How to Dry Ski Gloves

Nobody likes wet ski gloves. If your gloves don’t dry out thoroughly before heading back to the mountain, you will be uncomfortable, and your hands won’t stay as warm. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to dry your gloves with a bit of planning. 

I’m Christine, a lifelong skier who founded this blog to provide valuable information to others who share my passion for the sport. I’ve learned several ways to dry ski gloves effectively. 

This post will show you a few different ways you can dry ski gloves. It’s a good idea to keep them as dry as possible because it affects how they perform and how warm they keep your hands. 

Let’s get started. 

Why You Should Dry Your Gloves

Try to dry your ski gloves completely after each ski day. They won’t be as effective at keeping your hands warm if they are wet. This can cause discomfort and eventually wear down your gloves. 

No skier wants to deal with cold hands because it can ruin an otherwise excellent ski day. If you’ve skied enough, you know that getting wet is a bad recipe for getting cold. So if your gloves are wet, they don’t have the same insulating properties as when they are dry. 

Even if your hands don’t get cold, wet ski gloves can also cause discomfort that can affect your skiing experience. Wet gloves will also compromise the integrity of your gloves, which can cause premature wear and tear that is easily avoidable. 

How to Dry Ski Gloves

There are several different ways you can dry your ski gloves, and there is no one best way. I’ll show you a few of the methods I’ve used below, and each of them will give you effective drying so you can stay ready for action the next time you head out the slopes. 

Method 1: The Ground Rules

Before telling you how to dry ski gloves, it’s important to touch on a few ground rules beforehand. These will prevent ruining your gloves and ensure they get completely dry when attempting to dry them. 

The first rule is to never put them directly on a heat source like a heater. You also don’t want to throw them in the dryer. Both can get too hot and damage your gloves. They’ll get dry, but they’ll be ruined afterward. 

The other rule is to remove the liners from your gloves, no matter what method you choose to dry them. This will ensure that your gloves and liners get completely dry in the fastest time. They won’t always get dry if you don’t take them out. 

Method 2: How to Air Dry Ski Gloves

Air drying is my preferred method for drying my ski gloves. It’s practical, and you won’t risk any damage to your gloves. You can technically leave them in any dry, warm room to dry, but follow my steps below to do it more effectively. 

Follow these steps to air dry ski gloves:

  1. Choose a drying location that is a dry room that is relatively warm. You don’t want to leave gloves in a cold room like a garage or your car because they won’t dry out. 
  2. Be sure to remove the glove liners from your gloves if they have removable liners. 
  3. Put your gloves over the handle end of your ski poles, and position the pole somehow so it stays upright. This will keep the hand opening exposed to the air. 
  4. Put your liners on another set of poles if you have them. You can also lay the liners flat on a table or the floor.
  5. Wait a few hours until the gloves are completely dry. 

*Tip: You don’t have to use ski poles here, but I think it’s the most effective method for drying the gloves out quickly. 

Method 3: How to Dry Ski Gloves Using a Fan

Another method you can use to dry your gloves is with a fan. Any type of house fan will work here, and it can speed the drying process up. 

To dry ski gloves using a fan, follow these steps: 

  1. Remove the liners from your gloves if they have them. 
  2. Plug in the fan. 
  3. Position your gloves and liners on a flat surface. You can set them on a chair, table, or whatever you have around the drying area. You can also place them on ski poles, as described above. 
  4. Turn the fan on and make sure it is aimed directly at your gloves and liners.
  5.  Wait until your gloves are dry. 

*Tip: You’ll probably want to turn and rotate your gloves several times to get even drying. You can either move the fan around or move your gloves. 

How Long Does it Take for Gloves to Dry? 

This depends on how warm the room is and how wet your gloves are. On average, gloves take at least a couple of hours to air dry in a warm room

The fan method can be a little faster, especially if you rotate the gloves often. You can probably dry out gloves in two hours or less using this method. 


Drying your ski gloves is a simple task that you should do anytime they get wet. Remember never to use a dryer or place your gloves directly on a heating source because this can cause damage. 

By following the steps in the drying methods above, you’ll be able to ensure that you have dry gloves every time you head up to the mountain. Trust me, it’s worth it!

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