Top 5 Best Ski Resorts in Oregon

Oregon is one of the top skiing destinations on the west coast of the US. It has several fantastic ski resorts that feature excellent conditions and surreal settings. If you have never skied here, it’s well worth a visit. 

I’m an avid skier who has logged thousands of days on the mountain over the years. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to ski all over the world and have spent time at most of the resorts you’ll find described below. 

This post will spotlight all of the best ski resorts in Oregon. I’ll let you know what each resort is best known for and provide some other good information to help you plan or prepare for a ski trip in this region. 

Let’s get after it. 

1. Mt. Bachelor

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 5 (Average)
  • Closing Day: May 20 (Average)
  • Best Known For: The largest resort in Oregon, good snow conditions, amazing views

Mt. Bachelor is one of the best places to go ski in Oregon. It’s the largest ski resort in the state and one of the largest in the entire US. You’ll have access to over 4,000 acres of skiable terrain here and can find just about every kind of run you want. 

There is a wide diversity of terrain to ski here, with a good amount of beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs. Whether you are just learning how to ski or searching for challenging runs, Mt. Bachelor has it all. 

The resort offers an extensive lesson program, and you can set up an individual or group lesson very easily. If you want to really improve your skills, consider taking multiple lessons from highly qualified instructors. 

Mt. Bachelor can get pretty crowded, so it’s a good idea to carpool or take one of the shuttle buses that run from the nearby town of Bend. These run regularly and offer a convenient way to get to the slopes without the hassle of driving yourself. 

2. Mt. Hood Skibowl

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 10 (Average) 
  • Closing Day: April 15 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Close to Portland, night skiing, challenging terrain

There are several different ski resorts on Mt. Hood, but Skibowl is my favorite. This mountain is a lot of fun for experienced skiers because it offers a variety of challenging runs and terrain parks that you can take advantage of all season long. 

The resort isn’t as massive as Mt. Bachelor, but you still have access to nearly 1,000 acres of skiable terrain, and there are 69 different runs to ski down. The advanced runs are recommended, but there is still plenty of beginner and intermediate trails. 

At the base of the slopes, you’ll find Collins Lake Resort, where you can book a room to make a ski trip out of your visit here. And if you only want to come ski for the day, the resort is just over an hour from the nearby city of Portland. 

Skibowl doesn’t get as much snow as some of the other ski spots further up Mt. Hood, but it still gets enough to have a great skiing experience throughout the winter months.  

3. Willamette Pass

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 15 (Average) 
  • Closing Day: April 1 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Lots of snowfall, excellent conditions, steeps

Williamette Pass is a lesser-known Oregon ski resort, but it’s a top destination to visit if you are looking for lots of high-quality snow. This region gets consistent storms all season long, and its north-facing layout keeps the snow in good shape with limited sun exposure. 

Williamette Pass has just over 500 acres of skiable terrain, which isn’t huge for the west coast. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in terrain. Some of the steepest runs in the state can be found here, which expert skiers love. 

Ski lessons are readily available right at the resort, and you can learn new techniques if you want to tackle the steeps. You can also get equipment rentals if you don’t have your ski gear or if you want to try out a new model of skis or boots

There isn’t a lot of lodging or dining at Williamette Pass, which makes it challenging to make it into an entire ski trip. It’s still worth visiting; you just need to be prepared to be more self-contained. 

4. Timberline

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: November 25 (Average) 
  • Closing Day: May 15 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Late season skiing, historic vibe, fun atmosphere

Timberline is another ski resort that sits on the slopes of the dormant volcano, Mt. Hood. This resort is high in elevation and often stays open into the summer (and sometimes all year long!), so you can get access to off-season runs here. 

There is a lot of fun terrain to explore here, and the larger size of the resort results in some impressive vertical drop. The longest run gives your around 4,000 vertical feet, which means you’ll probably need a break halfway down. 

The Timberline Lodge is one of the best ski lodges I have stayed at, and you can expect cozy and comfortable amenities if you want to stay here for a night or a week. There is also good food to eat all over the resort. 

This is a popular skiing destination, so it’s often crowded. You’ll want to book things ahead of time if you are trying to stay the night, book ski lessons, or go out for dinner with friends and family. 

5. Mt. Hood Meadows

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: November 30 (Average)
  • Closing Day: May 1 (Average) 
  • Best Known For: Good variety of terrain, good spring skiing, solid snow conditions

Mt. Hood Meadows is yet another resort that sits on the side of Mt. Hood. This is the largest resort on the volcano and is an enjoyable place to ski. It has runs for all ability levels, so it’s also a family-friendly location.

I really like the steeps here, and they are challenging for even very experienced skiers. If you want to push yourself hard, this is the place in Oregon to do it. If you are still learning, there is plenty of other terrain to explore. 

The mountain also has an excellent ski school that does individual and group lessons. You can also enroll in a ski camp to learn from expert skiers and retain new skills. There isn’t a lot of lodging right at the resort. 

Additional Tips for Skiing in Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful place to go skiing, and part of that comes from variable weather conditions. It can be bright and sunny one minute and turn into a blizzard the next. You need to be prepared for just about everything, so having layers is highly recommended. 

Check out the video below for some solid tips on how to layer properly for all of your skiing adventures.

Final Words

Oregon is my favorite place to ski on the west coast, and it’s worth visiting any of the resorts listed here if you live in the area or plan on checking it out. Skiing on a volcano is always exciting, and there are several of them in the state.   

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