What is the Best Temperature for Skiing?

The best temperature for skiing is generally regarded as anywhere between 20 to 30 F or -6.7 to -1.1 C. This is a temperature when it’s cold enough to snow and keep conditions good for skiing without being so cold it’s uncomfortable. 

I’m Christine, the founder of this blog and a lifelong skier. I’ve skied in just about every condition and temperature you can imagine and know through first-hand experience what makes for the best. 

This post will tell you what the best temperature for skiing is. I’ll give you a range of ideal temperatures for the best snow conditions and comfort and also examine some other factors that come into play. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • 20 to 30 F is typically the ideal temperature for skiing. This is when it’s cold enough for water droplets to freeze and create good snow for skiing but not too cold to make it challenging to be on the mountain. 
  • Colder temperatures typically lead to better snow conditions, while warmer temperatures are more comfortable for your body to deal with. Many skiers have a different temperature they prefer. 
  • There are various conditions and factors that come into play with skiing temperatures, such as wind and humidity. 

What is the Best Temperature for Skiing?

The best temperature for skiing is usually regarded as anywhere between 20 to 30 F. This is ideal because it’s cold enough to give you good snow conditions without being too cold to make you uncomfortable while you’re on the mountain. 

There isn’t one exact best temperature for skiing. As long as there is snow on the ground and you have skis on, it can be a great day. But the 20 to 30 F range is usually the sweet spot for many skiers. 

Anything colder than 20 F, and you’ll need to make sure that you stay bundled up to keep your core temperature up and stay comfortable. Anything above 30 F, and the snow conditions will suffer because the base will begin to melt.  

Skiing in 10 Degree Weather

Skiing in 10-degree weather is pretty cold, but you can still have excellent snow conditions. You just need to ensure that you have on enough layers to stay warm so you can take advantage of it.

I like colder days sometimes, especially after a big snow because it can lead to dryer powder conditions. This means that you can expect epic conditions, and the colder weather also keeps some people off the mountain, which means fewer crowds. 

Skiing in 30 Degree Weather

30-degree weather is pretty nice and comfortable. It’s cold enough to snow but not warm enough to melt. So this is the upper end of the range where most of the best skiing conditions can be found. 

Thirty degrees might not sound warm when you’re not skiing, but it’s actually pretty warm when you are skiing. You’ll still need an outer layer, but you might not need all your warmest gear. 

Skiing in 60 Degree Weather

Skiing is 60 degree weather doesn’t happen very often. This is very warm for snow to be sticking around. There are places where there is enough snow to ski at this temperature, but it’s pretty rare, and conditions will not be great.

When is it too Warm to Ski? 

As long as there is snow on the ground, you can ski, regardless of the temperature. That said, anything over 40 degrees is usually too warm for snow to stick around for long. When you get to 50 degrees or more, it will be too warm to ski in most situations. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to the best temperature for skiing. 

When is it too cold for skiing? 

There isn’t an exact temperature where it’s too cold for skiing. As long as you have the proper cold-weather clothing, you can handle really cold temperatures and still have a lot of fun in the snow. That said, anything under 0 F is pretty cold. 

What is the ideal weather for skiing? 

The ideal weather for skiing is a cloudless blue-sky day after a heavy snow. These are known as bluebird days and will give you nice visibility, temperatures, and plenty of amazing snow to ski on. But many skiers have a different ideal weather situation. 

Is 40 degrees good for skiing? 

Forty degrees is on the warmer side for skiing. This will be good for staying comfortable and not getting too cold, but it will also mean that the snow will start to get slushy because it will melt at anything over 32 F. 

Final Thoughts

Most skiers think that the best temperature for skiing is 20 to 30 F. This temperature range will give you good snow without causing any melting and is also pretty comfortable to ski in with the right equipment. 

While many people don’t like to be cold, colder temperatures can lead to better snow conditions, which means skiing can be excellent.

What is your ideal temperature for skiing? What’s the coldest temperature you’ve ever skied in? Let me know in the comments below.

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