5 Tips for Ski Beginners to Learn Snowplow


Before I had my first skiing, I thought skiing was easy.

Using the ski poles to push myself and I can slide on the snow…woohoo, wrong!

Actually, when I wore my skis standing in the ski area, I had no idea what to do at first. It was a bit scary when I was at the top of the slope.

If you are new to skiing, you should learn how to make a snowplow. That’s what I’m going to cover in this article: sharing a few quick tips for you to learn snowplow.


1. Put on Your Skis

When you are on the flat ski area, put your skis on the ground and make sure they will not slide.

First, clear the snow on the bottom of your boot. Stand beside the ski binding, choose one foot you want to put on ski first.

Then let the front part of your foot fit into the binding first, keep foot straight, and push your foot heel down to the binds. It’s best to have your ski poles to keep yourself balanced.

2. Ride with Ski Poles

This step is also going to be done in the flat area as well.

The goal is to help yourself find the feeling of sliding. First, use the ski poles to push yourself when you are about to take off.

It’s pretty much like riding a skateboard or scooter. Once you get a good feeling with the slide and balance, do the same with the other foot.

3. Move across on The Snow

Now it’s time to put on boots and rely on the poles to keep yourself stable.

Then find a small rise with enough flat area and move up there until you reach the top of the hill.

Do not face the uphill, get your skis cross the hill. Lift up the skis and follow step by step.

Use your ankles and knees to step the skis by their edges. This helps you move from the flat area to the top of the hill easily and safely.

4. Start with The Right posture

Next, you are going to slide down the hill. Before doing this, you have to get the right posture.

Stand up straight, bend your knees, and shift your body slightly forward in the direction of the downhill.

Make sure you also keep your head up towards where you plan to reach. Don’t just look down to your skis. Also remember that you should NEVER lean back, forward your upper body.

Keep your hips and skis parallel. Then make gentle pushes with the help your poles until you start to slide down.

5. Learn Snowplow

Once you’ve mastered the parallel, it’s time to get to learn snowplow.

Snowplough is the basic skill you need to learn in order to control the speed. This is also what I learned in my first skiing.

Stand up, adjust the back of the skis until it looks like a V shape. The wider of the back of skis, the slower you will be. Take a look at this picture, you’ll get the point:

You can also adjust the skis and have them back to parallel. This way you can speed up a bit. Don’t rush, do it slightly and gently.

By the way, if it’s the very first time for you to learn skiing, you may also have someone (either your friend or a coach) hold your hands or poles and lead you down to hill by the snowplow.

That’s all that I wanted to share about snowplowing, hope you find these tips useful. One more thing: safety first! If you just get started with skiing, I’d recommend you choose an easy slope. If there are many skiers in the crowd, walk by the sideways and try not to stay in the middle.

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