Can You Wear a Hat Under Ski Helmet?

You don’t need to wear a hat under your ski helmet. A helmet has a better fit when it sits right on top of your head, and it also provides enough warmth to prevent your ears from getting cold. However, you can still choose to wear a beanie hat under their helmets. 

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a passionate skier, and I’ve worn or used just about every type of clothing and equipment you can imagine. I don’t wear a hat underneath my helmet, and most skiers don’t either. 

In this post, I’ll explain why you don’t need to use a hat under your helmet. I’ll also give you some other advice to keep your head warm and get a helmet that fits properly. 

Let’s jump in.

Why You Don’t Need to Wear a Hat Under a Ski Helmet

There are a few different reasons you don’t need to wear a hat underneath your ski helmet. 

Reason 1: modern ski helmets are built to be warm and comfortable, and they will give you all the protection from the cold and snow that a hat would. 

The purpose of a ski hat is to keep your ears warm and prevent your body heat from escaping. A helmet serves this same purpose while also providing you with the added benefit of protection against impacts. 

You wouldn’t wear two ski hats at once, would you? That’s essentially what would happen if you wear a hat underneath your helmet. It’s just unnecessary, and most skiers simply wear their helmets and nothing else on top of their heads. 

Reason 2: you don’t want to wear a hat under your helmet is that it can mess with your helmet’s fit. A properly fitting helmet is super important to give you all of the protection that it’s intended to.

Reason 3: On top of messing with your helmet’s fit, wearing a hat can just be flat-out uncomfortable. It can cause your helmet to fit really tight, which can squeeze your head and lead to headaches and other issues. 

Why Some Skiers Wear Hats Under Their Helmets

If you are reading this post, then there is a good chance that you have seen someone wearing a hat underneath their helmet. While they don’t need to do this for added warmth or comfort, some skiers still do. 

There is no rule saying you can’t wear a hat under your helmet. It’s just up to every individual skier. The vast majority of us won’t wear a hat underneath a helmet, but a handful out there does. 

I’ve asked a few skiers I’ve seen wearing hats why they do this, and they always tell me it’s to stay warmer. Maybe it can help skiers who tend to run really cold, but I wouldn’t want to trade that for safety.   

If you are going to wear a hat, make sure that it’s a thin-fitting one that won’t cause too much bulk under your helmet. This will help prevent any issues with fit or comfort. But again, you don’t need to wear one at all.  


Here are a few quick answers to some common questions about what you wear with a ski helmet. 

Can you wear sunglasses with a ski helmet? 

Yes, you can wear sunglasses or goggles with your ski helmet. There is enough room in the front for glass or goggles to fit easily. I like wearing ski goggles because they have a more secure fit, but some skiers like using sunglasses. 

What do you wear inside a ski helmet?

You don’t need to wear anything inside of your ski helmet. A modern ski helmet will provide you with enough warmth and comfort to keep you going when you ski. If you do wear a hat, be sure that it’s a thin-fitting one. 


You can wear a hat under your ski helmet, but most skiers do not, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Modern helmets will keep your head warm, and they fit better when they rest right on top of your head. A hat can cause discomfort and is unnecessary.

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