Top 8 Best Ski Resorts in Austria

Austria is a fun and friendly place to ski, even though it isn’t always as much of a top destination in Europe. There are many good resorts to explore here, and you can find world-class terrain and comfortable amenities to make your ski trip very memorable. 

I’ve been skiing for most of my life and have had the opportunity to explore excellent resorts all over the world. I’ve done a lot of research to figure out the top resorts in Austria and have spoken to several skiers with experience on the slopes here. 

This post will show you all of the best ski resorts in Austria. I’ll highlight why each of them is a destination worth exploring and what you can expect if you visit there. I’ll also provide you with other helpful information to assist in planning an epic ski trip. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Söll

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 10 (Average)
  • Closing Day: April 2 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Affordable, good conditions, family-friendly

Söll is one of the top ski resorts in Austria, and it’s also one of the most affordable. That makes it a good location for any skier on a budget or anyone who wants to bag multiple mountains as part of a European ski trip. 

This is the second-largest resort in the country, and you will have access to a lot of good terrain and reliably solid ski conditions. It’s also a very family-friendly location with a lot of beginner-friendly terrain that is groomed and easy to handle. 

Söll is part of the SkiWelt ski area system, and there are many different things to do other than ski in the nearby region. You can find a good place to stay at one of the lodges or rentals nearby and find plenty of shopping and dining as well. 

This isn’t the best mountain for advanced skiers, as it caters more to beginner and intermediate ability levels. Still, it’s a good region and mountain to explore if you want to save some money and get a taste of what skiing in Austria is all about.  

2. St. Anton 

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 10 (Average)
  • Closing Day: April 20 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Challenging terrain, storied history, off-piste skiing

If you are looking for a more challenging ski resort that will push your ability levels and give you a look at why the Alps have such a reputation, St. Anton will provide you with all of that and much more. 

This resort offers some tremendous advanced and expert terrain that will leave your legs tired and your lungs burning, even if you are an experienced skier. There are also many off-piste runs that attract adventurous skiers from all over the globe. 

St. Anton has a storied history, and it’s home to one of the first ski clubs in Europe. You can feel this vibe when skiing here, and it kind of has a throwback appeal that will make you appreciate how far the sport has come over the years. 

This obviously isn’t a great place for beginners or anyone who is just getting started on their skiing journey. But if you want access to incredible terrain at one of the most challenging mountains in Europe, St. Anton will have you covered. 

3. Mayrhofen

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 8 (Average)
  • Closing Day: April 5 (Average) 
  • Best Known For: Good for intermediate skiers, racecourses, good value

Mayrhofen is another reasonably affordable Austrian ski resort that offers good access to a wide variety of terrain. It’s a good mountain for intermediate skiers looking to challenge themselves and has some really steep runs. 

The resort gets good snow all season long, and there is always a chance for fresh track in the powder on the bowls and wide-open runs higher up on the mountain. There are also plenty of groomers and some great terrain parks as well. 

Mayrhofen is a good budget skiing destination with cheaper lift tickets and accommodations than other spots in Austria. You’ll still want to book in advance for the best deal.

There are several different ski areas accessible through Mayrhofen, so be sure to get yourself a trail map to know where you are going and don’t get lost while you’re in the snow having fun.  

4. Kitzbühel 

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: October 31 (Average)
  • Closing Day: May 1 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Long ski season, inviting atmosphere, comfortable amenities

Kitbühel is one of the most inviting ski resorts in Austria, and this atmosphere makes it a popular destination for skiers of all kinds. If you want a little bit of everything while experiencing the charm of Austria, this is the place. 

The resort has a ton of different skiable terrain. Whether you want to zip down steeps or just cruise on easy groomers, you’ll keep yourself busy all day long on these slopes. And if you are a ski racer, you can bomb down some seriously steep courses if you have the skills. 

There are also plenty of good accommodations here, and they vary from high-end to average, so they can work for many different budgets. You’ll also find a lot of good shopping if you want to search for souvenirs to remember your ski trip for years to come. 

