Is Line a Good Ski Brand?

Line is a good ski brand for freestyle skiers who like to stay creative and innovate on the mountain. The brand doesn’t have as many models as some more prominent names in the industry but is still known for quality and performance. 

I’m Christine, a lifelong skier with an endless passion for the sport. I love to get out in the snow as often as possible during the winter and have used many different ski brands over the years. I have first-hand experience with Line skis. 

This post will explore Line as a ski brand. I’ll tell you what I like about the brand and what I don’t. I’ll also provide you with some other vital information to keep in mind if you are considering choosing Line skis. 

Let’s get after it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Line is a good ski brand for freestyle skiers because this is the company’s focus, and it always has been. Line designs innovative skis every season that are great in the terrain park and other parts of the mountain. 
  • Line is somewhat smaller than other well-known brands in the ski industry, and it doesn’t have quite as extensive of a lineup as a result. 
  • Line is also a good choice if you are an experienced skier on a budget. The brand has a few models that are more affordable than the competition that still deliver excellent performance on the mountain. 

Is Line a Good Ski Brand? 

Line is a good ski brand, especially if you are a freestyle skier. Line has been an innovative company since it was founded in the late 1990s and has always had an eye on cutting-edge ski styles and designs. 

The innovative spirit of Line is easily seen if you take a look at the history of the brand. It was the first ski company to develop twin-tipped skis. These were rare back then but have since become the norm on the mountain. 

That spirit has stayed with the company from its early days into modern times. Line continues to create excellent skis that freestyle and freeride skiers can appreciate. Its models are always fun to step into and hit the snow. 

The freestyle focus of Line means that its skis are often designed for skiers who like the terrain park or just want to take a freestyle approach to skiing. The downside of this is that the brand doesn’t quite have as many models as the competition. 

Another reason why Line is a good ski brand is that it remains a pretty affordable option without sacrificing quality. This is great for any skier on a budget who still wants to get a model that will live up to high standards. 

Line was sold to K2 in recent years, so it’s not independently owned and operated any longer. That really hasn’t changed much about the brand, but it’s good to know if you are trying to support smaller companies. 

Line Skis

Line has a few good ski models in its current lineup that are worth looking into. As I said earlier, many of these have a freestyle focus, so if you want to rip up the park or just have a playful style of skiing, these can be a great option to go with. 

The Sick Day is one of Line’s most popular models. It’s technically an all-mountain ski but has good amounts of rocker and a fairly slim waist, so it works well in the terrain park as well. Plus, the Sick Day is a very affordable option. 

The Vision is another model worth checking out. This is more of a freeride option, and it’s designed to hit big lines in deeper snow. A 108mm waist will keep you on top of fresh powder, but the skis still have a playful and exciting feel. 

Not all of Line’s skis are budget-friendly, but there are definitely a few models that provide you with more performance than you’d expect for their price tag. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to if Line is a good ski brand. 

Where are Line skis made? 

Line skis were originally made in Washington state in the US, but production is now in China. This is the same facility where K2 skis are made, and since the same company now owns Line as K2, they are made in the same location. 

Who is the CEO of Line skis? 

Line was founded by Jason Levinthal, who was also the CEO when the company first started and during the height of its popularity. Line was sold to K2 in more recent years, so the current CEO is the same for both companies today.

Final Thoughts

Line is a good ski brand for freestyle skiers looking for skis that meet their needs for being playful and powerful in the terrain park and beyond. The brand also has a few solid budget options worth exploring. 

Line doesn’t have as wide of a lineup as some other major brands in the industry, but the models they offer are all high-quality and built to rip. If you want to have fun and like freestyle skiing, it’s an excellent option to explore. 

Have you ever used Line skis? What model did you choose, and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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