Nordica Speedmachine 100 Review

This is my review of Speedmachine 100. As its name suggests, in my opinion, it is a downhill boot for skiers who want a blend of comfort and performance at a relatively affordable price.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this boot, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Intermediate skiers searching for a comfortable boot they can use in downhill situations. Also great for those who have trouble finding the right fit.
  • Pros: Extremely comfortable. Easy to get into and simple to operate. They come with a snug, customizable fit. The boots also have a construction that can take on harsh weather. Great value as well.
  • Cons: Not the best choice for people who solely want premium performance. Could have more of a focus on longevity. A bit on the heavy side too.
  • Alternatives: Lange RX 120, Salomon S/Pro 100, K2 Recon 120

Each one comes in at roughly 4.5 pounds. However, that differs depending on size.

This model utilizes soft liners and a customizable fit, two aspects that make it one of the more comfortable medium flex boots on the market.

The Speedmachine’s 100 flex makes it a great choice for both intermediate and advanced riders.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I have spent ample time researching these boots by looking at their features, breaking down all of their traits, and doing a deep dive into the individual characteristics that make them unique.

Detailed Review of Nordica Speedmachine 100

The Speedmachine 100 is a good-value boot that does a lot for skiers actively seeking out snow footwear that’s comfortable to wear and fun to use. Though the performance is lacking in some areas, it’s a nice downhill option for a range of different slopes. The fit is one of the best on the market, and there are a few extra features that help tie everything together. The design won’t blow you away, but it’s a good option for anyone who wants a medium flex boot.

Unmatched Fit and Comfort

The first and most impressive aspect of the Speedmachine is the fit. This boot seeks to provide you with true customization through the Tri-Fit technology. All three parts of the design (foot, liner, shell) work with the Infrared Shell Customization Heating Element and Custom Cork Liner system to ensure your foot doesn’t slip out of place or become too restricted in an uncomfortable way.

As the shell perfectly sits on all the right parts of your foot, these boots also offer a decent amount of warmth. The tight hold helps keep you cozy, as does the PrimaLoft insulation. While some snow footwear boasts warmth technology that doesn’t do much, this feature is nice to have when temperatures start to plummet.

That same insulation also feels great against your foot. It’s plushy in a way that provides a layer of cushion when you’re out riding. However, despite that, it still manages to stay relatively lightweight and breathable. The combination of warmth, comfort, and ventilation is a rarity and something to be appreciated with this design.

Weather Resistance and Durability

When it comes to durability, the Speedmachine is good but not great. The solid Tri-Force construction will hold up when you’re tackling the slopes. However, it’s not necessarily the longest-lasting boot you’ll ever use either. If you want to keep your feet protected, the shoes work well. If you want something that won’t take on a lot of wear over time, you’ll better off going with a sturdy, more expensive model if you can.

Where the Speedmachine does do a great job is in its weather resistance. It fights against the elements in several ways, and they all work exceptionally well. The same PrimaLoft insulation that provides comfort also helps keep moisture away from your feet. On top of that, Nordica equipped the boots with sturdy buckles and a special weather shield to ensure that no snow or water seeps into the boots.

Mixed Performance

The Speedmachine is a downhill boot with a medium flex aimed at more experienced intermediate riders. That means it does a decent job when it comes to performance. It helps you zip downhill and enables you to ski as long as you like. However, as it is a more budget-friendly option, the boot never quite reaches the peaks you’re going to see in more expensive items.

This is not the shoe for skiers obsessed with getting the best possible ride. Even if it isn’t perfect, the control is there, and there’s a decent amount of power transfer. That’s where the praise ends. The Speedmachine is fine enough on its own, but it can only do so much when compared to the competition. It’s serviceable but is by no means a true high-performance boot.

Price and Value

Something all skiers will appreciate is that the Speedmachine is a high-value boot. Even if it doesn’t have the longevity you’ll find in similar options, it gives good performance and many essential traits at a very competitive price. There are many expensive boots on today’s market. The Speedmachine breaks from that mold without losing too many traits, which is why I consider it such a solid purchase. There’s a two-year warranty as well.

What I Like

My favorite part of the Speedmachine is the comfort. Nordica equipped the pair with a ton of features focused on protecting your feet after a long day, and they all work exceptionally well. Not only do they physically feel good, thanks to the warm liner and plush Primaloft Insulation, but the infrared lamp and suction cup system goes the extra mile to ensure the shell molds perfectly to your foot.

I like the Speedmachine’s value as well. Many modern boots can cost quite a bit of money, and I find many those can’t match that high standard. The Speedmachine will still run you a fair bit of cash, but the durability and comfort are definitely worth the price. It’s rare to find good downhill boots that sit around the Speedmachine’s price point, especially ones with solid features.

What I Dislike

As great as the Speedmachine’s namesake features are, it’s not exactly a high-performance boot. That knocks it down a bit for me. The model feels great and operates well enough, but it falls a bit short when it comes to delivering the same results as more premium or expensive options. It’s still a deal, but there are some areas where I would have liked to see it do a bit better.

The Alternatives

For the most part, this boot will deliver strong results. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with branching out and taking a look at other models. If you’re curious about similar boots, these are worth a look:

  • Lange RX 120 – If price is no barrier, or if you simply want the best of the best, the RX 120 (review) is a worthy consideration for downhill skiing. While pricey, this model delivers through its exceptional blend of performance and comfort. It’s stiff, has a customizable shell, and responds to small inputs. A great pick for advanced skiers who want a lot of control.
  • Salomon S/Pro 100 – Another downhill workhorse, the S/Pro 100 from Salomon is a nice-fitting boot with an attractive look and durable build. Though it’s more expensive than the Speedmachine, this model shines thanks to its customizable, heat-moldable shell. You’re always going to get a great fit in addition to top tier power transfer.
  • K2 Recon 120 – Though it has a slightly higher flex than the Speedmachine, the Recon 120 is a trustworthy boot for riders who want a more affordable lightweight option. This isn’t the most durable boot on the market, but I like the all-mountain functionality. The fact that it does well while off-piste and is easy to control is just icing on the cake.

Final Verdict

The Speedmachine is an affordable downhill boot that ensures you get a solid fit. The model goes above and beyond when it comes to molding to your foot, and it provides enough power and control to get you around the mountain easily.

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