Is Head a Good Ski Brand?

Head is a pretty good ski brand that consistently delivers innovative ski models that work well for various skiers. The brand has some good all-mountain skis that are worth exploring and remains consistent in its commitment to performance.

My name is Christine, and I created this blog to share my love of skiing with others who have a similar passion. I’ve used many skis over the years and am familiar with most brands, including Head. I did some research to come up with the information here. 

This post will examine Head as a ski brand. I’ll show you why I think this is a good brand while providing you with some information about the company to keep in mind. My goal is to help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Head is a good ski brand because it consistently delivers quality products that skiers like to use. The company has several ski models with good performance and reliability. 
  • The all-mountain skis that Head manufactures are probably the best items the brand makes. These skis are very fun to use and give you performance you can count on in a wide range of on-snow situations. 
  • Head has been growing in popularity in recent years, which is another good indicator that the brand is good and remains consistent with improving its products and offerings. 

Is Head a Good Ski Brand?

Head is a pretty good ski brand with a solid reputation for making quality skis and other ski-related equipment. This Austrian brand has been around since around 1950, making it a long-standing name in the ski industry. 

Even though Head has been around for a while, it doesn’t quite have the same brand recognition as other companies with a similar history. That might be because it is based in Austria and doesn’t have the same reach as some competitors. 

Head makes and manufactures some excellent ski models that are worth looking into. Its all-mountain skis, in particular, are a consistent favorite for experienced skiers who want a versatile and reliable option. 

These skis are also known to be very durable, which makes them a good value. You can ski long and hard without worrying if your skis will hold up. That, combined with relatively affordable prices, makes Head a good option. 

I don’t think that Head makes that good of powder skis, so if you are looking for something to eat up deep snow, you might want to look elsewhere. But the brand’s on-piste options are always effective and perform well. 

Head also makes a number of products outside of the ski industry, so it isn’t just a ski brand. This is worth keeping in mind if you are a purist trying to support smaller ski brands that only make skis. 

Is Head a Good Ski Boot Brand?

Head does make a few different ski boot models. I have never used its boots myself, but I talked with a few friends, and the reviews I heard were not that noteworthy. Overall, I think Head is an average or mediocre ski boot brand

Ski boots require a lot of design and engineering to make them highly effective, and it seems like Head skipped a few steps in the process with its boots models. They will get you by, but don’t expect extremely high-performance levels. 

I think Head ski boots can work for average skiers who don’t have exact preferences for how their boots fit and perform. But serious skiers who know exactly what good boots should do will be left wanting more.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to if Head is a good ski brand. 

Are Head snow skis good? 

Head makes some great skis that are known for all-around performance and durability. The brand also stays innovative with its approach to ski design, releasing new models every year that are good for various uses. Its all-mountain models are some of the best. 

Who makes Head ski? 

Head ski company was founded way back in 1950 in Austria. Several different corporations have owned the brand since then, but most of its skis are still made in Austria. It has been a privately owned company since 2013. 

What kind of brand is Head? 

Head is not only a ski brand, but it is well known in the ski industry. Head also makes tennis rackets and other equipment related to the sport, as well as swimming goggles. It’s more of a general sports brand than just a ski brand. 

Final Thoughts

Head is a decent ski brand that has many ski models available. This Austrian brand excels with its all-mountain options and has a good selection of on-piste or frontside skis that are worth looking into. 

I don’t think that Head is a top ski brand, but it is still good. It has a long history of creating innovative ski models, but its ski boots are not quite up to the same level of quality. Head also makes tennis and swimming equipment and apparel. 

Have you ever used Head skis or boots? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Patrick

    Head was not founded in Austria but in America.