Kitbühel can get pretty crowded, so be sure to try and plan a trip mid-week or during off-holiday times when there are fewer visitors. And if you don’t try to budget, costs can add up quickly here, even though there are affordable accommodations. 

5. Ischgl

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 3 (Average)
  • Closing Day: May 1 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Excellent terrain, great apres-ski, excellent snow

Ischgl is a great resort to visit if you want access to undeniable terrain. This is a favorite spot for freeride skiers who want to push their skills on any of the wide-open, high alpine runs that cover the higher elevations here. 

The high elevations can be challenging for visitors coming from sea level, but it also means that the snow stays in good condition for a long time. Even if you don’t arrive on a powder day, there is a good chance you will be able to find fresh tracks somewhere on the mountain. 

The resort sits near the Swiss border, so it’s another one of the only locations in the world where you can ski in two countries on the same day. The apres-ski here is pretty legendary, and there is always a lot of fun to be found once the slopes close for the day. 

Ischgl is a great skier’s mountain, but it’s pretty expensive. This is not a budget location, and you’ll want to make sure you can afford skiing and staying here when you visit Austria. If you can, you’ll be in for a treat.  

6. Saalbach Hinterglemm

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 15 (Average)
  • Closing Day: April 20 (Average) 
  • Best Known For: Very modern lift system, long runs, lots of skiable terrain

Saalbach Hinterglemm is one of the largest ski resorts in Austria, and it also has one of the most modern lift systems in the world. This gives you easy access to all the skiable terrain, and there is something for every type of skier to appreciate. 

Whether you want to chase powder and technical terrain or stick to groomers with the family, you can do it all. The resort also offers night skiing and a good terrain park for any high flyers out there who want to show off. 

Accommodations are plentiful in the nearby towns around the base of the mountain. You can find upscale amenities or more laid-back lodging to save some money. You can also expect good nightlife and plenty of good food here. 

There isn’t a ton of advanced and expert terrain at Saalbach Hinterglemm, which is one of the only downsides to skiing here. If you are an experienced skier looking for the most challenging runs, you might want to look elsewhere. 

7. Bad Gastein

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: December 10 (Average)
  • Closing Day: April 10 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Lots of powder, not as crowded, long runs

Don’t let the name fool you, Bad Gastein is a very good place to ski. This is a less-frequented resort in Austria that still offers a ton of epic skiing. It’s not as crowded as other spots in the country, so the chance for fresh tracks is high. 

Many of the runs here are above tree level, so you’ll have access to wide-open bowls and runs that can stack up with powder. This gives skiers the chance to really open up and let things rip while enjoying unbeatable conditions. 

There are also thermal spas here, which is a great way to spend the evening after a long day on the slopes. And there are some excellent lodges and other accommodations to make your stay as comfy and cozy as you want. 

You won’t find much ski-in/ski-out accommodation here, which is a bit of a bummer. But that won’t keep determined skiers away from fresh snow. 

8. Innsbruck

  • Resort Website
  • Opening Day: November 15 (Average)
  • Closing Day: April 15 (Average)
  • Best Known For: Easy access to multiple mountains, good public transit

Innsbruck is more of a ski region than a resort, and there are actually 13 different ski areas you can access surrounding the city. This makes it a worthwhile destination for any skier visiting Austria. 

This is a beautiful region of the country, and you will get amazing views of the alps if you stay here. There are many different lodges and accommodations to visit, and an efficient public transportation system will have you at the slopes in minutes. 

With so much skiable area to explore, the Innsbruck area can be a bit overwhelming. Be sure to scout out the region ahead of time, so you have a plan of action and don’t waste time wondering what to do. 

Additional Tips for Skiing in Austria

You’ll want to make sure you figure out your transportation plans before you head to any of the resorts in Austria. It’s not always as simple as renting a car and parking at the base of the resort. In some places, you’ll need to hop on a bus or other transport to get around. 

It’s also good to know that lift ticket prices are way more affordable in Austria than in the US. Many places still only cost $50-75 for the day! 

Final Words

Austria is a great place to go skiing, and many of the resorts are interconnected, giving you access to thousands of acres of skiable terrain and great amenities. All of the resorts here are recommended and will make for a very memorable ski trip!

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