Arc’teryx Sabre Pants Review

The snow pants that a skier decides to wear is of the utmost importance. They want something that can not only keep them warm but also offer quality ventilation and breathability.

On top of that, they want something that can protect against the weather while also not hurting performance. One of the best options on the market that checks off these boxes and more is the Arc’teryx Sabre pant

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski pant, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

These pants are made with 100% plain weave nylon with soft shell construction. The fabric also features a Gore-Tex membrane, and the pants contain a brushed liner that helps the inside feel almost fleece-like.

A ton of time was put into the stylizing and design of these pants, and they generally fit true to size. However, some have said they can ride a little bit on the tighter side. So if you want to put some base layers under them, we recommend that you size up to ensure they aren’t too tight.

There are many things that help these pants be so durable. There is a hard-wearing face fabric, the kick patches, tight seams and an articulated design throughout. The weather-resistant inclusions also keep these from wearing due to the weather.

Why Trust Me

Born, raised, and still living in the cold has forced me to live with the cold for decades. I am no stranger to trying a variety of different snow pants and know what it takes to stay warm and comfortable in the cold and now. As for information on these exact pants, I have searched through various resources on the internet to gather the thoughts and feelings of dozens of people who have used them.

Detailed Review of Arc’teryx Sabre Pants

Light and Breathable

If you’re after a pair of ski pants that won’t impede your performance, these are a great option. They are very lightweight, and breathe enough to stop you from getting too hot on those uncharacteristically warm days. These pants offer external leg vents that can allow a ton of airflow to stop you from overheating.

The Gore-Tex fabric construction of the pants is light and airy, and these pants are fantastic whether you are working hard and building up a sweat, or enjoying a nice relaxing ski. While we would have loved to see inner vents in addition to the side vents that are provided, these pants offer as much breathability as a skier or snowboarder could want.

Lacking Warmth

If you are looking for snow pants that are going to solely keep you warm on a freezing cold day on the slopes, these are likely not them. Because they were made with performance and breathability in mind, these pants feature only light insulation. Good for moderate days, but you may be too cold once the temperature begins to really dip.

While the pants may lack warmth, they offer great weather resistance. The pants make use of Gore-Tex, which ensures the pants are fully waterproof and windproof. Also, many don’t mind the lack of warm insulation. These pants can easily be layered with a warmer base layer, thus allowing you more warmth, without having to deal with a bulky pant.

Incredible Fit and Comfort

One of the best things about these pants is their fit and how comfortable they are. They will be better than almost any other snow pants you will find in terms of fit. The design and cut of the pants are fantastic, from the legs to the hips. The zippers are also very discreet throughout the pants, which is another nice touch.

They are also made incredibly well. They have a lightweight fleece backer for extra comfort and incredibly narrow seams to reduce weight and the general bulk that many snow pants have. The construction of the pants also offer a lot of freedom of movement, so you can continue to ski without being held back by your gear.


While there is a lot to love about these pants, they come with a steep cost. They are among the most expensive options on the market. While they are certainly one of the best, there are several more affordable options that casual skiers or those who don’t need the best gear can easily go with and save a lot of money.

If money isn’t a factor for you, or you want the best, these are an incredibly versatile option, and should last you for many years. They are very durable and with the performance they offer, they are a wonderful choice if you can get over the price.

What I Like

Of course, if you use these pants, you will fall in love with the fit, comfort and design. They are about as sleek and stylish a pair of snow pants that you will find. They come in a variety of colors, and the design and build quality ensure you can enjoy a full range of motion while skiing in these pants.

The breathability of these pants is another thing to like. The side vents can help you dump heat easily and quickly, and even the fabric itself is quite breathable without being too cold. These will ensure you never get too sweaty or uncomfortable while skiing. 

This allows these pants to be incredibly versatile. They can be worn on warmer days, on cooler days and everything in between. They are also great for other outdoor winter activities like hiking, sledding or even just going for a walk.

The weather-resistance of these pants is another thing I love about them. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures the pants can stand up to both water and wind with ease. No matter how wet it is out, or how much snow you fall into, these pants should keep your legs nice and dry. The wind is also no match for the construction of these pants, as they are sure to protect you from the elements.

What I Dislike

Among the most obvious things to dislike about these pants is the price. While they might be worth it to someone who is a hardcore skier or has money to burn, the average skier likely will find it hard to justify picking these up when many cheaper options are out there.

Another gripe that some will have is the lack of warmth provided by these snow pants. While they do have a bit of insulation, it is quite light and the pants are meant more for versatility and performance, than keeping you warm on those frigid days. Again, you can layer under the pants to keep them warmer, but not everyone has a base layer or wants to pay for one in addition to getting new pants.

These pants could also do with a little more features, especially with their price. For example, they only feature two pockets, whereas many other options will have several more, along with other included features. Some people like a pair of pants with a little more functionality and more pockets for keeping things secure.

The Alternatives

While these are a good choice for many, they are far from the only snow pants out there on the market. Here are a couple of other options you could consider if the Arcteryx Sabre pants don’t do it for you.

  • Arctix Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants – These pants are a great budget choice for those casual skiers who want decently warm snow pants without the bells and whistles. They feature 85 grams of insulation, have ample pockets for storage and they are designed to hold up to daily wear and tear over time. They can also be adjusted when it comes to fit.
  • BenBoy Men’s Snow Pants – If you’re interested in something a little more light, these hiking/snow pants could be a good choice. They are made out of a polyester/spandex blend and feature both weather and abrasion resistance. They feature a fleece lining for a bit of extra warmth and are quite slim, with reinforced knees.
  • WildHorn Outfitters Men’s Snow Pants – If you want protection in extreme weather, these are a good choice. They are 100% polyester, have sealed seams, and feature a DWR coating to keep you dry. The insulation is warm, while still maintaining fabric breathability and freedom of movement for the wearer. They come in many different colors and sizes, to ensure anyone can find a pair that works for them.

Final Verdict

If you can afford them or look past the price, the Arcteryx Sabre pants are among the best ski and snow pants on the market. From their incredible comfort and fit, to their durability, to their performance and breathability, these pants offer a lot to skiers. They will never hold you back on the hills, and are sure to last you years and years if treated properly.

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