3 Great Ski Resorts in Iceland

Several ski resorts in Iceland offer quality snow and plenty of fun in the winter months. Iceland doesn’t always appear on lists for the best place to ski, but it’s still worth exploring if you ever visit. 

I’m Christine, and I love everything about skiing. I live for the snow and get out on the slopes as often as possible during the winter. I’ve skied at many different locations across the globe and have researched to come up with the information here. 

This post will highlight a few good ski resorts in Iceland. I’ll give you a bit of background on each location and tell you what it’s known for and what you can expect if you go skiing there. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Blafjoll Ski Resort

Blafjoll ski resort is one of the best places to ski in Iceland. It’s easily accessible, being less than a half hour from the nearest city center, so it’s a great skiing location to visit if you happen to be in the country during the winter. 

The resort is relatively small compared to some larger locations in North America and Europe, but there is still plenty of terrains to explore and good skiing to be had. There are 14 lifts giving you access to runs to match all ability levels. 

Most of the best skiing at Blafjoll happens from January to April. This is when there is plenty of snow, and most of the terrain at the resort is open. So if you want to plan a trip here, be sure to do it within that window. 

Blafjoll has a really good ski school if you want to take lessons. You should call ahead and try to make reservations because there aren’t many instructors, and the spots can fill up quickly. You can also find ski rentals here. 

There aren’t many lodging or dining options at Blafjoll, which is pretty standard in Iceland. But if you want a unique skiing experience, it’s a good place to explore. 

2. Dalvik Ski Resort

Dalvik ski resort is another awesome place to ski in Iceland. This resort is located in the northern part of the country and gives you a unique and exciting skiing experience. It’s not a very big resort, but there are still good turns to find here. 

Dalvik has only two lifts, but this gives you access to nine trails you can spread out and have fun on. The snow conditions are typically solid, so you will likely get fresh tracks even if you don’t have that much terrain to explore. 

This resort is rarely crowded, which is a definite benefit of visiting. Sometimes it will feel like you have the entire place to yourself, which is a rare feeling in the modern age of skiing. And you can get ski rentals at the lodge if you don’t bring your own. 

The atmosphere at Dalvik is pretty laid back and welcoming. You won’t get world-class amenities here, but you will surely be greeted with a smile and enjoy your skiing experience. It’s a solid Iceland experience, for sure. 

3. Isafjordur Ski Resort

Another smaller ski resort to visit in Iceland is Isafjordur. This one is located in the Westfjords region of the country, so it’s a good spot to see if you are planning on exploring this region. 

The views here are spectacular, and the resort is located between two valleys, giving amazing picture opportunities when the weather allows. And there are three chairlifts giving you access to all the terrain the resort offers. 

This resort has one of the longest runs in Iceland, so it’s a good spot for intermediate skiers or anyone who is used to skiing larger resorts in North America. It’s still not huge, but it is a lot of fun. 

Isafjordur also has some pretty good backcountry skiing opportunities, but you’ll need to get a guide to make this possible.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about ski resorts in Iceland. 

Is Iceland a good place to ski? 

Iceland can be a good place to ski, and the country has several resorts to explore. It doesn’t have the best skiing in the world, but with plenty of snow and a long winter season, you have many opportunities for decent skiing. 

Is skiing in Iceland expensive? 

Iceland is a pretty expensive country to visit at any time of the year. Being an island nation, the costs are higher on everything, skiing included. While it’s not necessarily that much more than other places in the world, the cost of lodging and food can be higher. 

What months can you ski in Iceland? 

The ski season in Iceland runs from November to May, which is pretty considerable. These are the winter months when temperatures are lower, and snow is more likely to fall. The best skiing is probably right in the middle of the season, in February or March. 

Final Thoughts

The ski resorts mentioned here are worth exploring if you want to get some time in the snow when visiting Iceland. The country doesn’t have the largest ski resorts in the world, but any day on the mountain is a good day!

Have you ever been skiing in Iceland? Where did you go? Let me know in the comments below. 

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