. This allows for a tough ski that holds its own without being too bulky or rigid. The poplar core is a nice touch, giving you a great mix of ease and power. Beyond that, the ski comes with a carbon-kevlar strut, AR50 sidewalls, 2.2 impact edge, as well as a comp series base.

All of the above features help bring an extra level of durability to the ski. Though this isn’t the longest-lasting all mountain option you’ll ever see, it can easily hold its own in tough snow or extremely rough conditions. That’s worth quite a bit because it means you can take it out or ride it however you like and not worry if you’ll be able to use it the following season.


Agility is another area where this ski excels. This is a fantastic model for skiers who like to make snappy turns. Though the 18-meter turn radius does mean you’re not going to want to take it into extremely tight trees or crowded bumps. That is one of the reasons it does such a nice job when you go out of bounds. If you need to move through varied terrain, it’s a great pick.

Skiers with a racing background may find the Invictus a bit lacking in this area, but everyone else will be more than happy to use this off-piste. It has excellent edge hold and transfers power in a way where you can readily react to obstacles as they come.

A Lack of Stability

The one area where the Invictus falls short is in its stability. Though the ski is more than capable of taking on winter, and while it gets up to speed, you’re going to see some chatter at higher speeds. The lack of stability isn’t readily noticeable when you’re cruising, but if you really like to push, the ski will likely bounce around much more than you’d like.

Price and Value

The Invictus 95 is a pretty good value ski. Though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might see in more expensive models, you still get a lot for the price. This is a more affordable pick that gives skiers plenty of options across different terrain. That versatility alone is typically worth a higher price. When you get those extra options in a more affordable model, it’s a win-win situation.

What I Like

I was quite impressed with the Invictus’ construction. Though the ski could be more durable, it holds up nicely across tough and choppy terrain thanks to the carbon and Kevlar stringers, AR50 sidewalls, and 2.2 impact edge. Though not every feature furthers the Invictus’s strength, there are more than a few upgrades that help ensure it will last a while. That doesn’t just let you push in rough weather, it adds to the durability as well.

I’m a fan of how the Invictus 95 handles powder too. The ski does well in most conditions, but it excels in the soft stuff. That’s mainly due to the lighter design as well as the waist size and rockered tip. There’s plenty of float here, and you can glide through deep powder without expending too much energy. The fact that it also does well in other environments is just icing on the cake.

What I Dislike

My biggest knock against the Invictus 95 is the lack of stability at higher speeds. I didn’t expect the smoothest ride, especially considering the price point, but I would have liked the model to be able to handle a bit more considering its inherent versatility. It’s still an excellent off-piste option, in my opinion, it just isn’t going to be the nicest ride if you’re someone who wants to lay on your gear and go as fast as you can.

The Alternatives

The Invictus 95 is a well-rounded ski, but there are quite a few other models with similar functionality and purpose. If you like what it offers but want to branch out, check out these choices:

  • Rossignol Soul 7 – The Soul 7 (review) is a fun ski that’s versatile enough to handle all different parts of the mountain. It can take big lines but also comes with an impressive amount of maneuverability. Add on the sleek design and tough build, and you have a strong, reliable setup with an impressive amount of versatility. It’s just not the best in powder.
  • Faction Agent 2.0 – The Agent 2.0 is a capable ski that has great functionality when going both up and downhill. Thanks to the Karuba wood construction, it’s incredibly light but still has a good amount of stability and strength due to the thick bases, strong edges, and tough top sheet. You get a lot of control and confidence with this item in a multitude of conditions.
  • Atomic Vantage 90 – Utilizing an all-mountain rocker profile, the Vantage 90 (review) is a ski you can bring out into many different conditions without any issues. It’s incredibly reliable and made to charge hard. The wood core and full side walls also create good flex and edge hold. This ski may not be as durable as some others, but you can use it in many ways, and it has great stability.

Final Verdict

A good combination of narrow and wide, the Invictus 95 is a ski that can be used both inside and across resort boundaries. It’s a lighter ski that’s extremely playful and forgiving, especially when compared to other models.

It has quick edge-to-edge on hardpack or when you’re in the trees, but it also can handle powder extremely well. A great everyday option for skiers looking to add some choices to their riding without paying too much for a premium choice.

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