Is Smith a Good Ski Brand?

Smith does not make skis or boots, so it’s not exactly a ski brand. But the company does make some of the best goggles and helmets for skiers, so it’s still a very recognizable and trusted name in the industry. 

My name is Christine, and I founded this blog to share my love of skiing with every other skier out there. I’ve used many different types of ski equipment over the years and have first-hand experience with Smith products. 

This post will explore if Smith is a good ski brand. I’ll explain why I think this brand is worth choosing if you want great goggles or helmets and provide you with some other information to help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Time to get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • Smith does not make skis or boots but is still a very recognizable name in the ski industry because of its goggles and helmets. 
  • Even though Smith focuses differently on ski gear than other familiar ski manufacturers, the brand excels in delivering high-quality eyewear and safety equipment for skiers. 
  • Smith makes some skiing apparel and other related items, but these are not what you should purchase if you want top-notch clothing. Go with Smith ski goggles and helmets because they are some of the best. 

Is Smith a Good Ski Brand? 

Smith is a very recognizable name in the skiing world, but it isn’t because the brand makes great skis or boots. In fact, Smith doesn’t make either of these items at all and instead focuses on eyewear and helmets

Smith is a leader in the ski goggle game, which is what the brand is best known for. So that makes it technically more of a ski goggle and equipment brand than a ski brand. But skiers all over the world use Smith products. 

If you are looking for excellent eyewear that you can use in any type of winter condition you’ll encounter in the mountains, Smith has you covered. The company offers a huge selection of goggles with many different lenses. 

Smith also makes some of the best ski helmets you can get. I’ll highlight one of the best in the section below, but every Smith helmet is built with skier safety in mind and will also give you exceptional comfort and performance. 

The brand also offers some apparel and other related items. I wouldn’t recommend buying other Smith products besides goggles and helmets based on performance, but some cool clothing options are available. 

Smith Vantage MIPS

The Smith Vantage MIPS is one of the best ski helmets currently available. It’s consistently ranked one of the best helmets season after season, and provides all the safety, comfort, and performance you want and need. 

This is a pretty expensive helmet, but if you can afford it, it should last you for years of regular use. That’s not considering any severe impacts, anyways. A helmet should always be replaced if it gets cracked or damaged after a fall. 

Smith Ski Goggles

Smith earned its good reputation because of the ski goggles the brand offers. These are some of the best options you can find, and the company has a nearly endless amount of options. There are Smith goggles for any type of skier. 

Some of the best goggles that the brand makes include the Squad and the I/O. But there are far too many options to mention in a single post. And if you don’t want to spend top dollar on the best models, Smith also has many affordable options. 

In addition to goggles, Smith also makes excellent sunglasses. These can be a good option for any type of use but can work in place of ski goggles on a mild day on the slopes. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Smith is a good ski brand. 

Can I wear Smith goggles with a Giro helmet? 

Yes, you can wear Smith goggles with a Giro helmet. You can pretty much choose any type of goggles to wear with any helmet, as these items aren’t exclusive to one another. But Smith goggles will be easily compatible with any Giro helmet. 

Do Smith goggles shave UV protection? 

Nearly every type of goggle lens that Smith offers comes with some level of UV protection. The exception to this would be clear lenses that are intended for night skiing. You can check the level of UV protection when you choose a specific lens with Smith goggles.  

Is Smith a good ski goggle brand? 

Smith is one of the best ski goggle brands out there. The company delivers some of the most high-quality ski goggles you can find, with exceptional performance, comfort, and UV protection. If you want some of the best goggles around, Smith is a solid choice. 

Final Thoughts

Smith might not sell skis or boots, but it is arguably the best ski goggles brand in the world. It offers a wide selection of high-quality goggles to meet the needs and preferences of any type of skier. 

Smith also makes excellent helmets that will keep you safe and comfortable, no matter how or where you like to ski. 

Have you ever used Smith goggles or helmets? What model was it, and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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