What is a Jerry in Skiing?

A Jerry in skiing basically refers to anyone who isn’t very good at skiing or does something stupid on the slopes. It’s generally a derogatory but still joking term that skiers with experience use to describe skiers who aren’t as skilled. 

My name is Christine, and I created this blog to share my love of skiing with others who share the same interest. I’ve been skiing most of my life and have spent countless days on the mountain. I know through first-hand experience what a Jerry is. 

This post will explain what a Jerry in skiing is. I’ll provide you with the definition of this word on the ski slopes, where it came from, and how you can avoid being called a Jerry. My goal is to help clear up any confusion on the word. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • A Jerry is a slang term that skiers use to describe other skiers who aren’t very good at the sport or are doing dumb things on the mountain. 
  • This is generally a derogatory term that is a sort of insult, but it’s also good-natured and fun, so don’t get too worried if someone calls you a Jerry. 
  • You can avoid being a Jerry by skiing within your ability level and doing your best to stay out of the way of other, more experienced skiers. 

What is a Jerry in Skiing? 

If you are just learning how to ski, there’s a good chance you might have heard someone call another skier a Jerry. You might have even been called a Jerry yourself. But what does this mean exactly? 

Well, Jerry is a slang term that skiers invented to describe other skiers who aren’t very good at the sport or are doing dumb and questionable things on the mountain. It’s sort of a derogatory term and sort of a joke. 

A Jerry can be just about anyone on the slopes, but it’s more focused on beginners and people who don’t really know what they are doing on the mountain. 

If you see someone going too fast who doesn’t know how to turn yet, that’s a Jerry. If you see someone wearing jeans while the ski, that’s a Jerry. If you see someone with their boots on wrong or mismatched skis, that’s a Jerry. 

There isn’t one exact definition of a Jerry, and anyone can be called it. Even if you have years of experience, you might pull a Jerry move and do something like run into another skier or ski out of control and crash on an easy run. 

While getting yelled at is always alarming, being called a Jerry shouldn’t keep you from continuing with your skiing. It just means you need to get better at the sport or learn some more etiquette and technique. 

Where Did the Term Jerry Come from in Skiing?

I’ve heard several different things about where the term Jerry originated from, and it’s difficult to know for sure which is accurate. It’s been a slang word used for some time, and there’s a good chance it went viral through use on the internet. 

Jerry is basically an evolution of calling someone a rookie or a newbie – generally saying they don’t know how to ski very well. It’s just the word that stuck for these purposes, and the actual origin has been lost along the way. 

Don’t Be a Jerry Meaning

You’ll hear the word Jerry used while skiing in a few different ways. “Don’t be a Jerry” is one of them. This basically means don’t be an idiot or don’t ski like an idiot. If you hear someone say this to you, you are probably doing something you shouldn’t be doing in the snow. 

Don’t be a Jerry can be directed at inexperienced and experienced skiers alike. I’ve told plenty of my friends, “Don’t be a Jerry,” when they were doing something stupid, even though they are technically expert skiers. 


Here are a few short answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to what a Jerry is in skiing. 

How do I stop being a Jerry skier?  

The best way to stop being a Jerry skier is to ski more frequently to get better. You can also take a lesson, and the instructor can help you with some techniques and other stuff that will get you out of the Jerry zone.

Where did Jerry of the Day come from? 

Jerry of the Day is a popular social media account that highlights skiers being Jerry’s on the slopes. The rumor is that it was started by a guy whose dad was on the US Ski Team, but that’s difficult to confirm for sure. 

What is a gaper in skiing? 

A gaper is similar to a Jerry in skiing in that it’s a term used to describe someone who really doesn’t know what they are doing on the mountain. The term came from the gap between your goggles and hat that happens to people who are new to the sport. 

Final Thoughts

If you get called a Jerry while you’re skiing, don’t panic. Just try to stop doing whatever you might be doing that resulted in you getting called out. It might be as simple as skiing within your ability level. Shake it off and get back out on the snow. 

The best way to stop being a Jerry is to get better at skiing!

Have you ever been called a Jerry while skiing? What were you doing at the time? Let me know in the comments below.  

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